Up for Debate: HCA's proposed tax break

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 11:44pm

Does a company producing a net income of $2.5 billion deserve a $3 million property tax abatement from Metro?

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By: yogiman on 3/21/12 at 9:51

Yep, brrrrk,

You see one in the White House now. And with your obvious admiration of him, are you in the party with him?

By: jvh2b on 3/21/12 at 9:56

Commies commies everywhere! Anyone else find it amusing that the list was composed by non-commies? Because they just KNOW what they are thinking and how they want to do it.

By: pswindle on 3/21/12 at 10:41

If a company makes that kind of profit, they should pay taxes. That is why we the people have to pay more because the government gives them a sweetheart deal.

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 11:57

Death, disease and crime have always been a part of the human condition and will always be with us...over the millennia, some humans have found a way to make a buck off the suffering. Private health care to private prisons - somebody is gonna going to exploit the situation...it's human nature....there's big money in the mortuary business as well.

By: gdiafante on 3/21/12 at 12:01

Businesses now expect tax breaks. They even go so far as to hold municipalties hostage to get a better deal. Tell me how that's any different than low-to-no income people having an entitlement mentality?

Welfare is welfare.

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 12:06

Frist never made it to the White House...so he built a replica in TN....fine with me...I wish more incredibly wealthy misfits for the presidency would do the same and stay out of our lives. Trump should follow suit.....Newt, Mitt & Rick too.

I now wish that George Sr. and Barbara had built junior a replica White House to live in...the nation might be at peace and in the black ink now, if they had.

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 12:15

Amen on your 1:01 post, Gd. Welfare for individuals poses a "moral hazard"? Folks get addicted. But brick & mortar, corporate welfare recipients are immune to moral hazards? I don't buy tat argument.

It's like the tobacco settlement monies...the states have already factored that money stream into their budgets for the foreseeable future..they rely on that tobacco settlement money to balance their budgets....the states would go broke overnight, if every cigarette smoker quit today.

The states are addicted to tobacco as much as smokers are....but the states take the moral high ground on that issue, don't they? I'm sure that HCA feels that they are beyond reproach and on a noble mission....just like government.

By: Ingleweird on 3/21/12 at 12:31

That's why I quit smoking: I hate children, I'm sick of paying for their education, and I'm sick of the state patronizing me by claiming those continually increasing tobacco taxes are actually going toward education!

[Sarcasm alert; Who Don't Like Kids?]

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 12:34

Holy sh*t, Tim Tebow is with the Jets now....now, I'll have to go to some Bills games, just to jinx the holy man....I'll take incense, holy water, garlic necklaces, rabbits' feet etc. to the game...do a tailgate ritual etc. A devil's costume would be in order, IMO....sign idea: "TEBOW 666"....any suggestions?

Looks like Sanchez will have God as his co-pilot?

By: slacker on 3/21/12 at 12:42

Loner.. I hope that Timmy doesn't receive a ''Dirty Sanchez''

By: BenDover on 3/21/12 at 12:43

A 3 million dollar tax incentive to locate 150 high paying jobs in the newly christened armpit of the city where property values have tanked over the past 5 years seems like a good idea to me. (do a zillow search if you don't believe it)

Also you guys talk about that $3 million as if it's money in the bank. That's not the case. The tax revenues go uncollected by Nashville if they don't build here just the same.

By: BenDover on 3/21/12 at 12:45

Stupid choice. Jags would have loved having him.

By: JRM on 3/21/12 at 12:45

There is far bigger picture to consider when looking at the tax break given to HCA - I feel that the details were not explained correctly in the article. I'm not trying to put down the writer of the article but this is typical when a media source tries to make issues out of any corporation getting a helping hand.

The city of Nashville has effectively put a HUGE spark into the Hickory Hollow market by giving what is really a very small incentive on such a large project. Think about this - HCA will put tens of millions into the property and it will be the single most expensive property in that entire submarket. The taxes on the land will rise exponentially the day it opens. The city is giving A PROPERTY TAX BREAK ON MONEY THEY ARE NOT RECEIVING IN THE FIRST PLACE.

This project will help bring in other projects to what is considered a blighted area by commercial real estate users. It was the right move by the city - this one inducement could literally be the spark that helps bring back Hickory Hollow as a viable option.

The city will make exponentially more taxes from other new projects when they finally come up.

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 12:48

Amen, brother Ingleweird.

If these anti-government types really were serious about it, they'd all quit smoking today...Operation: SNUFF the GOVERNMENT.

Those who can't kick the habit, should only smoke homegrown, untaxed tobacco.....If one cannot quit for one's own sake, quit for the sake of governmental collapse....if that be one's burning passion.

Just like Atlas carried the entire globe on his shoulders, the much-maligned tobacco smoker is carrying the most massive government in human history on his and her shoulders....the next time I see a group of smokers, often found huddled outside their workplaces, I'll shake their hands and thank them for their sacrifice....they represent the foundation stones of the republic today.

By: slacker on 3/21/12 at 12:56

JRM.. should the new projects you mentioned, also receive prop. tax breaks?
As everyone knows, the Dean administration will ask for a prop. tax hike on homeowners this year. Doesn't that kinda piss you off? How about homeowners getting that helping hand you mentioned.

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 1:00

Slacker! WTF....Where have you been?

I Googled Dirty Sanchez (I'm not all that hip) and got this:


Tim Tebow probably already knew about the term...Santorum has been informing the faithful about the details of the lifestyle(s).

OK Slacker, here we go.......Guy jogs into a gay piano bar, wearing a Broncos #15 TEBOW Jersey, and orders a "Dirty Sanchez"......

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 1:06

JRM has a dog in the hunt? My crystal balls indicate that this may be so...looks like text written by a pro with a personal stake in this....care to disclose, JRM?

By: brrrrk on 3/21/12 at 1:15

Loner said

"OK Slacker, here we go.......Guy jogs into a gay piano bar, wearing a Broncos #15 TEBOW Jersey, and orders a "Dirty Sanchez"......"

Double or single?

By: slacker on 3/21/12 at 1:25

Hey Loner, I've been at Orange beach Al. for several months, working on my memoirs.
I guess Rex Ryan heard rumors that Saint Tim has a foot fetish, had to bring him into the fold. Mucho feet in NYC.

By: slacker on 3/21/12 at 1:26

Make mine neat!

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 1:30

"America's most business-friendly state"....the Volunteer State....Davy Crockett's homeland....the Great State of Tennessee offers the business community 4 huge incentives:

Just think: PLUG.... that's my catchy acronym for Tennessee's Business-friendly Program..here it is:

1. Poor locals, willing to work cheaply.

2. Lax environmental law.

3. Union-unfriendly laws, rules & regulations.

4. Generous tax breaks.

We had to Uncork New York, to get business moving....you folks gotta PLUG Tennessee, to get business moving.

By: BenDover on 3/21/12 at 1:37

Loner did you read the C.S. Lewis article I posted. I actually thought you'd like it.

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 1:38

Brrrrk....Slack....you got me rolling on the floor here.

"...would you like a jigger of Santorum on that Dirty Sanchez?"

Tim Tebow should prance into Rex Ryan's office wearing stiletto heels? Schweeeng!! RR loves TT.....?

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 1:49

I confess, Ben, I did not...yesterday was one of those bookmark dates...got banned at Bloomberg on my first day there...deleted, banned and prohibited from any more posting on Bloomie's sites..that was the big e-vent of the day....I said the wrong stuff on a Jeffrey Goldberg article.

Could you post it again, thanks.

I am officially banned on the Jerusalem Post and on Bloomberg News sites. Other sites have not officially put out the banishment notice, but my comments never go through on Haaretz or Ynet these days....they do not want to hear any opposing views....do we share core values with those folks?

I can post on Pravda but not the Jerusalem Post or on Bloomberg's sites? Which one claims to be a more democratic state, Israel or Russia...which one walks the walk?

Something very Un-American, un-democratic and un-republican about censorship, IMO.

By: BenDover on 3/21/12 at 1:52

Here you go loner. I think you'll find his views on Theocracy interesting.


By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 2:03

TT should remember NYC is not in the Christian Bible Belt..it is the "World's Largest Jewish City", according to Mayor Bloomberg's full-page Jerusalem Post ads that Hizzoner took out when he ran for a 3rd term. In New York City, ( sometimes derisively called "Jew York City" ), millions of Jets fans think that Jesus was a blasphemous heretic....just sayin'....take that into account, Timmy.

TT should prance into town wearing a yarmulke and a huge golden Star of David necklace - a Magan David - publicly call Joe Namath first - invite him to pig roast or something - and then go right to the Israeli UN offices...ask for permission to visit the Wailing Wall etc. He'd be a huge hit...otherwise....fuhgettit!

By: slacker on 3/21/12 at 2:14

Spoiler Alert-----Loner, it seems Timmy's trade has been held up over contract language.

By: brrrrk on 3/21/12 at 2:19

Loner said

"TT should remember NYC is not in the Christian Bible Belt."

I would love to be in the locker room the first time Ryan goes on one of his rants.... it'll make the blood come out of Tebow's ears.... :-)

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 2:20

Ben, from the source that you cited: "Theocracy has been rightly abolished not because it is bad that priests should govern ignorant laymen, but because priests are wicked men like the rest of us. " __ CS Lewis.

Lewis phrased the question as a false dichotomy, IMO, theocracy should be abolished for both reason, not one or the other.

Lewis died on the same day as JFK and Aldous Huxley....his passing was over-shadowed by events beyond his control....poetic, I suppose.

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 2:23

Thanks for the spolier alert, Slack...as before, you are always right there with the relevant updates...Funditto and the Slack are back! Now we're firing on at least six of the eight cylinders....where is Blanket-nazi and House-of-Pain?

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 2:28

The Jets & Giants play in New Jersey...only the Buffalo Bills play in the Empire State...on the Western tip, on the border with Canada....yes...but within the state's boundaries....but the herd could migrate....Ralph Wilson is getting long in the tooth....Buffaloes roam.

By: slacker on 3/21/12 at 2:36

Loner who will inherit the Bills? Bud Adams attempted to adopt Peyton Manning as successor-in-chief.

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 2:43

Ben...if you are still there...what's your natural preference: democratic republic, or republican democracy...both being constitutional, in my hypothetical?

While we are at it...is the Jewish state a theocracy, a theocratic democracy, or a democratic theocracy? Bear in mind, Israel has no Constitution nor Bill of Rights.

And the Islamic Republic of Iran....full-blown theocracy, or democratic theocracy, or theocratic democracy?

Bear in mind, Iran has a written Constitution...source:


Since we may be about to be sucked into more Holy War, these questions seem relevant....any comments from the Nashville group?

By: BenDover on 3/21/12 at 2:50

Constitutional Republic of autonomous Democratic states sounds pretty good to me Loner. I think an amendment that pro-rates the electors of a state based on the popular vote down to the 1/1000th would be an improvement... and roll back the 16th too while we're at it. We can leave in the 19th I guess because the presidents sure were an ugly lot (for the most part) before then.

By: BenDover on 3/21/12 at 2:52

either repeal the 16th or draw a constitutional line in the sand so that we don't have to continually suffer the political theater of politicians fighting over our money. Hell lock it in at the Clinton rates... I don't care.... but let's get the ridiculous class warfare off the table so we can all settle in as a productive society again.

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 2:58

Slack...nobody knows what will happen to the Bills, when the owner passes. It's not discussed much in the local media...but it is grist for the mill in every sports bar around here.....nobody really knows.

The team needs a name-change...the hero was more of a villain....gunned down Bison for a living....later a big time showman.....I just don't like Buffalo Bill's legacy...the team lost 4 SB's consecutively...that must indicate Divine Intervention....if the Bills leave town, they should adopt a new mascot-logo and team name.

In all fairness, the Buffalo Bisons are a minor league baseball team and they already owned the better logo and name, IMO. The Buffalo Bulls are the UB basketball teams.

When the team first started out, in the AFC, they had a contest to name the team...I sent in the name "the Buffalo Chips"....I was just a young wise-ass at the time......never got an honorable mention even...the name was prophetic, however.

Today, "the Buffalo Wings" would be a hot name for a Buffalo sports team....I can see the flaming chicken wing on the helmets.....pass me the blue cheese, please.

By: Loner on 3/21/12 at 3:01

Thank you Ben...I'll research those Amendments and respond later...gotta run right now...dinner date with a lady....Loner out.

By: yogiman on 3/21/12 at 3:44


I'm laughing so much my gut's beginning to hurt, Loner. You seem to think you should "say what you wish" on a couple of sites and are irritated because they have cut you off, but you obviously feel I shouldn't post what I'm trying to say on this site. Hilarious, Loner. Please, quit making me laugh so hard.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/21/12 at 3:53

I am proud of you guys today for ignoring the troll; I will do the same as long as you keep it up. But once you start so will I.