Work to convert Fifth Avenue North to two-way street begins Thursday

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 4:55pm
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The process to transform a portion of Fifth Avenue North to a two-way street will get underway Thursday with blocks of the avenue closing periodically through Saturday, May 11.

A spokeswoman for Metro Public Works said Fifth Avenue North from Broadway to James Robertson Parkway, which is currently a one-way street in the northbound direction, would be converted to a two-way street with work beginning Thursday and expected to finish Saturday, when it should be fully converted to two-way traffic.

Beginning Thursday blocks of Fifth from Broadway to James Robertson Parkway will be closed to traffic and parking while crews work on the transition. Each block is expected be shut down for about three to four hours.

Affected intersections include Broadway, Commerce, Church, Union, Deaderick, Charlotte and James Robertson Parkway. For a closer look at a map showing the affected area, click here.

Metro police will be directing traffic around the roadwork, and deliveries will be allowed throughout the project duration.

According to Public Works, the opening of the Music City Center and the Omni Hotel have pushed the need to improve access along Fifth Avenue, north of Broadway. Residents and business owners, however, voiced their opposition to the change months ago.

Construction related to other projects including Fifth Avenue of the Arts will be continuing, and Public Works advises drivers to use caution while traveling through the area over the next several weeks.


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By: govskeptic on 5/9/13 at 5:25

Nothing too expensive or outrageous if it serves the MCC. I suppose the Mayor
and lower broad merchants are planning next year's praise ceremony for that
Global Masterpiece to Urban Development.

By: Jughead on 5/9/13 at 7:16

This is an idea spawned by consultants and morons. No surprise that it doesn't affect the block where the Hilton and The Palm are located. They were able to pay the Parking Committee enough money to stop the two-way at Broadway.

Metro Gov't is a corrupt entity that uses our tax dollars to line the pockets of consultants a councilmen. Sick.

By: yucchhii on 5/9/13 at 9:20

Hey JUGG HEAD...FOR ONCE you demonstrated the ability to say something INTELLIGENT!! I'll bet that took some serious work on your part. Tell me, since you just showed you CAN people around you complain of the smell of burnt rubber when you do? Now bear in don't have to take too long to give an answer. If it's too much work...don't worry...skip it.

By: yucchhii on 5/9/13 at 9:22

Most everybody I know who know about the change to 5th ave north agree that there is just NO WAY this plan will work and will result in accidents and confusion...but then, isn't that what government is all about?

By: Kelliente on 5/9/13 at 10:40

If it's to provide better access because of the MCC, then WHY doesn't the change actually run past the MCC? It stops at Broadway, so the street turns into a one way street a block before you get to the MCC. That seems like it would be even more confusing to people from out of town who are trying to get to the convention center. Why didn't they extend it all the way down to KVB?

By: Rocket99 on 5/10/13 at 7:43

This is an absolutely STUPID idea especially if it's supposed to enhance traffic for and around the MCC. If they're going to make part of 5th 2-way, why not all the way to Lafayette? 3 lanes merging into 1. BRILLIANT!