Zagorski attorney granted more time before execution date set

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 11:45am
Staff reports

The Tennessee Supreme Court on Tuesday granted death row inmate Edmund Zagorski more time to respond to the state’s motion to set an execution date filed last week.

Assistant Federal Public Defender Paul Bottei filed an unopposed motion for the extension Monday, stating other cases and personal matters would keep him from meeting the previous July 16 deadline to file Zagorski’s response.

Tuesday’s order pushes that response deadline back to Aug. 16. 

A motion filed by state Attorney General Robert Cooper before the Supreme Court last Tuesday stated that the court had already affirmed his convictions and sentence on direct appeal and the U.S. Supreme Court has denied a review of the lower court rulings.

In 1984, a jury convicted Zagorski, 55, for shooting John Dotson and Jimmy Porter then slitting their throats during an April 1983 marijuana deal in a wooded area of Robertson County. He was later sentenced to death for both of the murders.


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By: skeptic1 on 7/14/10 at 7:49

Twenty six years later...and we are amazed that the death penalty isn't a deterent. The Death Penalty apparently means free room, board, and easy access to drugs for 20+ years. The murderer wouldn't have to work or worry about bills and the daily commute. The murderer is housed among a group of his/her peers...other criminals. The Death Penalty is not so much a deterent as an incentive.

By: BEOWULF on 7/14/10 at 9:27

BEOWULF: Deport the illegals, shoot up death row inmates w/in 3 years of guilty verdict, reduce ammenties, make wounding of a guard an automatic, immediate death penality...lots of ways to reduce problems and expenditures. NO GUTS - NOTHING SOLVED!