Up for Debate: 'Fast and Furious' punishment

Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 1:23am

Federal agents from the Department of Justice and the ATF face punishment for their involvement in the failed "Operation Fast and Furious" investigation, based on a newly released report. What's you reaction to the report, and do you think the government's response is strong enough?

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By: Rasputin72 on 9/20/12 at 12:20

Any action that does not send Eric Holder to the pen iis probablya little short of being of benefit to the productive class.

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 3:44

It's obvious they didn't know where those guns were going when they crossed to border. It is believed by many it was a plan to gain gun control in the USA. And the fact Eric Holder has refused to ignore Congress' questions entitles him to a long term hotel benefit in prison.

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 3:47

Another point: One of our Border Patrol agents was killed by one of those guns because our ignorant government didn't know where they were going when they crossed the border.

By: gdiafante on 9/20/12 at 5:18

It is believed by many it was a plan to gain gun control in the USA.

The "many" being conspiracy theorists and inbreds.

And the fact Eric Holder has refused to ignore Congress' questions entitles him to a long term hotel benefit in prison.

Refusing to ignore questions means you answer them, no? idiot.


By: govskeptic on 9/20/12 at 5:22

Punishment? What punishment has been taken by the Justice Dept
so far other than allow one to retire (with retirement likely higher than
the average wage in the country) and another to resign one position
in order to be rehired by another.

Lanny Brewer should have been recommended for firing, but instead 14
others are suggested be reprimanded or fired. With Obama and
Holder it will be reprimands, with Romney it will either be firing
or nothing at all. Since this is just Inspector General report, it's
unclear where anything will go from this point forward. The
Justice Dept has Media Matters to help distort anything further.

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 5:27

Sorry Sir,

Thanks for correcting my error. I hadn't woke up when I made that post and couldn't find my glasses. The word "ignore" s/h/b "answer". Thanks for editing me to find any error you can.

Now, other than an attempted ridicule, what comments do you have this morning?

P.S. I've found my glasses.

By: Ummm... on 9/20/12 at 5:27

There's probably more evidence of wrongdoing in Romney's hidden tax returns than in all of the "fast and furious" documentation.

By: dargent7 on 9/20/12 at 5:27

I can't seem to get my inane, superficial, worthless post to post today.
Sorry folks.

By: gdiafante on 9/20/12 at 5:29

Punishment? What punishment has been taken by the Justice Dept
so far other than allow one to retire (with retirement likely higher than
the average wage in the country) and another to resign one position
in order to be rehired by another.

Yeah. Kinda reminds me of the Wall Street fiasco...everyone says that bad things happened but then no one really is held responsible. Just more indications that the perception of the system being rigged is closer to reality than fiction.

By: dargent7 on 9/20/12 at 5:31

Oh, there we go. Paid the Comcast bill.
Joke of the Day:
"yogi" says, "he hadn't woken up yet or found his glasses" when he posted.....
And we all thought he was just brain-dead.

By: gdiafante on 9/20/12 at 5:32

I don't think anyone can argue that people shouldn't be punished. It was a stupid, STUPID idea. One that even someone as dimwitted as yogi could see could go wrong.

The fact that it spanned two administrations doesn't really say much for our leadership...but we already knew that, huh?

By: dargent7 on 9/20/12 at 5:34

OK, I got $10 bucks on the Lions this Sunday. Who wants a piece of it?
Hockey, smuckey.
It's football season and I'm going.
Temps in the low 70's, just like Detroit.

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 5:39

But there's nothing wrong with Obama refusing to let his papers be seen, Ummm? Especially a birth certificate to prove he's a natural born America citizen. It's okay for one to refuse their papers to be seen, but the other should let any papers about himself his opponents want to see be seen?

Do you know that Obama is an American citizen? Even if he is, he is not a natural born citizen. If you know he is, prove it.

I'll repeat my question, when did he repatriate his citizenship back from his Indonesian citizenship? And how did he regain his natural born citizen status?

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 5:40


You can say what you think, but it would be great if you knew what you're saying.

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 5:47

Has any of you seen the NewsMax poll? And have you seen the retirement home Barry's going to get if he doesn't wind up in prison?

By: dargent7 on 9/20/12 at 6:03

...still at it....
yogi wants to see Obama's, "papers".
Freekin' Birth Cert. was posted 18 months on the internet before he ran.
But, these idiots didn't think he, as a relatively unknown black man, had a snow balls chance in Hell to beat out McSame and an ex-beauty queen.
Well, he did. And they cannot assimilate reality, correctly.
Like when Joe Namath's Jets beat Johnny Unitas's Colts in Super Bowl III.
"It's simply not possible" those still living still say.
Obama is a true American success story and these a$$holes simply cannot wrap their heads around that fact.
And he may very well beat a lilly white guy again this coming Nov.
Then, what will they say?

By: bfra on 9/20/12 at 6:07

Has anyone seen Bush or Chaney's birth certificates? They caused so many deaths & almost ruined the US & still foot loose & fancy free. However, they do stay confined to the US because they fear for their lives any where else. Now those two are criminals!

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 6:07

An interesting article titled; "If there were any Journalist left in America this Election would be a "Slam Dunk""It's pretty well comparing Obama's time in office with Bush's.

It's at [resistance.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2600775%3ABlogPost%3A5928546&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_post/]

If you're a fan of Obama's, you won't want to see it.

By: Loner on 9/20/12 at 6:08

Good morning, Nashville.

Those who were hoping for Eric Holder's head on a silver platter are crestfallen this morning. Looks like gun-lobby-friendly federal prosecutors were guilty of misfeasance and incompetence...or else they were totally in bed with the gun lobby.....inept or corrupt...either way the prosecutors blew it and people died as a result.

Those gun-toting white supremacists who were looking forward to the high tech lynching of an uppity black man will have to bide their time...AG Holder has been essentially cleared of wrongdoing....go kick the family dog.

By: gdiafante on 9/20/12 at 6:10

Don't feed the troll. Starve it.

By: Loner on 9/20/12 at 6:11

Amen, Gd....(click).

By: parnell3rd on 9/20/12 at 6:13

Ummm being a good liberal, enlist the aide of Media Matters, takes a cue from any politician and answers the question by accusing someone else of a crime. You make Nazi's proud.

By: parnell3rd on 9/20/12 at 6:16

FYI Holder will not do any jail time because his President will pardon him. Just like good old Ford did for Nixon.

By: parnell3rd on 9/20/12 at 6:19

Loner, if your son had been murdered with one of the 2,000 weapons "lost" by the ATF, would you still by so smug? Yes, probly so, you seem to be pretty cold to humanity, being a racist and all.
Holder was cleared by corruption.

By: bfra on 9/20/12 at 6:22

p3 - Do you not keep up, Holder has been cleared, so why would the President need to pardon him?

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 6:23


That birth certificate Obama showed on the internet was a fake. The long form he showed one week before that book came out on him after he had said for months the Hawaiian Health Department would not allow him to have a copy has been proven to be a fake. It has shown too many layers of different lettering using some lettering that didn't exist in 1961.

Why couldn't the present governor of Hawaii (who was a friend of his grandparents) get that birth certificate when he said before he went in office he would get it.

The brother of a girl born the same day Obama claims to be born, died the next day. Her brother has tried to get a copy of her birth certificate and the Health Department will not give it to him for the family's records.

We've only got 49 more days. Let's see what happens.

By: parnell3rd on 9/20/12 at 6:24

really bfra, why yes i have seen them!
FYI more soldiers have died in Afganistan under Pres. Obama in 4 years than Bush's 7 years.
"I will end those 2 wars in my 1st term"Sen. Obama Iraq War endend on original timeline, Obama wanted to extend it. Ops the lamestream media did not report that!

"In my 1st year as President I will close GITMO" Sen. Obama, well one out of three ain't bad.
"If the ecomomy does not turn around, I will be a one term President" Pres. Obama

By: parnell3rd on 9/20/12 at 6:25

He will need a pardon when all the info comes out, he's guilty and Like his buddies, a liar.

By: Loner on 9/20/12 at 6:25

Holder will not need to be pardoned, because he was not found guilty of any crime....Parnell still clings to the false hope that Obama and Holder will be disgraced and ruined....he shares that fantasy with millions of disgruntled white men who are still chafed from the 2008 election.....the idea that a black family is in the White House still stirs the residual hate in their souls.

The Southern 4-G network: God, Guns, Gays and Guvmint.....Southern Obsessions....Tea-Bagger Dogma.....Southern Discomfort.

By: bfra on 9/20/12 at 6:31

p3 - If you have seen Bush & Chaney's birth certificates, show them. Put them on line like Obama has done. Plus, who are you to say Holder is guilty when he has been cleared. What is your rank in the CIA, FBI or any other official office of the Gov.?

By: bfra on 9/20/12 at 6:32

Loner - I don't know about Southern Discomfort, but Southern Comfort is very good. lol

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 6:32


It would be great if you knew what you're saying about we Southerners using this racist factor, but you obviously don't. I've lived in several states other than Tennessee and I've witnessed racism in every state I've been in. But, I'll agree, New York might be different. I've never been there to know if they also have it. But I'd bet they do.

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 6:38


I hate to disappoint you but I'm going to use the same privilege NCP gives to anyone who wants to post on their site.

You have your choice, read it or ignore it. I don't care which way you go. I'm going to "say" what I think to anyone who might want to know. This ain't no chit chat site for you and your friendly co-posters.

By: dargent7 on 9/20/12 at 6:40

Quote of the Day:
"Obama's Birth cert. is a fake".
Can someone call the people with the butterfly nets over to this guy's house and take him away?
For sake of argument, if any sane person listen to Obama speak, on any topic, it wouldn't matter where he was born or not born.
He's that good.

By: Loner on 9/20/12 at 6:41

The Birther Blues:

Watermelon growin' on the White House lawn,
Black couple livin' there, with their dog and spawn,
The smell of fried chicken wafts through the air,
The Republican Party's in complete despair.

How could this happen? How could this be?
Gotta blame Lincoln, for settin' 'em free.
McCain and Palin gave it a shot,
We can see how far they got.

The President's doing the shuck & jive,
His enemies want him dead, not alive,
This may come as breaking news,
Obama is hated by Zionist Jews.

I really fear for the president's life,
For his family, for his wife,
So many folks want to see him dead,
There's gotta be a price on Obama's head.

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 6:47


In Bush's 7 years, 625 GIs lost their lives in Afghanistan and those numbers were splased over the TV screens every day [as part of the news]. In Obama's 31/5 years, 1474 GIs have died in Afghanistan. How much of that have you seen in the "news"?

Further; 70% of the wounded occurred in Bush's 7 years, but 84% occurred in Obama's 31/5 years. And there's much more data on this issue.

So my question: Why doesn't the "news" broadcast these issues in Obama's tenure?

By: Kosh III on 9/20/12 at 6:59

More 47% parasite slackers:

Boeing has not paid income taxes since 2001.
Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Verizon have also not paid income taxes in some of the past few years.

We're waiting to hear Willard critize them......

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 7:01

I agree with you to a point, dargent7. Obama makes good speeches when telling his lies. And to recall to you what I said at the beginning, he's the best damned actor and the best damned liar I've ever seen or heard on TV.

But I'll also remind you again. Obama isn't our biggest concern. Our biggest concern is Congress.

You ask why? Why was a man who refused to show his identity allowed to "win" the presidency of this Nation without one question of his Constitutional eligibility.

If he "wins" this election, you can kiss the USA goodbye. I don't feel sorry for you guys, but I do feel sorry for your children and grand children on down the line because Obama's goal is to make himself dictator.

And again, I hope I'm wrong. But Obama is too obvious in his goals. But hopefully, much of his past is now coming to light.

By: gdiafante on 9/20/12 at 7:02

Mittens is too busy saving face...suddenly he's courting Latinos and the 100%...

And they said that Mittens has no future in comedy...

By: parnell3rd on 9/20/12 at 7:04

Forgot to say tip my hat to the City Paper for finally putting light on gov't corruption.

By: parnell3rd on 9/20/12 at 7:06

Remember, according to "liberal rules" if in any way you disagree with Mitt Romney, your a racist!
I'm out, more coffee and time for work!
Yall have a great day, ya hear!!!

By: frodo on 9/20/12 at 7:08

This AG is such a political animal. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, all he gives us is "See, it wasn't me, it wasn't me!" This thing is not over. We'll probably have to vote his slimy carcass out of office before the smell of it comes full in the nostrils.

By: bfra on 9/20/12 at 7:09

p3 - Guess that means you can't back up what you post!

By: gdiafante on 9/20/12 at 7:15

I disagree with Mitt, so I guess I"m saying I'm racist??

Juan Valdez doesn't have enough beans to help you, P3...

By: govskeptic on 9/20/12 at 7:33

It is being now reported that several key witness would not
cooperate nor were interviewed by the Inspector General
from both the WH staff and Justice Dept. as part of report.
Boy, does that come as a shocker!
Sidenote: Not reported about Libya killings: Widely reported
that 2 Navy Seals were killed protecting the Ambassador,
Turns out to be very different story. Two Ex-Navy Seals that
weren't even assigned to protect the Ambassador jumped
in to help protect him and were killed. Valerie Jarrett had
more protection while vacation on Maratha's Vineyard.

By: bfra on 9/20/12 at 7:37

gov - Was it NOT reported or widely reported?

By: bfra on 9/20/12 at 7:38

I have noticed that the repubs posting here, can't back up anything they post. Then if they get pressed, they cut & run!

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 7:41


One issue none of you have given a thought of, but you damn well better: Obama "won" that office with the help of the Republican party, not just the Democratic party. Hasn't any of you wondered why he was never questioned? Is it simply because he's only seen as a black man without any other facts to be considered?

I'll repeat, anyone who will vote for someone to be the President of this nation whom they don't know, and refuses to make himself known, is a damned idiot. Their getting what they deserve.

By: yogiman on 9/20/12 at 7:44

Kosh III,

How many years of taxes has Barry shown? If he has been so willing to show his tax records, why does he continue to refuse to show any other of his papers... including his birth certificate?

By: Loner on 9/20/12 at 7:45