Up for Debate: More BRT down the pike

Monday, June 4, 2012 at 1:00am

Do you agree with Mayor Karl Dean's goal of adding more Bus Rapid Transit 'lite' or do you think there are better ways to improve transit in Nashville? What would you rather see done to promote and improve transit in the city?

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By: dargent7 on 6/4/12 at 4:12

brt "lite" is the way to go.
A rail system would be prohibitive as far as cost.
That new convention center will go over budget and probably cost close to $700. million.

By: dargent7 on 6/4/12 at 4:18

There was an interesting article in The Washington Post about Willard Romney.
He was a "Bishop" in the Mormon Church.
He won't discuss his "faith" because it's a cult not unlike Scientology.
Besides "Magic Underware" and "Majic Glasses", they believe they become a "God".
Not "godlike" or "as God", but an actual God in charge of a planetary system they're assigned to.
I assume becoming President of the USA is the next logical step.
Good luck with him, "yogi".
And Bill Cosby received an "honorary Doctorate" that Universities pass out to celebrities like candy.
Obama earned his BA from Columbia and J.D. from Harvard.

By: yogiman on 6/4/12 at 6:18

How many different religions are there on the face of this earth, dargent7? They all say, "I'm right and y'all are wrong, Come on to my church"... but will refuse to come to yours. So, In God's eyes, which one is right over all the others?

On what knowledge do you know Romney's church is so wrong in man's life?

So tell me, which do you know the most about: Mitt Romney's religion or Barack Obama's? Who's personal life do you know the most about: Mitt Romney's or Barack Obama's?

How do you know Barack Obama received a BA degree from Columbia from and J.D. from Harvard when he refuses to show them to the public? Just because he says he received them?

Gimme a break, dargent7. I won't believe he has them until I see them and they are proved not to be fakes like the birth certificate he presented to the American public.

By: yogiman on 6/4/12 at 6:27


Which man keeps his nose so high in the air like they obviously believe they are God's gift to man? Mitt Romney, or Barack Obama.. as if they are God to be observed and worshiped by man?

By: Kosh III on 6/4/12 at 6:46

Bill Cosby already has an EARNED PhD in Education.
More buses, more often on more routes. Rail is too expensive, inflexible and takes years to implement. More buses, more often on more routes.
Utah LDS can believe anything they wish, the President MUST put the Constitution and the general welfare of the USA first.

By: dargent7 on 6/4/12 at 6:50

Mr. Wade.
You honestly believe Harvard University would allow Obama to teach as a full Prof. US Constitutional law and be the editor of the Law Review without receiving his transcripts from Columbia?
You obviously have never stepped foot in a collge.
They ALWAYS get your transcripts from the prior school.
I bet you believe Michele Obama didn't really go to Princeton.
Even the Tenn. Manifold and Carburator College require transcripts.

You also do not understand the Mormon "religion". They become God, not "as God".

And start your Birther b.s. on Romney's family tree and ancestry.
His great grandfather being a polygomist should disqualify him from being President.
He went to France during the Vietnam war to be a "missionary".
Draft doger? All 5 sons of military age didn't enlist. Patriots?
Odd how you Birthers' started up only when America elected it's 1st "black" President.

By: Kosh III on 6/4/12 at 6:51

John McCain was born in Panama: not the US. But he's a rich white warmonger; that's ok with the reich-wingers of the GOP.

By: dargent7 on 6/4/12 at 6:51

I don't think Bill Cosby "earned" his Doctorate by attending classes and writting a dissertation.
He "received" an Hononary PhD.

By: govskeptic on 6/4/12 at 7:18

darge: What's the beef with Bill Cosby? So, he got an honorary degree,
but the fact is he also earned a college degree in his youth, which was
pretty unusual in it's day! As to the President, he was never a full-time
professor anywhere and never taught at Harvard. He was a part-time
"lecturer" at the Univ. of Chicago, with his main course entitled "Racism
and the Law"! The overhype as being a "Constitutional Expert" is just
more of the stretch of his resume drafted in Chicago and expanded
by the dotting media!

By: yogiman on 6/4/12 at 7:31


Romney is one man among millions who didn't want to serve in the military. His boys followed him in not volunteering. The majority of those who volunteered were from poor families and boys wanting a chance to see part of the world free. Being one, I'll say it was a great experience. If you want to blame one, blame them all. Which service did you volunteer to serve in?

I don't care what Romney's father was, I do care what he himself is and the simple question is: Is he legally eligible to serve as President under the Constitutional requirements? If so, the rest of your argument is immaterial.

dargent7, has Harvard University acknowledged Obama taught there as a full Professor? Did I miss reading that?

My "higher ed" school was only a small school named Middle Tennessee State College when I went there. We had 600 men (boys) and 300 girls. Most of us boys were veterans... like me.

But with our intelligence and our 'work hard' process, we boys got that school on the growing stage and it finally became the Middle Tennessee State University... bigger than that 'school' over in Knoxville calling itself the University of Tennessee.

But back to the firing line, dargent7: Mitt Romney has readily identified himself but Barack Obama continues to refuse to identify himself. Doesn't that make you wonder just who in the hell he is? All you know about him is what he says and he has been caught in too many lies to believe anything he might say.

Didn't they teach you in Michigan you didn't have to believe a man's point of view until he can prove himself right?

By: Rasputin72 on 6/4/12 at 7:40

I would like to think that has the differential in earning power between the haves and the havenots increases that there will be fewer people on the road just due to the high cost of owning and driving an automobile.

I think gas prices must rise at a greater rate than the present in order for this to happen. Gasoline needs to be in the 7 to 8 dollar a gallon range before buses or trains or whatever economical means of mass transportation takes a grip.

By: Rasputin72 on 6/4/12 at 7:44

Even though the subject of Romney versus Obama is not on todays forum I see little reason for a debate. 47% of the people in the United States pay no FEDERAL INCOME TAX. All a candidate has to do is offer some "free stuff" or to stand on the side of not cutting the existing "free stuff" and he or she automatically get the 47% vote plus a few more out of the class envy crowd and you have a winner. Obama is this candidate. The election is over before the first ballot is cast.

By: dargent7 on 6/4/12 at 7:46

What's it with the gene pool here in Tenn.?
"Obama never taught at Harvard"?
He was the Editor of the Harvard Law Review.
That's 1 person, and highly coveted.
The problem I have with old, white, Tenn. Republicans, is once given the TRUTH and the FACTS, you continue on with the nonsensical jibberish you regergitated from some White Supremecist group up in Alaska or Montana.
How about, "Gee, I do not know that...". Or, "Gee, thanks for the information..." Or, "Gee, I'll study more up on the issue..."
No, you guys just keep on with lies, derogatory comments, falsehoods, well within your comfort zone.

By: dargent7 on 6/4/12 at 7:49

"Mitt Romney has readily identified himself..."
Where's his published Birth Cert.?
What college(s) did he and Ann attend?
If so, where's their transcripts? What was his GPA in H.S.?
You still don't get it, and never will.
It's your loss.

By: slacker on 6/4/12 at 8:03

For those obsessed with ''Harvard,'' Romney earned an MBA from Harvard, as a Baker Scholar.

By: slacker on 6/4/12 at 8:10

Vote Mitt
-Old, White, Tennessee Independent

By: MusicCity615 on 6/4/12 at 8:23

I am a fan of putting BRT 'lite' in the areas aforementioned now, but Nashville really needs full BRT on the East/West Corridor as soon as possible. My hope would be to have the Gallatin Pike and Murf. Road 'lite' structures then move to Full BRT.

We need dedicated lanes so these buses don't sit in traffic. Once people feel the cost benefits on mass transit and physically see the efficiency of Full BRT on dedicated lanes while they sit in traffic, this could really be a huge investment in Davidson County.

Is there anyway we could negotiate with CSX to get Amtrak service in Nashville? Did Nashville use to have Amtrak service in the past? I could see a station in The Gulch connecting Nashville to Chattanooga and Atlanta.

By: slacker on 6/4/12 at 8:24

Romney also has a degree from Harvard Law.

By: govskeptic on 6/4/12 at 8:46

Darge, sorry we couldn't all attend your prestigious Cole High in Detroit, and you are
correct, President Obama was the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Unlike former
editors never wrote one article during his tenure, but invited articles from selected
leftist he picked across the country for their submissions! Just the mention of
truth about this President becomes disrespectfully and derogatory? " Lean Forward"
at you own and families economic peril!

By: dargent7 on 6/4/12 at 9:07

Ok, Gov. Skeptic, "Yogiman", DenDover.....you guys win.
Obama was born in Kenya, paid off the State of Hawii to commit fraud on his birth cert and newspaper announcement, renouced his US citizenship to attend school in Indonesia, didn't grauate from Columbia, didn't teach law at Harvard, doesn't have a J.D. law degree, is an illegal alien.
Total fraud and usurper.
I just hope and pray (on my knees) he wins in Nov. so America can cull the herd of you Southern, all white Neanderthals, who will drop dead of massive heart attacks, and get you off the face of the planet and can then meet up with Jesus and chat with Him. I'm sure the Lord is mighty eager to hear what you have to say.
You're no good to us down here. That's for Goddamn sure.

By: yogiman on 6/4/12 at 9:25


I'm sure you can explain why Obama's literary agent wrote his identity as he did in 1991 in saying Obama was born in Kenya. And I'm sure you can explain why they kept using that identity until 2007 when he entered U. S. politics.

I'm also sure you can explain why he told Dr. Keyes (when Dr. Keyes mentioned his eligibility), "so what, I'm not running for the president's office" in his race for the Illinois Senate.

By: govskeptic on 6/4/12 at 9:33

Southern, all white Neanderthals, comes from what source making this charge?
I am proud to say our President graduated from Columbia as well as receiving
a Law Degree from Harvard! There is a bit of a mystery in the law school
recommendations and funding, but that's past tense at this point in time!
God save the Queen and Scott Walker

By: yogiman on 6/4/12 at 9:37

There's one more point you people need to pay attention to, dargent7: Comments are constantly being made about placing Marco Rubio on the Republican ticket as the VP.

Marco Rubio is no more Constitutionally eligible for that position than Obama. If the Republican party puts him on their ticket as VP, that's the same as saying: OK, you can take your choice, do you want an illegal Democrat in the office or an illegal Republican?

I'd then say: Neither, they're just cumma see, cumma saw parties in name only. I'll take a legal Tea Party candidate.

By: slacker on 6/4/12 at 9:45

Back to subject. Perhaps Mayor Dean, has some federal grant money left over, to provide rapid bus transit out of Tennessee, for all our unhappy northern transplants.

By: yogiman on 6/4/12 at 9:56

Do you mean there isn't any Northern all white Neanderthals in the US, govskeptic? I lived up North in my youthful years and they also had caves up there back then.

Have they sealed all of them up since I grew up and left because they then all became so full of s...?

By: dargent7 on 6/4/12 at 10:40

Birther Up-Date: Ask Willard if he sends his "Magic Underware" out to the dry cleaners, or does them at home.
Ask him if Ann wears a woman's set of "Magic Underware".
How about all 5 sons and their kids. All wear "Magic Underware"?
You really want this clan of nuts in the W.H.?

By: yogiman on 6/4/12 at 10:53

If he wins the office legally, yes. If he brings Marco Rubio in with him, no.

And by the way, dargent7, Ann Romney doesn't have to meet specific credentials to become First Lady except marriage to Mitt.

By: brrrrk on 6/4/12 at 11:35

yogiman said

"How many different religions are there on the face of this earth, dargent7? They all say, "I'm right and y'all are wrong, Come on to my church"... but will refuse to come to yours. So, In God's eyes, which one is right over all the others?"

"God has spoken differently to each nation of the globe which we inhabit. The Indian does not believe one word of what He said to the Chinaman; the Mohammedan considers what He has told to the Christian as fables; the Jew considers the Mohammedan and the Christian as sacrilegious corruptors of the Holy Law, which his God has given to his fathers. The Christian, proud of his more modern revelation, equally damns the Indian and the Chinaman, the Mohammedan, and even the Jew, whose holy books he holds. Who is wrong or right? Each one exclaims: "It is I!" Every one claims the same proofs; each one speaks of his miracles, his saints, his prophets, his martyrs. Sensible men answer, that they are all delirious; that God has not spoken, if it is true that He is a Spirit who has neither mouth nor tongue; that the God of the Universe could, without borrowing mortal organism, inspire His creatures with what He desired them to learn, and that, as they are all equally ignorant of what they ought to think about God, it is evident that God did not want to instruct them. The adherents of the different forms of worship which we see established in this world, accuse each other of superstition and of ungodliness. The Christians abhor the superstition of the heathen, of the Chinese, of the Mohammedans. The Roman Catholics treat the Protestant Christians as impious; the latter incessantly declaim against Roman superstition. They are all right. To be impious, is to have unjust opinions about the God who is adored; to be superstitious, is to have false ideas of Him. In accusing each other of superstition, the different religionists resemble humpbacks who taunt each other with their malformation." - Jean Meslier 1732

By: slacker on 6/4/12 at 11:43

I'm guessing that magic underwear, like my magic oven, is self-cleaning.

By: brrrrk on 6/4/12 at 11:54

slacker said

"I'm guessing that magic underwear, like my magic oven, is self-cleaning."

If that were true, it would be the best reason for converting to Mormonism I've ever heard....

By: slacker on 6/4/12 at 12:02

brrrrk, so true. But sadly on days when the magic not working, the dog requests to be placed on the car.. roof..roof..roof

By: dargent7 on 6/4/12 at 1:30

As far as the "Magic Eyeglasses"...Do you use Lenscrafters (done in about an hour), or Pearl Vision?

By: yogiman on 6/4/12 at 1:54


Am I wrong or were you verifying what I posted about all religions believing they are right and the others are wrong.

Another question: To my knowledge, originally, there was only one Bible written. Then, a few years later it was "re-interpreted" and re-wrote as the New Testament. How could those people of a few years ago come up with so many different interpretations or the original Bible and follow their beliefs under a different name?

And on that basis; all religions are considered equal (unless its yours, of course) so why is Mitt Romney ridiculed because of his religion so much? Because his beliefs are so different from yours? So who's right, you, or him?

By: brrrrk on 6/4/12 at 2:47

yogiman said


Am I wrong or were you verifying what I posted about all religions believing they are right and the others are wrong."

Not surprised that you would miss the most important part of the passage.... "Sensible men answer, that they are all delirious;"

By: bfra on 6/4/12 at 3:45

brrrrk - I just sat here and laughed that yogi thought you was verifying anything that dingbat posted!

By: yogiman on 6/4/12 at 5:12

laugh some more, bfra. Unless you're an anti second Amendment nitwit, what do you think of your boy Barry banning one million M1 Girand rifles from the USA, all with the stroke of a pen?

That rifle was used in WWII and the Korean conflict. General Patton called that rifle the greatest battle implement ever devised. And having used one, yes, its great.

One million was left with the South Korean government and they now want to return them as collections to gun lovers in the US. But with one stroke of a pen, Barry blocked it.