Woman shot in foot in north Nashville

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 6:34pm

Police are trying to unravel the details of an overnight shooting in north Nashville.

Officers responded Monday night to a shooting in the 1200 block of Ewingdale Drive after receiving several shots-fired calls in the area of Ewingdale Drive and Ewingwood Drive.

As officers made their way to the scene, the occupants of a vehicle waved them down because a 22-year-old woman in the car had been shot in the foot.

Police reported the victim and driver were uncooperative. The two were from out of state and could not provide a good location of the crime scene.

Two residences reported possible bullet hole damage to their homes related to the shooting, but no one inside was injured.

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By: Trumpetman on 10/13/10 at 7:03

Just wondering, we hear a lot about crime in North Nashville, however, when did half of these ares that are considered "North" Nashville, when it comes to crime, ever start being considered North Nashville? Historically, particually in the African American community, the areas around Jeffererson St. including Fisk University, Tennessee State University, Bordeux area including Clarksville PK, Farmers Market area including Germantown, all the way to areas just north of Charolette Ave, near Centinnian Park, where the only areas considered North Nashville. The area where this shooting occured, and where I have seen serveral other postings about crimes in "North" North Nashville, are in areas that are historically considered East Nashville, or North East Nashville, or even more specifically the Parkwood area, or other names of the neighborhoods in those areas. Though geographically, it may be "North" however it is not considered North Nashville, and if you notice the way the capital in Downtown Nashville is located, it faces the North West, so there fore it throughs off the directions of the city. I just wonder is the lable "East" Nashville being dropped from areas, when crime is reported, to protect the image of the "newer", or I should say, revitilized part of East Nashville, that people are always tryin to get people to move to.

By: gohomenow on 10/13/10 at 9:02

I believe that when a North Police precinct was formed, it took in a lot of what was formerly considered west and east Nashville area.

By: Trumpetman on 10/13/10 at 2:59

Oh, well still, historically speaking most of the areas mentioned as North Nashville are not North Nashville, they are East. So when the Madison precincint is built Im sure this North East area will be closer to that precincint and covered by them, will that area be considered Madison?