Up for Debate: 'Occupy' protests, both here and there

Monday, November 21, 2011 at 1:05am

From what you know of the "Occupy Nashville" protests and the state's reaction, what do you make of reports of protests in other cities and how local governments have handled them? Do you see any real change coming from either the action or the reaction of such protests?

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By: tomba1 on 11/21/11 at 12:27

This so called "protest" could become a job creator since we need people to build a larger jail to house those folks.

By: dargent7 on 11/21/11 at 5:30

What happened in NYC to those college students was clinically insane.
Some jack (booted)-ass cop used what appeared to be a paint blower to spray pepper spray at their heads and faces. He walked back and forth putting a triple coat on them.
Then, EMS had to rush many to the Hospital's ER, costing thousands to wash the stuff off. Now it's all viral on YouTube making America look like Nazi Germany.

By: Loner on 11/21/11 at 5:41

Good morning, Nashville!

Your scaredy cat governor is a failed preacher wannabe...he panicked when a handful of peaceful protesters occupied the Legislative Plaza...Haslam quickly pushed through undemocratic and oppressive legislation and then sent in the SWAT team & dogs and undercover agents provocateur, in order to besmirch, delegitimize and squelch the demonstration.

Something like 100 THP cops were called in to bust 25 protesters at 3 AM...and some of the protesters were actually undercover cops. Haslam panicked...and he claims to be a "limited government" advocate.

Like Beavis, when he goes into his Cornholio alter-ego, Haslam over-reacted and behaved like a crazed and paranoid despot....he thought that he was being threatened....Haslam needs TP for his bunghole?

Haslam is unsuited for politics in the real world; start the recall now, before this nutty goofball kills some innocent people.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/21/11 at 6:40

So tombal think we need more prison to quell free speech in America. This great American has to be a Tea Bagger.

This should bring out gas bag 1 today, who thinks he is dazzling the rest of the world with his mouth.

By: sidneyames on 11/21/11 at 6:46

sidneyames The paper states "Safety Department emails disclosed since then have revealed that highway patrol troopers went undercover and infiltrated the protesters — more evidence that the regulations were aimed, not generally to promote public safety, but specifically at the protesters in possible violation of their free-speech rights.“

I'm confused. What do free speech rights have to do with obeying a curfew law? They are two separate issues. And who, in their right mind, thinks anyone who matters is listening after 10 p.m. to these so-called 99%'er. And who determined that only 1% of the population is wealthy and this 99% is doing all the work?

I do not believe that the right to demonstrate on public property comes without some type of boundaries or "laws" if you will. They can go home like normal folks and come back in the morning.

By: dargent7 on 11/21/11 at 6:46

OFF Campus Div.: What's up with all the Republican candidates sitting around a table in Iowa and CRYING?
I want my President to cry? Was it all on cue and an act?
Gingrich cried because he "loves America so much". Yeah, it's his employer he can legally embezzel from.
Boehner cries at the very mention of his children.
"How're the kids doing, John?"..."Boo-hoo!"

By: dargent7 on 11/21/11 at 6:48

Cpt: A 100 bucks Tomba 1 is a Christian Conservative Republican.

By: sidneyames on 11/21/11 at 6:48

Loner can't complain about anything. He spent 2 years (?) in the military; worked as a postal employee and got paid really well for doing it and is now retired on a government pension, plus social security. So Loner is not part of the 99%; he's part of the 1%. Or else why would he always be on vacation?

Good morning Loner. Come on down from your tree and get shaking this morning. The Occupy Agents need your support.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/21/11 at 6:48

It seems the police love to attack peaceful demonstrators.

By: govskeptic on 11/21/11 at 6:50

The anger, sympathy, and misguided direction of these groups nationally are
supplying the TV Press lots to put on the airwaves at very low cost(they love that)!
It would appear to me these protesters would have more voice if they were
located at the Steps of the Securities Exchange Commission, and the US
Capitol! It's these Boards of Directors of major corporations Financial and
otherwise and the SEC that allows all these institutions to behave in the way
they do in both grotesque salaries, bonuses, and neutering the stockholders to
the total benefit of management!
Congressional oversight is a joke, that has been abandoned for strictly
fundraising, meetings with large donors, and foreign junkets! 22-28 year
old staff members do most of the work and have the power in Washington.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/21/11 at 6:52

Gas Bag 3 mouth off, she only thinks that free speech is for her and her kind.

By: dargent7 on 11/21/11 at 6:54

Sid: Many fly in to the cities they're protesting. They are not staying at Lowes Vanderbilt.
Were you a fan of the Vietnam war protestors? Bet not.
They were unshaven, unbathed, under fed, with little sleep too.
But, their voice made Washington listen, and Nixon stopped the damn thing.
And not based on his moral ethics and righteousness either.
These corrupt Congressional fat cats in Washington will never stop the fleecing of America if left alone, listening to their "moral compass". They need an uprising, a revolt however unorganized, and a swift kick in the ass. And jail time.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/21/11 at 6:55

People that are retired and take vacations has to be rich and in the 1%.

BuddyBee Itch -

By: yogiman on 11/21/11 at 7:07

Just curious, but how did it happen the "occupy" teams came up all over the nation at the same time? Who planned it? What was the basic reason for it? Could it possibly be a planned scheme to set the nation up on a martial law order?

By: Captain Nemo on 11/21/11 at 7:07

Now if this had been done to the fringe righties, old sid would be wagging her tongue in protest call for the cop to be fired and jailed.

Officers in pepper spray incident placed on leave
President of the 10-campus University of California system says he's 'appalled'


By: bfra on 11/21/11 at 7:09

Sidiot never did answer the question, "how much time she(?) spent in the military?", or why "she(?) isn't retired?". To the second question, according to her inane comments, she(?) has never held a job, long enough to retire. Sidiot, don't TRY to put somebody down, unless YOU have walked in their shoes.

By: Jagman on 11/21/11 at 7:09

There appears to be a lot of people in the 1%. Maybe if these protesters cut their hair, took the rings out of their noses and took a bath they might get a job. Some people like to blame others for their failings.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/21/11 at 7:10

Gas Bag 2 ask a stuped question.

The same can be said for you Tea Baggers, Dung Beetle.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/21/11 at 7:13


It is hard for her to walk in anyone shoes living under her bridge. LOL

By: Captain Nemo on 11/21/11 at 7:15

By: Jagman on 11/21/11 at 7:09
There appears to be a lot of people in the 1%. Maybe if these protesters cut their hair, took the rings out of their noses and took a bath they might get a job. Some people like to blame others for their failings.

The brain trust can’t count can he?

By: Loner on 11/21/11 at 7:19

"Yeah, I'm a one percenter...you know I done paid my dues....y'all throwing stones from glass houses...walk a mile in my shoes." (I hear it in B-flat minor...standard 12-bar blues....sweet tenor sax riff featured)

No wonder then that Nashville is Music City..inspiration is everywhere.

By: dargent7 on 11/21/11 at 7:26

These protestors are sleeping in tents and bivwacs on cement. They aren't at The Sheraton. So they don't get to bathe. They accept food handouts.
Many are from out of town, so sleep in their cars.
So, what's worse? A unshaven, peaceful demonstration bringing attention to the continuously corrupt Congress we always have who become millionaires while "serving" or body order?
Republicans always focus on the least relevant issue to make their point, overlooking the bigger picture.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/21/11 at 7:32

Loner I wonder if this all of this fringe poster, really understand who they are standing up for. Or maybe they think if they stand for the 1% that it will make them one someday.

By: Loner on 11/21/11 at 7:32

My retired postal Jeep is still in the shop...otherwise, I might just grab my protest sign, drive down there and park that sucker on the Governor's lawn...I have it set-up as a one-man "motor home"...it was my abode for 9-weeks this summer...complete with tie-dyed privacy curtains, built-in incense burner. onboard Hookah, 12 volt DC black light, lava lamp etc. It's a friggin' babe magnet..of course, naturally, I maintain my monastic standards of celibacy and I'm often forced to turn the young hippie chicks away...younger males camp out near my Jeep, just to snag my cast-offs....no, it's not me, it's the Jeep.

You guys are lucky...my Jeep is in the shop, getting tender loving care from a professional mechanic...but I'll be back! I might trailer that baby down there...top speed is 50-55...over that and she gets a little squirrely.

By: dargent7 on 11/21/11 at 7:34


By: Loner on 11/21/11 at 7:38

Darge, any link to the GOP-TP candidates dong a collective cry-in? I'll try to Google that...a slobbering, cry-baby Chief Executive is just what we need...I suppose that I prefer that to the Cornholio type.

By: Loner on 11/21/11 at 7:44

Found this:

“I don’t believe a tear. Not one little tear,” (Judith) MIller said. “I’m sorry, I may be cynical, but politicians [can] turn on tears. And the fact that they think they can do it and it’ll help them… what does that say about the country? I’m not sure I want a leader who’s breaking down and weeping on camera.”

There is a video at this link.

By: yogiman on 11/21/11 at 7:46


I'm not questioning your regard for our nation, but in a prior statement on your service you posted you served in the Army for 2 years. When did he services begin taking two year volunteers? Or did you join the Reserves with a 2 year active duty requirement? NOMB but I'j just curious.

When I joined the Navy in 1947 four years enlistments were required, but if you would be in
service a minimum of three years you could be discharged on your 21st birthday. Of course, back then, you had to be 21 to vote. Has those requirements been changed since they dropped the voting age to 18?

By: yogiman on 11/21/11 at 7:52

Darn, I haven't woke up yet, but "I'm" still curious, and I meant "the" services.

By: Loner on 11/21/11 at 7:55

And there is this ABC video showing the tearful moments:


I can understand why they were choked up...maybe Judith Miller was a little rough in her criticism.

The real story here is that these folks are sucking up to the born-again Christians...the Cornholio wing of the TP.

Romney did not attend the Church-State Mixerama in Iowa - lovingly referred to as "the Cornhole State"...was he afraid of the Mormonism = Heresy question? Those wild-eyed, armed to the teeth, evangelicals are firm on that point: "LDS is a huge cult".

By: Moonglow1 on 11/21/11 at 7:57

Moonglow1: The "Occupy" movement grew out of frustration with our elected officials who are bought and paid for by corporations. I applaud the brave "Occupy" who are out there protesting instead of listening to hours of propaganda from Fox Not News. The "Occupiers" are being treated by police in much the same way the police treated the protesters who were against the Vietnam war in the 60's. So give the Occupy Movement the support they need to fight for change. We are a brutal, unhealthy, mean, and uncaring nation. We need change. Obviously change is not coming from politicians so it needs to come from the people.

By: Captain Nemo on 11/21/11 at 8:02

If Fox turns on a right-wing fringe then you really must suck.

By: Ingleweird on 11/21/11 at 8:04

Your Jeep is a "babe magnet?" Sounds more like a cop magnet! Tie-die curtains? Why not add a bumper sticker that says, "it's 4:20 somewhere," while you're at it?

By: yogiman on 11/21/11 at 8:10

I must disagree, Moonglow1. We aren't a brutal, unhealthy, mean and uncaring nation. We are a tender, healthy, kind and very caring nation. But I sure do agree with you on needing a change because the only "change" you can expect from the current politicians are the ones in their favor.

Maybe we should close DC down, move our new government back to Philadelphia and start all over again..

By: Loner on 11/21/11 at 8:12

I would normally ignore the trolls, but now my military record is being called into question. This will not be tolerated.

I served honorably in the US ARMY, from Nov. 1967 through November 1969. I enlisted into the regular Army; I attained the rank of E-4 within 6 months of my enlistment, my serial number: RA 11642591. My MOS was 72B-20...Comcenter specialist-Cryptographer. I served with the 34th Signal Bn, at the VII Corps Comcenter in Moehringen, Germany. I was honorably discharged after serving two years of a two-year enlistment.

I had signed up for Warrant Ofifcer Flight Training - WOFT...the terms of enlistment were such that if a Warrant Officer Candidate, WOC. was somehow disqualified from completing the training, then the remainder of a 2-year enlistment would have to be fulfilled.

They found a WPW syndrome on me early on and I was sent to Signal School, where I scored in the top ten and got the E-4 rating in record time. They sent me to Germany...I had no choice in the matter. Disappointed, but loyal, I did my time.

There you have it...all the personal details that are a matter of public record.

Incredibly, I volunteered to be a helicopter pilot, I quit college (Cornell University) to do so, as it turned out, that heart murmur probably saved my life...and my sanity...I was a different man back then...I have since mellowed considerably.

That's all I'm going to say on the subject.

By: Loner on 11/21/11 at 8:21

Actually, Ingleweird, I was stopped by NYS troopers in a massive road block coming out of the Great Blue Heron Music Festival last July...hundreds of vehicles were stopped and sniffed....when I got up to the place where the interrogating trooper was stationed, he was on the wrong wide of the vehicle to quiz me..the window on that side was up on that left side...frustrated, he let the trainee trooper on the curbside of the road do the inquisition....this young cop stuck his head in the Jeep looked around and said, "I love your rig.".... "Are you gonna let grampa slip by?" I asked, he nodded and motioned me to get out of there...I had passed the inspection. Later, I read in a local paper that dozens of festival goers had been busted by those troopers...they published a long list of "criminals".

The silver beard and hair and the retired Postal Worker ball cap may have played a role...I was shown rare mercy....maybe they thought I might be packin' and might go postal.

By: bfra on 11/21/11 at 8:26

Loner - Only dumbarse yogi would question a 2 yr. enlistment. Just like every subject he pretends to know about, he must get from a troll genie. And, sidiot always shuts up, if you question her inane comments!

By: BenDover on 11/21/11 at 8:26

It's a shame that these people are whipped into a frenzy against the most empowering and liberating force of all recorded history, the Free Market Economy.

Since their Marxist professors and their Marxist professors before them, relentless since the Frankfurt invasion of US higher education, have never had to suffer the consequence of their planned utopia here in America; they continue this myth and fill the streets with drone proxy proletariat wannabees who mostly don't understand that the basement of their mom and dad's mansion put's them in the top 1% of the world population.

Useful idiots for a useless cause.

By: yogiman on 11/21/11 at 8:45


As I stated before, I do not question your time in service. You said you served from 1967 to 1969. Fine. My question was, and is, when did the services begin accepting 2 year enlistments?

As I said before, when I was in the Navy, the minimum enlistment accepted was 4 years except for the 3 year exception on your age, and that was a three years minimum time in any branch of service.

An insult or your loyalty is not intended.

By: Loner on 11/21/11 at 9:02

Ben wrote, "It's a shame that these people are whipped into a frenzy against the most empowering and liberating force of all recorded history, the Free Market Economy."

Yeah, right. The the Free Market Economy produced the kinds of conditions that Charles Dickens wrote about...Scrooge was a free market and free economy advocate too.

It was collective bargaining and governmental regulations that empowered and liberated the workers, not Scrooge's trickle down generosity.

Give that old canard a rest, Ben.

By: BenDover on 11/21/11 at 9:05

Wasn't anything to bargain over before the Free Market innovation, Loner.

By: yogiman on 11/21/11 at 9:07


If I had a brain equal to yours; like you, I would have never questioned the legal eligibility of the man going by the name "Barack Obama" as the President of the USA.

I must admit, though, we aren't equal in acceptance of what we get. With that minor sized pea as a brain in you skull you would accept anyone, regardless of who they might be or their legal eligibility. I guess you just don't care, do you?

By: bfra on 11/21/11 at 9:10

yogi read something besides troll junk - usmilitary.about.com/cs/joiningup/a/twoyearenlist.htm

By: Loner on 11/21/11 at 9:10

"Planned Utopia"? For a moment there I thought Ben was talking about Israel...it was supposed to be an oasis of safety and security - a welcome neighbor in the region. Shall we discuss that failed Utopian experiment in theocratic colonialism?

I'm dealing with an Israeli troll who has an app for knowing where and when I am posting...Eric11210 has been dogging me for over a week now...we are presently going at it here:


The guy claims to be an independent journalist, not a paid troll...he is an ingrate American Jew who made aliyah to Israel and is now calling for the traitor Jonathan Pollard to be released.

By: bfra on 11/21/11 at 9:13

yogi - If you had a brain "at all", you wouldn't continue to troll, troll sites & relay troll junk & lies!

By: dargent7 on 11/21/11 at 9:16

L'ner: No need to recite your resume, military or otherwise. "We, The People", know you are a straight shooter. Don't apologize to "yogi", who referrences 1940.
For myself, I, like Obama, was 10 years old during the Tet Offensive.
But, to my credid, I graduated from The University of Michigan...however, with the lowest possible honors.
Organic Chemistry and Genetics almost killed me.
I almost changed my major to Mortuary Science because of only the two students they had, one was a babe. I wanted to play "Dr." and "Autopsy 101" with her, badly.

By: BenDover on 11/21/11 at 9:20

The first time I was almost fired was when I asked a nagging b*tchy co-worker if her mortician husband made her lay in a tub of cold water before coming to bed.

By: Ingleweird on 11/21/11 at 9:21

Our economy is a deck of cards. Privatized medicine, privatized healthcare, privatized prisons, private banking, the cost of education, and our military spending are being held together with Crazy Glue - because it's Crazy to believe the status quo is sustainable. How many have to be laid off for us to realize this en masse?

Nashville' Occupation is in a very fortunate and enviable position. The law is on our side. Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Nashville will be fighting for change UNTIL there is change. So get used to it or get out of the way!

By: Ingleweird on 11/21/11 at 9:22

Sorry, Ben, that comment is directed at all; not just you.

By: gwhillikers on 11/21/11 at 9:25

If I were not 83 years old with a couple of serious medical problems, I damn sure would be out there "occupying." The kids KNOW what's wrong: All the money but few of the taxes are flowing to the top 1%.

Back in the day, Hollywood stars were paying around 90% income tax. "Much is required to those to whom much is given."