Up for Debate: CIA cash deliveries to Karzai

Monday, April 29, 2013 at 11:36pm

How do you feel about a report that the CIA has routinely dropped off cash to the office of Afghan President Hamid Karzai? Is it a necessary way to play ball with a foreign government or does it breed corruption?


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By: Loner on 4/30/13 at 10:46

Snippet from Ben's link posted @ 9:49:

Here’s my concern: Obama’s gun-running program failed to properly vet the rebels. Clinton most likely launched the gun program, expected Stevens to oversee it and then her weapons likely landed in the hands of al-Qaida affiliates who killed Stevens and three other Americans. This is a tragic failure of foreign policy and diplomacy under Obama’s watch. (End Snippet)

That is a non sequitur type of conclusion...the conclusion does not follow from the evidence given.

The author contends that Al Qaeda affiliates and other armed Jihadists are part of the rebel forces in Syria....and that Hillary et al. were funneling arms to these Jihadists...if so, then it makes no sense for Al Qaeda to want to interrupt or halt that flow of weapons, by attacking the US overseer of the program to arm these rebels....such an attack would be highly counter-productive.

Ben, the Town Hall article is complete right-wing BS....another smear job attempt on the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton personally. This is an attempt to harvest political gain, by exploiting a tragedy....mistakes were made....ineptitude, not corruption is the culprit.

By: dargent7 on 4/30/13 at 11:02

The most flagrant display of USA's Imperialism came at the dirty, filthy hands, of Bush & Cheney. And morons call them "peace loving".
Cheney, held together by a system of pulleys, valves, tubes, and artificial intelligence, puppeteered Bush, Jr. into invading Iraq.
The whole planet knows it, save for the ignorant south: TN, KT, AR, MS and other idiotic W. Northern states like MT, ND, SD.
While we flaggelate ourselves with 'Senate Investigations", committees, panels, the other 40 sane states already know the truth behind these horrible creatures, ( actually, gang of 7) as well as 80% of Earth's population.
So, let's dwell on Obama's B.C. and religion while all this sh!t is going on, say we?

By: Loner on 4/30/13 at 11:06

Schlepping it over from page 1:

By: BenDover on 4/30/13 at 11:36

I didn't say that at all Loner. I linked to articles that illustrate that some of Obama's policies in the middle east are naive at best and are disastrously dangerous to Western Civilization.

I think it stems from him holding the fundamental value that tolerance is the primary virtue in life and he sees some faux moral equivalency to these guys like they are some kind of freedom fighters or something.

I don't know but the evidence of failure is hearty. When they get their hands on the nukes it's gonna be ugly.

I cannot disagree with your first paragraph, Ben....the guy is letting Netyanyahu take the lead on the Iran deal....we just agreed to send the IAF airborne refueling tankers and hi-tech radar-jamming equipment. This will make Bibi's "red line" threat more credible and probable....Holy Wars Suck.

Jesus of Nazareth was a big, big fan of tolerance, Ben....he eschewed self-defense....told us to forgive, in order to be forgiven...he also told human beings to love their neighbors, as they love themselves....I don't hear that in your commentary and you claim to follow Christ's teachings.....just sayin'.

Ben, the Jewish state has an estimated 200 nuclear weapons and they have the means to deliver them on target at this very moment....and they constantly clamor about imminent "existential threats".....the US has tolerated this clandestine nuclear weapons program in the volatile Middle East for decades...you may be right....tolerance is not always the wise thing to do....JFK would not tolerate nukes in the ME and he told Israeli PM Ben Gurion that.....LBJ gave the Israelis the green light on the nukes....LBJ was a fool....he later forgave the Israelis for their murderous attack on the USS Liberty.....the Mossad had him by the balls?

By: Loner on 4/30/13 at 11:08

Right on, Dargent7.

By: govskeptic on 4/30/13 at 11:17

Why should this be a surprise to anyone, since it's the CIA involved. Whether
in a Snakepit like Afghanistan, Cuba, Vietnam, or Panama, their actions and
immoral behavior is often in conflict with American values.or at least the
values of the citizens. It's expensive to keep a corrupt government in place
whether on foreign soil or our own.

This is just another reminder among many that we need to get the hell out
of there with absolutely no promises of anything we will do or spend in the
future once we're out. The Taliban will be running the place within 90 days
of our leaving anyway, and Karzai will be in Paris with his family and many
hundreds of millions of dollars for a life time of luxurious living . Enough already!

By: Loner on 4/30/13 at 11:23

IMO, Republican incumbents in the solidly red states do not fear a challenge from the Democrats, on their left.....but, they are deathly afraid of an extreme-right primary challenger unseating them....so, guys like Lindsey Graham are going as far to the right as possible.

The net effect will be that the GOP becomes the party of hate and repression...the party of intolerance...the party of God, Guns, Gay-haters and secessionists. The Democratic Party will scoop up those unwelcome liberal, secular and sane Republicans, as they slowly realize that the Party of Lincoln is now the Party of Jeff Davis.

By: Loner on 4/30/13 at 11:31

Gov...we have found some more common ground....I agree with your 12:17 post.

By: Loner on 4/30/13 at 11:45

Sadly...I must admit it...I think that it may be time to truly and thoroughly vet any young male Muslims who apply for US residency....is that profiling? Yes. Is it prudent, or is it Islamophobia? Tough call.

My own maternal great grandfather hailed from East Prussia....in the family heirloom documents, we found a statement that he was forced to sign when the First World War broke out....he swore allegiance to the USA and that he renounced any allegiance to the Kaiser. He had been here for two decades or so, but he had to sign anyway.

Is it time to revive the old oath of allegiance idea? Is it time for Uncle Sam to force immigrants to decide if it is going to be full assimilation, or is it going to be old country hatred, transplanted and nourished here in the USA?

By: Loner on 4/30/13 at 11:51

Let me add this...I would also thoroughly vet any young Israelis who have served in the IDF and are applying for US residency...for the same reasons that I would vet the young Muslims....transplanted hate....transplanted Holy War....we don't need that crap here.

By: Captain Nemo on 4/30/13 at 11:53

Stat Trek has The Prim Directive, stay out of others culture and affairs of state. But that is factional world.

By: govskeptic on 4/30/13 at 11:56

A Muslim or anyone else coming into the US on a tourist visa will be ask, where
are you staying. It is acceptable to say the Holiday Inn or Best Hotel and just
say a city. Not even the exact one or location of that or any other place you
give. If it's a 30 day visa and you're still here 5 yrs later, no problem, especially
if you located and lied your way into a pretty good job. My daughter spent a
year studying in Spain. All kinds of deposits and financial info was required
by their government be given ever 3 months she was there, to make sure she
was self-sustaining. Our country requires, nothing of the sorts from anyone.

By: Loner on 4/30/13 at 11:59

Off topic...but a great link:


It's an Israeli site....they do have a sense of humor....the world could use more laughs....fewer tears.

By: BenDover on 4/30/13 at 12:40

Yeah... those Israelis are always going jihad on us.

By: bfra on 4/30/13 at 2:54

gov. - New Zealand has to have proof of income to show you are self-sustaining before you are allowed entry. Should be that way in the US.

By: Ask01 on 5/1/13 at 4:15

You are correct Loner. Once the money stops, so does the friendship. That is to be expected. So long as we have achieved our goals and are prepared to get out, this is like renting right of way.

I realize this is a mercenary perspective, but, as noted before, the situation is an old one indeed.