White, female former corrections officer files discrimination suit

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 10:49pm

A former correctional officer with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is suing the office, charging discrimination and a hostile work environment.

Trisha Brown is seeking $200,000 in compensatory damages and $200,000 in punitive damages, plus back pay and benefits. The defendant contends she was discriminated against and then faced retaliation, including yelling and cursing, from others in the office after reporting it. She was hired at the sheriff’s office on Nov. 1, 2009.

In the lawsuit, dated Dec. 17, Brown claims she was wrongfully terminated on March 1, 2010, in violation of the Tennessee Human Rights Act, for not rendering aid to an officer in December 2009.

Brown also claims she was subsequently denied her due process rights by not receiving a hearing on the matter.

Nina Parsley, Brown’s attorney, declined to comment.

The Metro Department of Law had not yet received information on the suit Wednesday and would not comment on the case.

The claims stem from a Dec. 17, 2009, incident during which an inmate assaulted a civilian employee at the sheriff’s office and Brown was accused of not helping restrain the inmate.

Thirty days after the use of force incident, Brown claims sheriff’s office Lt. Richard Miller questioned her on topics such as sex outside of marriage and her relationships with men.

According to Brown, several sheriff’s office sergeants told her women shouldn’t work in corrections and asked her questions about if she had come from a broken home, had children out of wedlock, had suffered any failed marriages or was from another country, among others.

Brown, a white female, is also suing based on race discrimination, claiming she was subjected to rumors and harassment because she was involved in a relationship with a black man.

She said she was also accused of having a relationship with her superior lieutenant because he was black.  

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By: zmania on 12/22/10 at 10:44

Looking at the fact she didn't render assistance to the employee being assaulted, she deserved to be terminated. That's part of the job. Did she expect to just show up to work and collect a paycheck?

All the harrasment ,sounds like a bunch of "hear say". Why didn't she complain about it when she was employed there? Sounds like she's a scorned woman looking for anything to justify this lawsuit. She aught to be careful, because she put actual names out there. this cought easily turn around to a point where she's defending herself for slander and defamation of charecter.

I'm gonna sit back and watch this thing unfold. I could be wrong. It looks like she's fishing trouble to me.

By: unclesam328 on 12/23/10 at 12:42

You Are a little quick on the trigger, zmania. She was a corrections officer, trained to protect the inmates first. If that was the case there should of been a lawsuit for not protecting the freeworld. It might been the best decision to control the situation by observation. They don't carry guns in jail as a guard unless your in a squad that's armed. She might have been running straight with the law and it was a setup to get her hurt The language directed towards is usually harshly and sexually abusive. If she filed a complaint on every incident, she wouldn't have the time to do her job. It's all about abused that is started by the inmates and picked up on by the guards. They use it even subconsciously as a way to control people. The trouble is the system.

By: richgoose on 12/23/10 at 3:36

I agree with zmania.

By: spooky24 on 12/23/10 at 6:29

The amount ask for is a big clue. If they had proof of all this the total amount ask for would be in the millions. Looks like a he said/she said kind of deal. My bet is with the metro legal team. Whats the old legal saw: If your asking for chicken feed then you scratching around for proof.
I could be wrong-who knows

By: Capiscan on 12/23/10 at 7:38

"Brown was accused of not helping restrain the inmate." We don't know from this article whether or not the accusation is true.

Zmania, who is your source?

By: HokeyPokey on 12/23/10 at 8:03

When will you people understand that being a white female is a lifestyle choice?

We don't need to protect "these people" from how they choose to live their lives!


By: yogiman on 12/23/10 at 10:37

What is the rationale of having female officers is jail sections for male prisoners? So they can see what a man looks like when sitting on the commode in his cell? Or going in and out of the shower nude? Maybe the main reason was for the men to have the pleasure of watching women in the same circumstances.

Why not keep men with men and women with women? Is this our 'so-called' advancement in society?

I must disagree with you on that protection issue, unclesam328. As a former correctional officer in a federal prison, our first goal was to keep the situation under control. Inmates were protected when needed against other inmates.

The officers protected their fellow officers on all occasions.

By: jennajailer on 12/31/10 at 12:06

As another female correctional officer experiencing the same type of discrimination because I am a woman I can understand how Ms. Brown is feeling. The "alleged" cause for termination is what her company is saying, not her. The story is how they have spun it and I, for one, know how things can be falsified or twisted in another's favor. I find it difficult to understand that in the year 2010 and almost 2011 discrimination (in any manner) still exists. Some appear to derive from the supervisor's own insecurities or little man complex. Some may be inadvertent behavior but regardless it needs to stop!! For all those "good ole boys" out there that will not comprehendany of this simply because their head is so far up another's rectum they cannot think or act for themselves. So before all the self-righteous judge us, mere women, maybe attempt to look at the situation from another's point of view!!! Would you expect your mother, sister, grandmother, or daughter to experience this type of abuse on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis?