Winds topple state Christmas tree

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at 11:08am
Staff reports
Amber Adams posted this photo of the downed tree on Twitter

After standing less than two weeks, the state Christmas tree is no more. Highs winds blew down and broke the tree early Wednesday morning.

Maintenance crews sawed up the tree with ornaments and lights still attached and hauled it away in a dump truck.

State officials said the search for the massive tree usually takes months.

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By: TharonChandler on 12/9/09 at 10:36

One of the best places to see 'the tree' and the shoppers and the people is at 'Union Square' in San Fransisco, near the outdoor ice rink. You know, like at Powell and Stockton, on the edge of Chinatown and Downtown and North Beach.

Some people think of 'homosexuals' when they think of SF; what I'm tellin ya is that it is a bunch of Hot Chicks age 14 to 44, and they like me, they really like me.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/9/09 at 1:20

i think this is a sign from god that he is unhappy with the christians here in nashville.

By: house_of_pain on 12/9/09 at 1:48

The Wind that Stole Christmas.

By: fightcrib on 12/9/09 at 3:25

Yes, TharonChandler, the chicks in San Francisco are hot if you like granola chicks that don't bath every day and don't wear makeup. Eat your heart out. But I've got news, for you, this article is not about picking up chicks, it's about the state captiol Christmas tree toppling over. You must be unemployed and spending your day smoking on trees. I bet you are a Ketucky fan.

By: ClaireCOBB34 on 4/9/10 at 4:29

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