Up for Debate: DNC kicks off in Charlotte

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 10:05pm

What is your reaction to the first night of the Democratic National Convention? How would you rate Michelle Obama's speech? What weak points did you see at Tuesday night's convention?

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By: yogiman on 9/4/12 at 10:25

Michelle made a good speech. At least it sounded good but it was too much of a fairy tale with too much BS in it..

By: dargent7 on 9/5/12 at 5:23

All the Democrats, ie., upright walking, forward thinking, open-minded people, had tears in their eyes during her speech.
The other party crashers, Republicans, ie., Party of No, Stop, Go-away, We ain't gonna help nobody except ourselves,.... dismissed her.
Tonight should be bigger with Bubba giving his take on life.
In the meantime, Uncle Mittens and Friar Ryan are digging deeper and polishing their lies to make them sound more tangible to the uneducated.

By: Captain Nemo on 9/5/12 at 5:41

Did not watch, had to work.

By: Captain Nemo on 9/5/12 at 5:59

By: Loner on 9/4/12 at 1:12
If Yogi lies about his military service, he'll have to live with that....he may be telling the truth on his military service....I'll give him the benefit, once again.

Loner yogi spent the war in the ships head cleaning up after others.

By: gdiafante on 9/5/12 at 6:01

I thinks she eloquently stated the differences between the two candidates...one is a candidate that the normal American can relate to...he worked for it. The other, was born into it. There's nothing wrong with either, but one is more likely to understand the plight of the average American because he was one. Simple but effective.

The keynote speaker was good, but I couldn't help but think of how SNL will spook the way he spoke, ala Dana Carvey's Bush senior (certain phrases emphasized strangely). He touted 4.5 million jobs created but didn't mention the fine print (shocking). Nor did he mention all the public sector jobs lost under Obama.

Surprisingly, neither has the GOP...that contradicts the teatards belief that Obama wants a government takeover.

By: yogiman on 9/5/12 at 6:05

I spent a tour in the war flying over Korea, dumba$$. You should have been there. It may have helped that feeble brain you have.

It may have helped you learn to think in a positive manner. Sorry you didn't make it and you turned out to be an idiot like you are.

By: gdiafante on 9/5/12 at 6:06

s/h/b spoof

Kids, it's too early for this crap.

By: bfra on 9/5/12 at 6:08

yogi - sez you! Where are the papers to prove it?

By: Captain Nemo on 9/5/12 at 6:09

By: parnell3rd on 9/4/12 at 10:06
I see the Great Satan had to send his wife out onto the stage to beg and plead for four more years. Why? Because she is not done spending our money going on lavish vacations.

This nut is starting to sound like a real Osama terrorist.

By: yogiman on 9/5/12 at 6:09

Sadly gdiafante, you don't even know if one of the cadidates is an American citizen.

By: Captain Nemo on 9/5/12 at 6:10

Ships don't fly stupid or is your war record just another lie...you coward!

By: gdiafante on 9/5/12 at 6:13

Yogi, you yourself have stated he's an American citizen, you twit. Your contention is that he isn't a natural born citizen. I'm sorry you're too stupid to know the difference.

Really, don't start with me this morning, old man.

By: yogiman on 9/5/12 at 6:14

They've had enough vacations and golf games, dumbo. It's time to send them home and put a known economist in office.

By: parnell3rd on 9/5/12 at 6:16

Yes Capt. Nemo it was sad watching the 1st lady beg for four more years of public housing, transportation, and food for her family. And 4 more years of private school for her children. That is why democrats were weeping dargent 7. They finally realized how much of our money Minnie the Moch has been spending on lavish vacations, entertainment, food, cancelling Christian events to make room for the Muslim friends.

By: gdiafante on 9/5/12 at 6:16

Romney is an economist? LOL

His stupidity has no limits...

By: Ummm... on 9/5/12 at 6:16

Anyone who listens to both the Obamas and the Romneys and then chooses the Romneys must be intellectually challenged.

By: yogiman on 9/5/12 at 6:18

Correct me if I'm wrong gdiafante, when did I say he was an American. I have stated several times he isn't a natural born citizen. That isn't saying he's an American.

I don't know if he is any more than you. But if he is, why does he refuse to prove it?

By: parnell3rd on 9/5/12 at 6:19

yes gdif your right Mitt worked for his money. The Obama's have been given everthing in their lives. Remember BHO went to the best school's in Hawaii. His white family paid for all of that. then the American taxpayer paid his supposed way thru 3 colleges.

By: treehugger7 on 9/5/12 at 6:19

What the hell is wrong with yogi??! Give it up already!!!

By: gdiafante on 9/5/12 at 6:20

Wait...I thought the idiot Right liked private schools...oh, I get it...wink wink.

For some people, it's new that the President is fed on our dime. Of course, back in Reagan's day, he would stroll down to McDonalds and get a cheeseburger when he was vacationing in the White House basement. And when Bush had friends (Muslims) over to honor Ramadan, they would dress up as G-men and play guns.


I'm truly embarrassed for some people on this site.

By: bfra on 9/5/12 at 6:20

yogi - I will believe the President of the Unite States, before I pay any attention to what a senile old coot, that lives on a piece of scrub land in Smith Co. has to say.

By: Captain Nemo on 9/5/12 at 6:20

Is it true p3 that you look east and pray to your god of hate.

I got another long day ahead of me, I'll check in later.

By: Ummm... on 9/5/12 at 6:20

This "parnell" fool is hilarious. If Michelle Obama spent as much as possible, 24 hours a day, she could never come close to the TRILLION taxpayer dollars thrown away on an unjustfied war of aggression by the previous Teapublican administration. Listen, "parnell," if you're full of racist hatred, why don't you just come out and say so? It would be a refreshing change from the inane bs you've been posting.

By: yogiman on 9/5/12 at 6:21

Well gdiafante, he's made a pot full of money. I believe he would have to know a little bit about economy to do that.

By: parnell3rd on 9/5/12 at 6:22

Yea Ummm the Obama's are socialist/communist the Romney's are capitalist who worked for their money.
So your either a communist who does not believe in American values or your a Patriot who believes America is the greatest Country in the world. If you all don't like America, your more than welcome to move!

By: Captain Nemo on 9/5/12 at 6:23

Reading this two fringe righties, you would think that they no it is over and their kind will lose once more. I on the other hand will wait to see the out come. Got to go.

By: bfra on 9/5/12 at 6:23

yogi - Anyone that doesn't pay their fair share of taxes, would have a lot more money.

By: dargent7 on 9/5/12 at 6:25

Obama will win in Nov.
Yogi and other Birther, Nutz, & Co. should start working on their 2016 candidate.
Christie will have exploded by then, topping off at 450#'s.
Rubio has 3 generations of illegal Cuban immigrants behind him. By his own admission.
Expain how then Rubio is eligible for POTUS?
Kennedy paved the way for anyone besides a Protestant can win.
Reagan paved the way for you can be a divorced B actor, sleep with chimpanzees in bed, and get elected.
Obama's legacy will be many-fold: half black, Birth Cert. questions, used drugs.
The rest all just lie.

By: gdiafante on 9/5/12 at 6:26

There's a difference between being an economist and making money, doofus. I mowed yards as a kid, was I an economist? LOL

So, by your definition, since Obama has earned money, he's an economist too.

LOL...oh, this is getting good...

By: Ummm... on 9/5/12 at 6:26

Romney loves America so much, he keeps his money in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland- a true patriot. Pfft...

By: gdiafante on 9/5/12 at 6:28

Oh no...I too have student loans and used Pell Grants for college...I'M A SOCIALIST!

So tell me Parnell, did you have a scholarship or who paid for your college education?

By: parnell3rd on 9/5/12 at 6:29

Umm your arguments are based on blaming the past administration.
Another trillion in debt this year was not a result of a war.
Fool's like you are why we are going to end as a nation.
FYI democrats voted for both wars FOOL! Even your god Al Gore said that Sadam Hussein had weopons of mass destruction. Your the fool.
Listem "ummm" i know your not man enought to speak to me like this to my face so drop the name calling.

By: parnell3rd on 9/5/12 at 6:30

I did not go to college gdia i went into the US Army, 6 year contract, then have been working every since then.

By: dargent7 on 9/5/12 at 6:30

ps: It's been pointed out, Romney's been running for POTUS since 2006. He then opens bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and UBS Switzerland.
He didn't know that would look suspecious if he won in 2008?
Now, in 2012, he doesn't give a shit. He just stares down the camera, he and Lovey, say, "So, what"? "We'll give you two years of returns, live with it".
Rank 'n File Republicans, always looking for a box to think in and a shepard to lead them, follow them over the cliff, willingly.

By: yogiman on 9/5/12 at 6:30

62 days, treehugger. Then you'll learn what kind of idiot you and your fellow posters are.

But if the Electoral College votes him back in without affirming his Constitutional eligibility and the Senate approves their vote, you can kiss the USA goodbye. It will become the USSA (United Socialist State of America.

Barry will become your master.

And you know what; I hope the hell I'm wrong. But Barry has proven me right so far.

By: Ummm... on 9/5/12 at 6:32

I would be happy to call you a fool to your face "parnell," but I doubt I could stand the smell...

By: parnell3rd on 9/5/12 at 6:32

time for more coffee, then living the American Dream by going to work, paying taxes, so slackers can continue to do nothing!!!
Hell d7 were all illegal in your eyes!!

By: parnell3rd on 9/5/12 at 6:34

umm your a pussy plan and simple

By: Ummm... on 9/5/12 at 6:35

And you are an intellectual giant.

By: gdiafante on 9/5/12 at 6:35

Not surprsing, parnell. Not surprising.

So, is that why you have a chip on your shoulder for people that have? I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am sick of education being marginalized in this country. To insinuate that a college graduate who relied on student loans and grants to pay for college is equal to Socialism or Communism is an insult (and probably means that 90% or more of Americans are guilty).

An educate populace should be what we desire...instead we get yogi and parnell and then wonder why the country is circling the drain.

By: parnell3rd on 9/5/12 at 6:35

yogi in 62 days this comment section will implode! hahaha

By: Ummm... on 9/5/12 at 6:37

Let's make a bet "parnell," if Romney wins, I'll never post on this board again, and if Obama wins, you'll crawl back into whatever hole you emerged from- OK?

By: gdiafante on 9/5/12 at 6:37

umm your a pussy plan and simple

Nice. Hopefully the NCP will get this guy out of here.

By: parnell3rd on 9/5/12 at 6:38

takes one to know one ummm, just have to drop dowm to your level is all.
gdia when did i ever say education is bad?
so i'm a bad person for serving my country?
So sad when you all hate the people who give you freedom to go to college.

By: gdiafante on 9/5/12 at 6:42

When did I say anything about your service? Show me.

Here's what you said about education:

His white family paid for all of that. then the American taxpayer paid his supposed way thru 3 colleges.

Racial overtones aside, exactly what issue do you have with people obtaining an education?

By: yogiman on 9/5/12 at 6:42

Well dargent7, your man Soetoro may prove the way an illegal candidate can win. And you need to go back to school on Rubio. His parents came to the US legally after the takeover of Cuba by Castro. But Marco was 4 years old when they became naturalized citizens. He knows he isn't eligible but congress has made the approach several time to take that Constitutional eligibility out of our Constitution.

By: Ummm... on 9/5/12 at 6:46

Apparently, "parnell" the racist fool isn't confident enough in his Teapublican leader's chances to take me up on my bet. What a shock...

By: Kosh III on 9/5/12 at 6:49

Ryan the serial liar told an interviewer that he ran a marathon(26+miles) in under 3 hours; in actuality his time was over 4 hours.

The GOP have mastered the art of saying the opposite of the truth.

"We found the weapons of mass destruction" Bush 5/29/03

By: gdiafante on 9/5/12 at 6:50

Those aren't lies, you're splitting hairs.


By: dargent7 on 9/5/12 at 6:55

Numb-Nutz: I listened to him, Rubio, say his "father came to America as an illegal".
As if he was proud of it.
As if to say, "So, what?" Just like Romney on his taxes, "So, what?"
This is what the Republicans stand for now, "So, what?"
Obama had to put up with this crap for 4 years.."Where's your Birth Cert..."Where's your college transcripts....""Let's see that deed to your house in Chicago..."
He doesn't want to produce them, being non-essential to become POTUS once you ARE POTUS, and you morons go ape-shit.
Romney doesn't want to reveal his tax returns, and you same apes ,"It's ok with us...we'll just take him at his word..."
If Obama wins in Nov., Republicans will be SO humiliated I hope they crawl and slither away to undisclosed locations and let America get back on it's feet, unimpeded.