Weekly Obsession: Nonstop to Jackson

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 10:05pm

Remember when Nashville was a major hub for American Airlines and it was
possible to fly from BNA to London?

Well, this isn’t that.

But now, it’s possible to fly from Nashville to Jackson. The one in Tennessee.

It, like the erstwhile direct-to-Heathrow flights of yore, is a nonstop flight, so no chance of an annoying layover in Lobelville.

This helpful service comes courtesy of SeaPort Airlines, which is also offering flights between Jackson and Memphis, and that seems even weirder, if that’s possible.

SeaPort — nobody tell them Percy Priest Lake hardly qualifies as a “sea” — says these flights are needed because corporate-types in Jackson need a convenient way to connect to the larger airports in the state’s two biggest cities and thus to the world (though, sadly, no longer to London).

The airline is piquing interest by offering introductory fares of $29. With gas at $3, that’s roughly twice the cost of driving. Later, the fares will go up to at least $70, so SeaPort is banking on people really, really wanting to avoid driving on Interstate 40.

Here’s a winning idea: door-to-door car service between Jackson and Nashville. Charge $50 to undercut the airline and charter a jet to Heathrow.

Admittedly, Jackson does have a surprisingly robust corporate presence. Home decor retailer Kirkland’s is headquartered there. Pringles and its tubular packaging come from Jackson, as does a large portion of Purina’s dog food.

And when gimmicky potato-chip manufacturers or purveyors of dog chow need to make a sales call, maybe they don’t feel like driving. Totally understandable.

But what’s in it for Nashville?

Jackson does offer plenty of attractions for a quick weekend trip.

There’s the Casey Jones Railroad Museum. And, um, the Carl Perkins Civic Center, home of the Miss Tennessee pageant.

OK, so it’s not exactly the British Museum or Buckingham Palace, but at least you can get there from here.

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Why even publish this jerk's story? Was he drunk? Come on NCP, do you really need to have something like this in your paper?