Wooded Rapist charges to be retired

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 12:50pm

A judge may decide Friday to retire the remaining charges against the man known as the “Wooded Rapist.”

On Aug. 13, the state filed a motion to retire seven untried counts against Robert Jason Burdick, 40, in Davidson County because prosecutors believe more convictions are unnecessary and Burdick won’t live to see freedom again as it is.

The matter is set to go before Criminal Court Judge Seth Norman Friday morning. The state’s motion to retire the charges says Burdick already has been tried and convicted on six counts in Davidson County, racking up an effective sentence of 62 years in prison, 52 of which must be fully served.

On top of that, a Williamson County judge has sentenced Burdick to 50 years that must be served at 100 percent consecutively to the other sentences. Burdick also is set for a March 2011 trial on charges in Wilson County and faces charges in two other Williamson County cases.

The seven remaining counts in Davidson County involve five victims, according to the District Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors stated they had discussed the decision to retire the charges with the victims, who approved of the motion.

Burdick, a former security company owner, was indicted in April 2008 on 13 counts of various rape kidnapping and burglary charges on crimes as far back as 1994.

He earned the moniker “Wooded Rapist” by attacking victims who usually lived near wooded areas, often under the cover of rainy nights.

5 Comments on this post:

By: PKVol on 8/24/10 at 12:46

Only with the approval of ALL of the victims should this action be taken, otherwise, they deserve the opportunity to see this criminal convicted for the acts he committed.

By: girliegirl on 8/25/10 at 7:15

I agree with PKVol . We've all seen criminals manipulate the system and find themselves out in the public long before their time was up.

By: fdanshep on 8/25/10 at 8:59

My thoughts exactly. Any victim that wants the crime againt them tried should be allowed to have their day in court; otherwise, the crime technically goes unpunished. Each motion should be individually filed with the consent of the victim.

By: shef2 on 8/25/10 at 3:03

ALL victims of this psychopath NEED to be validated-!
Maybe they could hold one more trial, and lump ALL those charges against ALL those victims together-!
I know that "closure" is an over-used word, but it does matter to the women he raped.
I feel this is really important for them...

By: FredFlintstone on 8/26/10 at 11:30

I agree.
It's OUR tax money. While I appreciate that they want don't want to waste it when they don't see more convictions changing the end result, Burdick will never go free, it's important for our community that we see justice served for each of these ladies.
I don't know if the convictions will serve as a deterant to any future would-be rapists. But following through and showing these women the respect we all want to receive will help show any future victims of this type of crime that their cases will be prosecuted. Between the closure for us and as a community, closure for the victims, and the lesson that our legal system WILL be their for victims in our community, continuing to prosecute is the right thing to do.