Commentary: Andrews peep hole story is crazy

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 11:00pm
By Andy Cordan

The man, the plan and the way he allegedly went about it. It's all crazy.

By now you have undoubtedly heard that someone posted naked video of ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews on line. The black and white footage was shot while she was at a Nashville hotel covering a Vanderbilt football game. She was in her hotel room, naked, doing whatever people do in the privacy of their hotel rooms.

What she didn't realize was that there was a perp lurking in the hallway, furtively documenting her every innocent move. Through a doctored peep hole.

Scooby Doo would have a more well thought out plan just to get a scooby snack.

First the facts from the FBI:

• Andrews claims someone videotaped her nude then posted that video online without her knowledge or consent.

• Authorities arrested 48-year-old Michael David Barrett at Chicago O'Hare International Airport on Oct. 2.

• Barrett faces a charge of interstate stalking, after apparently releasing eight videos taped in two hotel rooms.

That's the FBI's version of events. As for mine, someone needs a serious ass whoopin!

First the hotel. The FBI indicated that a majority of the videos were shot while Andrews was at the Marriott Hotel in Nashville. My question is ‘What the hell kind of guest privacy policy are you offering to your guests over there?’

Corporate suits are now saying all the right things with all the conventional PR wisdom that a cavalcade of bad publicity can muster. But I don't want to hear it. I can only imagine the phone call from the alleged perp to the hotel that started this bad dream.

HOTEL: Hello, front desk.

ALLEGED PERP: Yes this is Michael David Barrett. I want to visually violate one of your female guests. Can you tell me what room she will be staying in?

HOTEL: That won't be a problem sir.

ALLEGED PERP: Super convenient. Can you book me a room right next to her?

HOTEL: We'd be pleased as punch to book that room for you, Mr. Barrett.

ALLEGED PERP: Lovely. A few more things. Ah, do you have a hacksaw?

HOTEL: We can check with maintenance.

ALLEGED PERP: While you are at it, Can you ask all other guests and maids and room service personnel to stay out of the hallway for about 25 minutes while I video tape her through the new peep hole I plan to install?

HOTEL: We'll make a note of it sir. Will that be all?

ALLEGED PERP: That's a good start. Thanks for your help.

Of course this didn't happen, but this story is so stupid it’s like a scene from a Jackass episode.

According to the FBI report, when investigators returned to the hotel months later the peep hole was still in its altered condition. Are you kidding me? Nobody noticed? Not even the maids who clean that room every day?

The maximum penalty for the charge of interstate stalking is five years in federal prison. I hope that Barrett does every day of it, if he is guilty, as the FBI alleges.

To Andrews, I say be strong and hang in there. You work in a male-dominated profession where athletes often think with their jocks. You are a blonde and your workplace is a packed stadium of drunken fans, any of whom is likely to say something off-color about the video they probably viewed. I say, prosecute this loser and send a message for all women that what he did is wrong.

And to you Mr. Barrett, if you are guilty, I hope that you serve the maximum amount of years in a federal penitentiary. Life is about karma and yours is about as weak as the hotel security that allows perps to cut peep holes in doors with hacksaws.

That is just crazy.

Cordan is a reporter for WKRN Channel 2. Contact him at

2 Comments on this post:

By: Loner on 10/7/09 at 10:13

Perplexed by peepin' perps? Me too.

In prison, the peepin' perp will be under constant video surveillance. If Karma holds true, we may see a video entitled, Bare-assed Barrett Buggered Behind Bars on U-tube.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/8/09 at 5:10

Now that would be funny if it takes place. I guess that you couls say it is another story from the aked City.