Commentary: Swift’s star keeps shining brightly

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 12:00am

Every once and a while an entertainer comes around that just takes your breath away. This is often done with their sheer talent and grace. For me, that entertainer is Taylor Swift. 

When I first listened to her big hits like “Tim McGraw,” “Picture To Burn” and “Love Story,” I thought to myself: “OK, this is very good.” But when I decided to listen to every song on both her self-titled CD, [the Target-exclusive] Beautiful Eyes and her latest, Fearless, I came to a conclusion that is surely not mine alone.

Taylor is a musical genius.

I know, it probably sounds kind of silly coming from someone who is twice her age. However, that just shows how great she is. Music that hits you from within and doesn't let go is timeless. Ageless. She has the uncanny ability to gel with not just her own peer group, but also with everyone else who remembers what it was like growing up [with topics like] finding and losing love, trying to figure out who you are, figuring out who you want to be, and getting the heck out of school as fast as you can!

Taylor Swift has fast become a household name on the international front. On Aug. 20, reported that Fearless has now earned 14 gold and platinum certifications around the world. Here in America, Fearless will soon reach platinum status four times over. This is incredible. It is even more incredible when you consider that it is essentially her sophomore release. All of this from someone who won't even hit 20 years of age until December.

Interestingly enough, there are some folks who think she is merely overrated. TMT: Too much Taylor. They complain she's really not a complete country singer. She's really not a complete pop singer. She has minimal or modest skills as a singer. She is in no way a Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood, Patsy Cline or Tanya Tucker. She just happened to come around at exactly the right time.

I think jealousy is a curious thing. 

First of all, she's not overrated because over the last several years she is the one who is in fact leading the pack. There are both new and older stars picking things up from her and running with it. Can you say ‘trailblazer?’ Second, she is a country singer who is so talented, the pop world just had to borrow her!  Third, she sings pretty darn good for someone her age. 

As a singer, she can only grow. Every singer grows. You can't just stop with what you have and that's it.

Perhaps what's most amazing about Swift is her songwriting skills. She has already won awards and honors that songwriters who are in fact old enough to drink alcohol wish they had. As far as timing goes, her talent and appeal is so strong that she would lead whatever generation she came into. It's a testament to her abilities and power that you can listen to her songs over and over again, and they never sound the same. You always pick up something new.

Swift is so ahead of the curve it's not even funny. She is also years ahead of her time. She is enjoying what it means to be a teenager without the trip to rehab. Or without the need to talk politics on end. Or without the need to be someone she isn’t.

She is blessed to have such a strong and loving family at home, and on the road. Not to mention, an extremely loyal and loving fan base. Seems like her star keeps shining bright.

I don't see it dimming anytime soon. 

Tony Zizza, 37076


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By: Loner on 8/26/09 at 10:20

Is this the same Tony Zizza that writes those crappy Letters to The Editor? If so, Tony should stick with writing fawning, gushing, puff pieces like this one and leave the nasty, angst-filled missives for others to write.

The writings of the love-struck Tony Zizza are more palatable and better written than the writings of the pissed-off Tony Zizza, IMHO.

By: pswindle on 8/26/09 at 12:11

Taylor is a good role model for our children.

By: JeffF on 8/26/09 at 2:33

"She has minimal or modest skills as a singer. " Yep.
"trailblazer": only if you label every one of the Disney created, computer-aided, and hyped young "singers" the same way.
I hear bubble gum popping in the background. Ta ta for now.

By: KelliePicklerFan on 8/26/09 at 9:42

I think Tony is spot on with how good an artist Taylor really is!
I had the pleasure to attend one of her concerts in the Seattle Key Arena and she was nothing short of amazing! She put on a great show and her singing was so much better than it was just a couple of years ago. She performed for TWO hours and the show was energy filled and was money well spent. I also had the pleasure to meet Kellie Pickler and SHE was so nice and such a pretty person! She also put on a great show.
Taylor is such a great role model for our young girls as another poster also put it.
You Taylor detractors, attend a concert and see for yourself that Taylor really IS a great artist and performer.
If you still have to bash Taylor, that's ok she has made the people at Big Machine records VERY happy as well as millions of her real fans who choose to buy her CD's and attend her concerts. Taylor, WE love you!

May God Bless!

Keith Santo
Monroe, Washington

With God in your life put a Holiday in your Heart! (LeAnn Rimes)

By: rwjacksr on 8/28/09 at 11:05

Taylor Swift is a beautiful young woman, not the role model you really want for your kids unless you want them living in a fantasy world. As for her singing, well I hear a lot better from the street singers, of course they were not born with money and influence and the electronics tht can make even me sound really good. Take away her electronics and you have a pretty good musician, a good song writer and a singer who needed lessons long long ago. Talk to those who went to school at the same place and time shed did, no one went to school with her, she thought she was to good for them, she was really disliked in high school, most of the kids there talk about her as if she were a dog, a female dog. I have unfortunately heard her try to sing on a live stage, Not good at all. Perhaps she will get over her self in a few years, and come back down to earth. Maybe she will continue her thing with a 50 year old Rock star, who knows.