Burch: GOP targets women

Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 10:05pm
By Michael R. Burch

As I have pointed out in previous articles, the Republican party has clearly set its sights on groups of disfavored Americans and has been taking legislative potshots at them. Anyone who isn’t a well-heeled white conservative Christian is fair game: homosexuals, Muslims, minorities, union workers, teachers, the elderly, the sick, the unemployed, et al.

The party that claims to follow Jesus Christ is actually practicing social and economic Darwinism: the survival of the strongest and most ruthless at the expense of everyone else. If the GOP has its way, the rich will keep getting richer.

Now the GOP has set its fanatical sights squarely on women. As Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) recently noted, the party of “family values” clearly has “an anti-woman, anti-child agenda” which includes keeping women barefoot and pregnant, and in submission to men, by denying them control over their own bodies and reproductive organs, even if they have been raped or their lives are in danger.

Mitt Romney (R-Mass.), the leading Republican presidential candidate, supports the reversal of Roe vs. Wade.

Ron Paul (R-Texas) recently opined that abortions should only be allowed in cases of “honest rape,” which suggests that the burden is on the victims to prove their innocence.

Chris Smith (R-N.J.) tried to get rape redefined as “forcible rape,” meaning that women would have to show evidence of physical struggles, even though many rapes leave emotional and psychological, rather than physical, scars.

Bobby Franklin (R-Ga.) recently introduced a bill that would call rape victims “accusers” until the defendant is convicted.

If we add such things up, the end result seems clear: women and girls who are the victims of incest and pedophilia will be forced to bear their rapists’ children because they’ll be denied legal abortions. That is, unless the GOP manages to make all abortions illegal, which seems to be the ultimate goal.

And yet this is only the tip of an enormous iceberg that threatens to sink women’s rights. As Rachel Maddow pointed out recently, the GOP is also "waging war on contraception."

Newt Gingrich, a converted Catholic, has voted 72 times against a woman’s right to choose, and is now espousing the “personhood” rights of fertilized eggs, which could make it illegal to use contraceptives.

Rick Santorum, a devout Catholic, not only opposes a woman’s right to choose, but has even spoken publicly about the “dangers of contraception,” saying that using contraceptives is “not okay.” Santorum maintains that states have the right to ban contraceptives.

The fundamental question is whether women have the right to choose if and when to become mothers. The alpha males of the GOP clearly believe the answer is “no.” They have read the Bible, and even though it says nothing about when life begins, or contraceptives or abortions, they still claim to know the mind of God and speak for him.

Even if Moses had issued edicts about contraception and abortion why should American women be forced to bow down to the commandments of a man who said that fathers could sell their own daughters as sex slaves with the option to buy them back if they didn’t “please” their new masters (Exodus 21), and that girls who had been raped should either be stoned to death or sold to their rapists (Deuteronomy 22)?

The GOP is increasingly driven by the white alpha male conviction that white alpha males are meant to dominate and rule the earth. Now they have American women in their sights and keep firing one legislative bullet after another. From time to time those shots hit their marks, and chip away at the hard-won gains of the American women’s rights movement.

I am reminded of the well-known Holocaust poem written by a German pastor, Martin Niemöller, who supported the right-wing alpha males of his day, only to end up in a concentration camp himself. His poem begins “First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew ... .”

If we want to avoid similar fates, we need to see and understand what the GOP is doing and send these modern barbarians a clear message with our votes, before it’s too late.

Michael R. Burch is a Nashville-based editor and publisher of Holocaust poetry and other “things literary” at www.thehypertexts.com.

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By: Mike Burch on 3/18/12 at 12:09


As I have pointed out before, I am not a fan of Barack Obama in many areas. But I am smart enough to know, having studied the major issues, that he is much better than the GOP candidates. And the GOP as a party has slipped into insanity.

So what the people who hate Obama so much are doing, in my opinion, is participating in a form of treason against our country. Because of bigotry, or whatever it is that makes them hate Barack Obama so much, they are willing to ignore the obvious stupidity of the GOP candidates, who pander to bigots and morons for votes, and are willing to sell their country down the river, just to make sure Obama doesn't get re-elected.

How can people not listen to what the GOP candidates are clearly saying? They want war with Iran, after we went to war with Iraq for the same stupid reasons. They blame our problems in the Middle East on Islam, when it was Christians who helped bring about the suffering of millions of Palestinians and Iranians, starting with the Nakba in 1948 and the CIA-engineered coup of Iran in 1953. What sort of "leaders" take the convenient path of blaming their victims, then blowing their countries to bits?

They are clearly talking about returning women to the Dark Ages, by saying that a fertilized egg is a person and that any form of contraceptive that interferes with a fertilized egg is, in effect, murder. It is only a short step to say that interfering with an egg being fertilized is also murder, because this interferes with the will of God.

What will that do to our mothers, sisters, daughters and granddaughters?

The GOP is waging economic war on union workers, teachers, the elderly, the sick, and the poor. They say it is wrong to borrow money from China to fund entitlements, but they will damn sure borrow money from China to fund the new war with Iran.

The GOP is growing more and more radical, and more and more insane, as it panders to bigots, morons and right-wing religious fanatics.

Anyone with the ability to read and think can easily understand what they are saying, and why they're saying it. Does it make any sense to cut off one's nose to spite one's face? I can understand people not being perfectly happy with Barack Obama, because I'm not perfectly happy myself. But when I look at the alternatives, I know what they are saying, and they are speaking pure madness.

Do we really want another unwinnable war in the Middle East? Do we really want to spend trillions of dollars on our military, and preserve tax cuts for the top 1%, while our parents and grandparents lose the help that keeps them above abject poverty as they age? What will we do when we reach retirement age ourselves, or get really, really sick and can't work?

The GOP will make sure that the super-rich pay very little, percentage-wise in taxes, and that everyone else increasingly fends for themselves. The system is already rigged to drain money from the other classes to the super-rich. Now the GOP wants to rip out the safety nets. Anyone who isn't filthy rich, or who has any family members who aren't filthy rich, needs to think very carefully ...

Are they willing to risk condemning their loved ones to suffering, and perhaps to death, just to punish Barack Obama for being the first non-white American president, and not being perfect? Because that seems to be what millions of Americans are going to do.

We have very limited choices in the upcoming election. Voting for men who have clearly revealed their plans to continue the current madness is insanity. Only insane voters choose to vote for people who are insane. Thus, it seems clear that millions of Americans are still racists, and would rather punish their own families than vote for the only competent presidential candidate if he's not lily white.

All we have to do is consider the consequences of another war in the Middle East, and of returning our female family members to the Dark Ages, and of ignoring global warming, and of practicing racism and religious intolerance, to see how bad things will become under GOP rule.

By: Mike Burch on 3/18/12 at 12:19


Anyone can criticize someone else's religion, and accuse it of being the root of all evil. But why not be honest about what Christians have done to Muslims?

The Crusades
Supporting and funding Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which began in 1948 and still continues today
The CIA-engineered coup of Iran in 1953
The installation of the Shah of Iran, which led to terrible suffering for millions of Iranians
Providing money and weapons to Saddam Hussein, which he used to kill a million Iranians
Then killing more than 500,000 Iraqi children with economic sanctions
Then invading Iraq on false pretenses
Now threatening to attack Iran on the same false pretenses, for possibly acquiring weapons that Israel and the US have in large numbers
Israel has never had UN inspections and has never signed a non-proliferation treaty

These are just a few examples of the wild injustices of Christians in the Middle East. Are these things Jesus would have done himself? Of course not. So why condemn the sins of Islam and ignore the real horrors caused by Christians?

By: acluu on 3/18/12 at 7:24

Mike Burch said:

"The GOP is increasingly driven by the white alpha male conviction that white alpha males are meant to dominate and rule the earth. Now they have American women in their sights and keep firing one legislative bullet after another. From time to time those shots hit their marks, and chip away at the hard-won gains of the American women’s rights movement.

I am reminded of the well-known Holocaust poem written by a German pastor, Martin Niemöller, who supported the right-wing alpha males of his day, only to end up in a concentration camp himself. His poem begins “First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew ... .”

If we want to avoid similar fates, we need to see and understand what the GOP is doing and send these modern barbarians a clear message with our votes, before it’s too late".
This has got to be one of the most vitriolic filled rants about a race that I have witnessed made to print. Are we talking about the role islam played in the crusades, or the response to islam, Mike?

Hear the remarks of Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and General David Petraeus about this burning of qurans.


You can go to minute 3:26 if you wish to directly access their remarks. Minute 4:36+ has the United States procedures for the destruction of religious writings.

Military policies are also highlighted here for the proper handling of the quran as opposed to other "Holy Writ”.

The whole presentation should be viewed for the clearest understanding of the United States.
You seem to have an inflated opinion of islam. A person by the name of Eric Allen Bell filmed a documentary in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. At that time he ridiculed any person who resisted the building of a mosque in Murfreesboro or had reservations regarding islam or persons of the muslim faith.

Until you see the women who have been so horribly disfigured by acid attacks, or having their noses or ears cut off, or who self immolate because of the abuses they suffer, or are just outright murdered for alledged offenses as dictated by religiously motivated men, you might be pardoned for your gross ignorance. As it is, you are a contributor to this violent, corruption of “faith”.

You may want to research Eric Allen Bell. He has eclipsed himself. He was a featured blogger for the Daily Kos.
And, why would you not look at Youtube? Once having viewed it in the privacy of your home, you can either accept or reject what you see.

Why in the world would you study the crusades in depth, except to justify yourself in your distorted world view?
Assuming that you are correct, it quite possibly may be that you have unintentionally agreed with a Biblical passage you are unaware of?

Muslims in war are mandated to be terrifying, not noble.
You may go to the "noble quran" website at quran.com and exhaust yourself without “cherry picking” select verses to discover the extreme hatred found within its pages for both the Jew and the Christian.

You need to understand also that it does not stand alone, but that the devoted muslim must also honor the sira of mohammed, and the hadiths.
The allah of the quran is not the Jehovah of the Jewish writings. Neither is the isa of the quran the Jesus of the Gospels. They are antithetical and islam is inimical to the aforementioned faiths and the professors of them.

Mike, tell the truth to your readers.

By: yogiman on 3/18/12 at 7:42


You may be smart enough to think Obama is much better in the Oval Office than the GOP candidates, but you apparently aren't smart enough to understand why he should not be in that office because of his violation of our Constitution. You obviously don't know what our Nation's Constitution "says" or means.

You make some very good "quotes" on history, but you apparently have no idea what Obama's history tells you through his autobiography.

With Obama putting our grandchildren deeper into debt, that makes him smarter that the GOP candidates? Gimme a break, Mike.

If you are an Obama fan, you're apparently willing to accept socialism, which is the next step toward communism. And if you want Barry Soetoro as your dictator, stand by him, he's taking you there.

Racism has been thrown into this picture since the beginning, but racism is the reason Obama was allowed to move into that office and he has used it since day one of office.

I'll repeat, for anyone to vote for someone for the highest office in our nation and they don't even know who the guy is, proves their ignorance. And when that man continues to refuse to identify himself, it proves they are more ignorant than they were thought to be at the beginning.

You may be a very smart man on some issues, Mike, but you are proving yourself absolutely ignorant on accepting a man in office in violation of the Constitution.

And I'll repeat once again: If he was in that office legally, don't you think he would readily prove his legal status? Don't you think he would have stepped forward at the first question on his eligibility?

Sorry, Mike, the man is a usurper and should be brought to court on treason.

By: BenDover on 3/18/12 at 12:30

Well... the way City Paper keeps printing these lies about the Republican Candidates' stands on birth-control and allows this propagandist to perpetrate this ridiculous vaginal intruding boogie monster straw-man on it's readers without answer; we must conclude that the paper's editorial staff sees it as fitting.

As I've said many times before. There is no journalism anymore... only editorial... and in this case editorial allowed to reign full Machiavelli over the truth in favor of the paper's evident liberal aims.

By: yogiman on 3/18/12 at 3:25

They really aren't journalist anymore BenDover. They've all went into the entertainment program.

Isn't it great they can tell you on their 6 o'clock news what they're going to tell you at 10 o'clock?

I think that's great, you don't have to stay up to be told what you already know.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/18/12 at 4:24

Shut up yogi, before you wet your pants again.

By: yogiman on 3/18/12 at 6:14


If you had a brain, you'd take it out and play with it. The is if it was big enough you could find it.

By: Mike Burch on 3/19/12 at 1:39

As far as women's rights and contraceptives, American women are smart enough to figure out what's going on. In its desire to defeat Barack Obama, the GOP is siding with the Vatican on the idea that only God can decide when babies will be born. That means contraceptives defy the "will of God." This is clearly the position of Rick Santorum. The other GOP presidential candidates had the opportunity to defend women from the male chauvinist windbag, but didn't.

It's easy for men to say contraceptives don't matter, but women know they do.

As for Islam, yes there are problems with the extremist forms of Islam. But bigoted, intolerant American Christians refuse to look in the mirror and admit all the horrendous things Jews and Christians have done in the Middle East.

It makes me sick to think of the cruelty and hubris of Christians who don't seem to understand that deny basic human rights and freedom to millions of people is a f***ing crime against humanity.

So we will just have to agree to disagree, because American Christians seem to be like Confederate Christians and German Christians: oblivious to justice, even when the victims are millions of mothers and their children. Do some Muslim men want to kill Americans? Yes, they do, but they have good cause, just like Sitting Bull and John Brown.

By: Mike Burch on 3/19/12 at 1:48

This is how white American Christians seem to think ... It doesn't matter what we do to darker-skinned mothers and their children, because we are vastly superior to them. So we can ethnically cleanse Native Americans and enslave African Americans. If we have Jewish friends, they can ethnically cleanse Muslim women and children with our blessings, money and weapons. Then when the victims finally retaliate, we can ignore equal rights and justice, and blow them to bits.

This is how American Christians have always acted, creating three Holocausts: the first of Native Americans, the second of black Americans and the third of Palestinians. In each case there has been hell to pay, with millions of dead people on both sides. Heaven forbid that white Christians should ever have to act with justice. They would rather force millions of other people to suffer and die, rather than accept the fact that the only path to peace is justice, and justice requires equality.