Up for Debate: Obama and Boehner meet

Monday, December 10, 2012 at 1:58am

On the same day President Barack Obama met in person with House Speaker John Boehner, Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker came out as in favor for raising taxes on the top 2 percent of households as a bargaining tool for deeper spending cuts on social programs. What do you think about these two developments in the ongoing back and forth regarding the fiscal cliff?

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By: whitegravy on 12/11/12 at 7:01

this fiscal cliff stuff is just more MEDIA HYPE to panic the populace, but why????. is it to sell more papers, sell more air time, get people ready to tighten their belts for MORE cut-backs, all/none of the above.......only in AMERICA is the media so diligent about making mountains outa molehills and molehills into mountains.....i take that back, molehills arent newsworthy so we'll just HYPE IT.......yeah lotsa HYPE, a little SPIN and the minimal facts twisted to HIDDEN AGENDAS........NEXT COMES APATHY !!!!!!!!!

By: FaceBook:Emmett... on 12/11/12 at 8:57

Anyone who believes there will ever be spending cuts is a fool. I don't care what party they belong to, either.