Up for Debate: Council votes on lifetime health benefits

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 1:40am

What is your reaction to the Metro Council's decision to keep lifetime health benefits for its members?

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By: gdiafante on 11/14/12 at 1:20

And really, they're just in the preliminary stage of negotiation, neither side is going to throw out a significant compromise as the first offer. Both sides are saying the right things...the President has said that entitlement reform is on the table and the GOP has said that tax reform is as well. It's a starting point. I don't think either side thinks that the intial offer is set in stone.

By: Adman on 11/14/12 at 1:31

This was not meant to be a gotcha question. It is a question that I think is important.to discuss. Unfortunately our politicians are fighting the war around the fringes. My fear is that we are past the tipping point of being able to deal with our fiscal issues. If we are not in agreement at least there seems to be recognition that we can not go on forever borrowing and spending like we are. The problem is that 62% of the spending in our budget is non-discreationary i.e. interest on the growing debt, Social Security and Medicare etc. The demographics of SS and Medicare are truly disturbing. I am not sure that we can cut enough out of the remaining 32% to make a lot of difference. About the only really big place to cut is defense, and I think we have to look at that and rain in some of our commitments. One of the reasons that many nations in Western Europe and Asia have been able afford large social spending is because we have been providing their defense since the end of WWII, and it seems the wheels are coming off of that as well.

By: Adman on 11/14/12 at 1:35

rein in...sorry.

By: gdiafante on 11/14/12 at 1:57

No, I agree, adman, the entitlements are going to have to be dealt with. Of course, we've been saying this since...oh, the first I remember is the Reagan era...our domestic policy regarding entitlements seems to be kick the can. Well, we're at crunch time. The boomers are retiring. The stress on not only the programs but the economy...think about it, the workforce is losing millions of skilled workers in such a large chunk, it's going to be a challenge to replace them.

I think everything should be on the table. Defense, entitlements, taxes, spending...everything. I'd also like to see someone explain to the American people that we're all going to have to pay for this if we want it solved. The people are going to have to have the attitude of sacrifice, not entitlement.

We shall see...

By: yogiman on 11/14/12 at 2:07


I understand you don't have to be too intelligent to deliver mail. I get a neighbor's mail pretty regular in my box. I just think; oh well, just another mailman.

That helps explain to me how stupid you are in your admiration.

Another question if you might be able to find an answer. I'll admit, it'll be hard for you but did you New Yorkers have to present a photoed ID to prove your eligibility to vote? We did here in Tennessee.

So why was Barry allowed to run for that particular office without even proving he's who he says he is?
You have to prove you can legally vote, but you don't have to prove you're legally eligible to run.

By: yogiman on 11/14/12 at 2:14

'Possum meat is good BenDover. They were eaten a lot back in the 30s & 40s because of the shortages from the war. You just had to know how to cook them. First, boil most of the fat out of them then bake them where the fat can seeps out of them. Seasoning was a well desired benefit.

By: yogiman on 11/14/12 at 2:28

Sorry, Loner.

I must disagree with you again. You are one of the racists in this folder. None of you have any reason for voting for your man Barry other than the race factor. Why? Because the only thing you know about the man is his race.

I'll repeat, prove me wrong and I'll back down, but I'm afraid I'll have a long wait.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/14/12 at 2:32

It only takes an imbecile to repeat stupid question that has been answered over and over.

By: yogiman on 11/14/12 at 2:35

Well, gdiafante, he re-usurped the office so he didn't need to set up martial law. In case you haven't seen it, it's already been he's supporting the UN on our gun rights and to remind you, wasn't that a few private organizations he took over in his first theft of office?

Hang in there, there's more to come.

By: yogiman on 11/14/12 at 2:40

Amazed, Loner. You said the Arabs and Muslims hate us. Ain't yore man Barry Soetoto an Arab of the Muslim faith?

By: bfra on 11/14/12 at 2:47

yogi - Aren't your kids half black? Is that why you hate Obama so much?

By: Captain Nemo on 11/14/12 at 2:57

The call of the Troll-as-mouth Bird is hard to distinguish from the annoyed buzzing of a defected Dung Troll’s mating call or that of a dieing hors-face troll monkey. All of which make no sense to anything with the I.Q higher than a flawed hobgoblin's Bed Bug.

By: Adman on 11/14/12 at 3:01

Adman said: One of the reasons that many nations in Western Europe and Asia have been able afford large social spending is because we have been providing their defense since the end of WWII, and it seems the wheels are coming off of that as well.

Sorry that sentence didn't make sense. The wheels are coming off for the countries particularly in Europe that have large welfare states. Even without large expenditures for defense they can't maintain their current level social spending.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/14/12 at 3:22

That could be a problem if there is a war.

By: yogiman on 11/14/12 at 3:59

Sorry, dumba$$,

My question has not been answered. It's a simple question you've all refused to answer because you simply don't know the answer.

I'm sure if you did, you would have let me know the first time I asked it. Your old; you've asked it too many times so shut up tells me to repeat to you; Just give me a factual answer.

By: yogiman on 11/14/12 at 4:07

No, bfra, they aren't like yours. And "your man's" 5% Negro blood doesn't make me hate him. I dislike him because he has usurped that office. I "hate" congress for allowing him to do it. I feel sorry for you fools for accepting him simply because of his skin color. Hell, I don't even hate your father (pore ole man) for putting you off on us. I feel sorry for him siring an idiot like you.

By: bfra on 11/14/12 at 4:21

yogi - Not what your neighbor says. A lot of people obsess against others trying to off set their own faults. Makes sense, because you are definitely insanely obsessed.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/14/12 at 4:54

I will try to answer yogi. Here goes..yogi the answer is your are a stupid, dumb ass imbecile old fool, that dose not have the brains of a piss ant.

I hope this answers idiotic question.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/14/12 at 4:57

Old Roy found that his idiot son was only 5% his.

By: bfra on 11/14/12 at 5:02

Nemo - You are probably right!

By: Rasputin72 on 11/14/12 at 6:01

I would like to call to call to the attention of those that love to aggravate and denounce the person known as Yogi.

There are 120 posts on this subject today. You people who rail against the person called Yogi must realize that without Yogi you would not have a forum.

He rants and the "Simple Six" plus two reply in some manner. Dots,Dashs,flushes,clicks and words. If you take the time to count the number of rants by Yogi and responses by the people I mention you will find that without Yogi "you people will have to attack each other" Yogi is the centerpiece and focal point of this forum.

You "people" should pay homage to Yogi for creating a magnet for your entertainment.

Off to the Breakers for a cocktail party with other "old white men" and their "arm charms"
It will not be a long night . Most of us like to be in bed by 10:30. Tennis and Golf and Martinisall in one day wreek havoc on the energy supply of those in their 60's.

If the subject matter is of interest to me in the morning I will gladly give you "people" a reason to direct your failings and wailings away from the person called Yogi.

L keep hoping that one of the "Simple Six" or one of the more intelligent critics of Yogi would someday tell me why they respond in any manner to a person they find so revolting.

By: yogiman on 11/14/12 at 8:07

I'll readily admit I'm obsessed on Barry's usurpation of that office, bfra. And I feel sorry for your and your cohorts ignorance. And I believe you and your cohorts are more obsessed than I. And your obsession can only be a racist factor because that's the only thing you know about the guy.

Hell, you can't see him beyond your nose.

By: yogiman on 11/14/12 at 8:16

Well, you screwed up and left a couple of words out when you mentioned the "Simple Six" [intelligence] critics.

Did you not mean [lack of] intelligence critics?

By: Rasputin72 on 11/14/12 at 8:58

No Yogi, there are a couple of very intelligent critics who unbelievably respond to your fetish.

By: yogiman on 11/14/12 at 11:04

Sorry, Raspitin72,

I see anyone who so willingly accepts a man as their president whom they have no idea who in the hell he is, and who refuses to offer his identification, to look into the evidence someone else offers as stupid.

By: whitegravy on 11/19/12 at 5:17

With all the resources available to u.s. intellegence services, im quite sure that if OBAMA S background/heritage wasnt fully acceptable then he wouldnt have been allowed to become POTUS...........all you haters out there get over the fact that he won AGAIN and try supporting your president, or at least addressing some real issues facing this great country, instead of this juvenile NAME CALLING that makes a mockery of this GREAT FORUM.........GROW UP for CHRISTS sake

By: whitegravy on 11/19/12 at 5:32

Where else but AMERICA can you work a few years as a nothing politician, and get lifetime health benifits..........hell with perks like that, i should run for office and vote myself some health benifits as well as a new car every year, a 20 percent salary raise yearly, a summer house when it gets cold in nasville,a 3 week paid vacation per year, all at taxpayer expense.........and if it these perks become a little expensive for the taxpayers then we can just cut back on some more city services that help low/moderate income people.............im running LOL

By: 9445 on 11/29/12 at 11:52

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