Up for Debate: Old and New Face of Nashville

Monday, July 9, 2012 at 12:15am

For this week's dead-tree version of The City Paper we turned our photographers' lenses onto Nashville to explore the old and new face of Nashville (see it online here). There were many categories we couldn't to, so tell us who, and what, do you see as the old and new face of Nashville. Who and what are the "now" version of Nashville's yesteryear in categories such as music, food, business, etc.? But because new isn't always better, what are some of the old/new changes that have made for worse?

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By: Rasputin72 on 7/9/12 at 1:47

The old for some represents the immortal years (youth) It also represents a time of stability not only in the city but the country. The new represents excitement and uncertainty.

By: Ask01 on 7/9/12 at 4:01

A little off topic, but I could not help recalling an old episode of the Andy Griffith show, somewhat appropriate I suppose, with Mr. Griffith's recent passing.

Mayberry was chosen as a backdrop for a movie due to it's quaint, natural, charm and common sense citizens grounded in reality.

Once news began to spread, the citizens looked around their town and became unhappy with their old outdated town, and initiated steps to transform Mayberry into a modern forward moving town.

Andy had doubts, but the star struck mayor and others were so dead set on eradicating what they considered old and archaic, they ignored any input to slow down and think.

Does any of this sound familiar?

When the movie crew arrived in Mayberry, they were stunned and somewhat disgusted. Their carefully selected, picture perfect town, brimming with character and personality, had begun transforming into a soulless, cookie cutter town, indistiguishable from so many others. The special ambiance Mayberry once exuded was being destroyed, the intangible qualities which had once attracted people's attention in danger of being lost forever.

The result, as one might guess was, with the imagery which once attracted outsiders gone, there was no reason for the film crew to stay, so they left.

The moral of this cautionary tale is don't look so far forward, and become so greedy, you lose sight of the assets and qualities which compose the character of a community and attract visitors.

Sometimes I cannot help but muse about the foolishness of cities destroying the very attributes which set them apart from others, or perhaps attempting to so modernize an attraction they lose the historical connection which attracted visitors in the first place.

Sorry to drone on so long, but I just needed to get that out.

I must prepare for work now. Have a wonderful day folks.

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 5:39

I'd like to see Nashville get away from the hillbilly image. But that's a Southern thing...not likely to change. It always irked me. I don't know when it became chic to be stupid in this country, but enough is enough.

By: treehugger7 on 7/9/12 at 6:31

I agree totally, gdia. Southern and stupid don't have to go together, but they seem to in Nashville. Witness all the low income republicans voting against their own self interest. The health care act is one of the best ways to improve Nashville's well being. Yet many who stand to benefit do not even understand how much this could help lower and middle class Tenneseans. Contrast the poverty of many of our citizens with the cadillac elevator of Romney. Out of touch? You betcha!

By: Loner on 7/9/12 at 6:39

Good morning, Nashville.

I like the "Music City" designation, but many in Nashville resent the hillbilly image. Some people want to turn Nashville into a pro-sports powerhouse; they would turn Music City into Jockstrap City.

I'm leaving for my summer retreat at Brushwood Folklore Center, in Sherman, NY...on the PA border....the Postal Jeep is loaded and ready to go....it's about a four hour run in the DJ-5.

I plan to return around August 1st... until then, remember that our earthly mission simply is to have fun...I call it: responsible hedonism....PARTY ON!!

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 6:47

The rationale behind this, tree, is that they believe that one day they could hit it rich. The irony is that they are not educated and not in a position to obtain that wealth by anything other than winning the lottery or being on a reality show. That's it.

To them, the American Dream is just one day being rich. To everyone else, it's being successful.

By: slacker on 7/9/12 at 6:58

Hugger.. no worries, Obama will carry liberal Nashville, but will lose the state. You can blame it on the Hillbillies in east Tn.
Vote Mitt, his car elevator goes all the way to the top.

By: slacker on 7/9/12 at 7:03

Loner, have fun on your retreat. If you're lifeguarding again, call for help if one of those zoned-out fat chicks starts thrashing about. And of course don't forget your sunscreen.

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 7:14

Everyone's personal thoughts are all mental, gdiafarte. Having lived in a few northern and western states, I couldn't see much difference in their education except for the individuals.

But as history shows, every area of every nation has its oddities.

By: budlight on 7/9/12 at 7:16

gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 6:39
I'd like to see Nashville get away from the hillbilly image. But that's a Southern thing...not likely to change. It always irked me. I don't know when it became chic to be stupid in this country, but enough is enough.

What puzzles m is that how smart is a person who does not like Nashville and stays here anyway? G, you seem to bash this city and many of its residents. How smart are you? Too dumb to move!

The home of country music is an outstanding reason to come here. Music City rocks and add to that some sports, some art, some classical music and of course the medical community and you've got a destination!

Personally I'd rather be at the beach! Nashville Shores and Dollyland doesn't quite do anything for me. Too many screaming people. The beach is nice, especially when the tourons go home. (What is a touron? That is a Yellowstone Park term for a cross between a tourist and a moron. You know, the people who try to pet a grizzley bear, put their kid on a bison for a photo op or stick their hand in a boiling acid stream to see if it's hot! Touron!)

By: budlight on 7/9/12 at 7:23

The $635 million Music City Center — even in its unfinished state — already has emerged as one of Nashville’s most distinctive (and opinion generating) buildings. It is Nashville’s “widescraper,” and those who like their architecture big and bold must be thrilled.

$635 million and rising!

"Widescraper"? Yeah it is wide. And Dean is big! A big liberal with big liberal spending ideas. Tax increases will continue to flow in. We are due for an assessment soon. That, to follow our under the legal limit to vote on tax increase. Somebody buy my house - please!

By: Rasputin72 on 7/9/12 at 7:24

I read an article this morning that if true should turn the November election into an easy victory for Obama.

The article said that some of the Bush tax cuts would be held over for one year for families with AGI of $250,000 dollars a year and $200,000 dollars a year for single taxpayers. This should swing enough of the productive Americans over to his ballot. This along with the 47% who pay no federal income tax means a sure victory. I don't think he had much to worry about before this proclamation.

By the way I saw a picture of a obese single mother and her four children on the front page of the Tennessean this morning. She was so proud of the fact that the kids got a FREE BACKPACK filled with school supplies.


By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 7:25

Yogi, I wouldn't expect you to be able to recognize intelligence if it knocked your tooth out.

Bud, that's not very Christian of you...tsk tsk...

By: treehugger7 on 7/9/12 at 7:26

Thanks, Bud, for a new addition to my vocabulary--I love it! Can we get a boiling acid stream in the legislature--since we can't test IQs , we can use this as a de facto IQ test. Now where is Hurley when you need her?!

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 7:27

It may be in favor for some of you, but I see where Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are siding with the UN over gun control which would include the USA.

If Congress let's this pass, it is a deletion of the Constitution and we will become controlled citizens.

I read a booklet this weekend by a Sheriff Richard Mack titled County Sheriff, America's Last Hope. Very interesting in explaining the reason our founders had in writing the 2nd Amendment in our Constitution and the responsibility of officers and the way some of them work and the overall authority of the County Sheriff.

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 7:34

Yogi, gun control does not equal a Constitutional deletion (whatever that means).

Right now you have the right to own a gun, but you can't take it to a school or a federal building. Does that negate your right?

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 7:37


I don't know where you was (hell, even if you was born) when Old Hickory Lake was established but Hendersonville was only a wide spot in the road. They had a bank, "filling station" and small grocery.

But Nashville had begun to become the Music City of the USA and many of the country music artists began building homes in Hendersonville on Old Hickory Lake. And like country music, it ain't quit growing since.

By: budlight on 7/9/12 at 7:42

A new executive order is coming from the white house soon. Obama will issue a rule stating that no one is to ever use the O from the alphabet any longer due to the following news release:

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawyers for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign are going to court Monday in Washington to ask a judge to stop a website from selling T-Shirts, bumper stickers and buttons with the campaign's signature "O" logo.

Lawyers representing the campaign filed a lawsuit against the owners of Demstore.com in June. The campaign says the owners of the website, Washington Promotions & Printing Inc., are infringing on their trademark by selling the products. And they say the Obama campaign is losing money and the ability to get the names of supporters as a result.

On Monday the lawyers will ask a judge for a preliminary injunction which would temporarily bar Demstore.com from selling its Obama logo merchandise. Demstore.com's owner says many companies make similar products and aren't being targeted."

Loner, Yogi and others on this site, please try to correct the spelling of your name to omit the "O". O'drama now owns the "O"! Or wants to! Funny. He's crazy. Glad there is no O in Crazy! He's a fruit loop. And his campaign is losing money. He can't figure out that it's not because of T-shirt sales. It's because of his left wing liberal policies. Many people I know who voted for him are now saying "Barack who?"

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 7:45

The last two posts seem to justify my 6:39 post. lol

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 7:49


We apparently don't read the words in the Constitution the same. And I must say, our thoughts aren't equal.

Incidents have proved many facts. Have you ever known of a law abiding citizen using a gun to kill someone other than in self Defense? Have you ever known of a criminal using a gun to kill someone, just so that person can't identify them?

It has been shown in several places lately where criminals have been able to kill several people because no law abiding citizen could have a gun at that time.

I have read of a killer going into a church to kill people but a law abiding citizen had a gun and stopped him quick. But I guess she shouldn't have had that gun in that church, should she?

So why did the killer go into a church to kill? Because he didn't believe anyone in that church could shoot him to stop him. And I didn't read where any one in that church "cussed" her out for stopping the killer.

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 7:53


Deletion means to deleting. You know, you erase a word from a sentence and you have "deleted" it by erasing it.

By: slacker on 7/9/12 at 7:57

Not so fast Rasp... Its gonna be close. IMO the debates will swing the undecided voters, and they will decide the election. Mitt's gotta explain clearly, why his religion has no significance as Kennedy had to, and why he was for socialized medicine, before he was against it. Shades of John Kerry.

By: Rasputin72 on 7/9/12 at 7:57

Gdiafante..........I think you expect too much sophistication from an adopted community. You obviously have an attachment to the community or you would not be so concerned?

By: Rasputin72 on 7/9/12 at 8:01

SLACKER,,,,,,,,,You perhaps in a normal election have made a significant point about the debates as well as the content. This election is not about religion. This election is about the haves and the have nots.

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 8:03


Has Barry given us a new alphabet? What new language is he putting us on, Kenyan?

If we cant v"o"te does he get to stay in office by martial law since there isn't an "o" in the title?

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 8:03

I don't give a rats ass about your interpretation of facts, yogi. The fact is that the Supreme Court has acknowledged many times that limited gun controls are constitutional. End of story.

From McDonald v Chicago:

longstanding regulations — such as those barring felons from carrying guns, and banning firearms in schools and government buildings — will remain untouched..

By: dargent7 on 7/9/12 at 8:06

Nashville is at least on top of the hillbilly food chain.
That Music City Convention Center will bring in millions of tourist dollars.
Prior, that area adjacent to The Country Music Hall of Fame was more like Flint, Mich.
The problem with southern style thinking is that they casnnot conceptualize and extrapolate.
"Global Warming is a hoax".
"Guns in bars is a Second Amendment right".
"Chicken coops in every backyard".
Say, "No to Gay".
Say, "No to sex education".
Say, "No to contraception".
Say, "No to National Health Care".
Say, "No to Evolution being taught in our classrooms".
Say, "Yes to any and every Goddamn war a Republican President initiates".
No matter how much money you throw at Tenn. the mind-set won't change for 100 years. Seems the locals are damn proud to NOT be conversant on topical issues affecting the ENTIRE United States of America. Their little cocoon is just all they can take. Never once have I heard a southern boy say, "Gee, I did not know that...Let me think about it from your perspective, and I'll get back to you.."
It's all, "Screw you, move back up North..." (it's always "up North").
"My daddy did it that way, his daddy did too, so I'm compelled by nature to do it that way, too".

By: Rasputin72 on 7/9/12 at 8:12

DARGENT7............Your feelings about the community culture in which you live rivals my frustration with democrats buying votes with "free stuff" "I share your pain"

By: dargent7 on 7/9/12 at 8:34

Up North, if you were presented with an opposing viewpoint, you might reach for a gun, but usually thought about it, talked it over, researched the topic, and then debated based on facts and eventually compremised.
Here, after you reach for your gun that you forgot was locked inside your car, you summarize the entire situation with, "Obama's a Communist, Marxist, Socialist despot who's sole purpose is to destroy America, it's values, because he's a Muslim....".
Can't get him on that bullshit, so you say, "He wasn't even born here'.
Al Gore brought up Global Warming 5 years ago. CO2 levels were expanding like the Richter Scale, exponentially.
Instead of reading his research, his home town crowd (who cost him the 2000 election...good going, boys) said he's a snake oil salesman, in it strickly for cash, and a huckster.
You really have to read the posts over at The Tennessean. It's astounding these group of morons have enough mental and physical energy to walk upright.
But if asked, they fully comprehend celestial mechanics, quantum physics, world economics, and why eggs rose in price .03 cents a dozen at Krogers.

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 8:39


You seem to be fanatic on wars being started by Republican Presidents. Now let's see: FDR was President at the start of WWII, Harry Truman was Pres. at the start of Korea, John Kennedy was Pres. at the start of Vietnam. They have been the most volatile wars since WWI and all the "starters" were Democrats.

Now let's look at the Lebanon/Grenada and the Panama conflicts. Ronald Reagan was Pres. in those two conflicts and G.H. Bush was Pres. in the Gulf conflict.

The numbers look pretty equal to me in wars started, but there was many more GIs that died in combat (killed) under the command of a Democrat Presidents than the Republican Presidents.

So who do you want in charge when we enter combat with Iran, a [Democrat] President, or a "Republican President? I'll take the Republican so we won't lose too many good GIs.

Now, consider, we have not been in a declared war since WWII, only "conflicts". Hell, I call them wars when our GIs are sent to battle.

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 8:42

From my experience, people in the Midwest or North are indifferent regarding the South. The people down here seem to resent the North. Blame it on the Civil War, culture, lack of education, whatever. It's annoying.

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 8:43

So who do you want in charge when we enter combat with Iran, a [Democrat] President, or a "Republican President? I'll take the Republican so we won't lose too many good GIs.

Yeah, because the last Republican president did such a great job with the wars...lol

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 8:43

And by the way, I'd prefer a president that avoids war.

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 8:48


When Al Gore went into Congress I was an Esquire on the old Smith County Quarterly Court. It's our County Commission now.

When he came home, he held "meeting" all over his district to tell the people "how" he had voted. The Tennessee had a weekly section in their Sunday paper telling us how our legislators had voted that week. And it seemed Al forgot how he had voted because what he told those at his "meetings" was different than what the Tennessean said.

I don't remember when the Tennessean stopped that weekly print but I've often wondered why.

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 8:57

As a vet you should know we haven't been in wars since WWII, gdiafarte. They've been called conflicts.

And do you think Bush was trying to beat JFK in our time at war? We was in that Vietnam conflict for 14 years. And obviously, LBJ didn't want us out when he took over after JFK's murder. But Bush only had us in Irag eight years and it took Barry another three to pull us out.

So who's the winner?

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 9:05

You can call them whatever you want. Ask someone who's been there if they are wars.

No one's the winner, yogi. We're broke, thousands of American GI's are dead, Iraq/Afghanistan are in shambles and there are tens of thousands of civilians either dead, injured or displaced.

The fact that you're marginalizing the issue to which President "won" indicates your complete lack of class, tact and intelligence. You, sir, are a worthless POS.

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 9:56

Welcome to the club, gdiafarte. Think of me as you wish, that's a right people don't have in many other nations and it's the least thought on my mind.

It's hard to understand if you're ever wrong. But I do know you don't know me.

And yes, as a veteran I have been in one (they called it the Korean conflict), and I can assure you I didn't like it any more than anyone else over there in it.

If you could read reasonably on the front and back sides of the page, you would see I was simply showing dargent7 his mistakes in his claims throwing it all on the Republican side of the aisle.

And no, officially we haven't been in war since WWII. We just lost our GIs in conflicts since WWII.

By: bfra on 7/9/12 at 9:59

Yogi's head is on so twisted & full of BS, he thinks those still over there are playing G I Joe.

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 10:01

He's an old fool and his rhetoric is tiresome.

By: BigPapa on 7/9/12 at 10:03

You guys crack me up with the same arguments every day. Same take on every issue. don't yall get tired of the same thing?

If you are in lock step with either side you're a fool.

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 10:11

You guys make me envy you. I wish I was as brilliant as you think you are. But sadly, I'm afraid I am.

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 10:15

Yeah, just like you pipe in every so often with the same statement, Papa...lol

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 10:21


The "argument" I throw in this ring every day is the man sitting in our Oval Office by usurpation and so many people accept him as their President even though they don't know who in the hell he is and it doesn't bother them that he refuses to identify himself.

Just using the information in his autobiography is enough to prove him ineligible to run for that office.

So many say he "won" the election. My question: How can you "win" an election if you aren't legally eligible to run in that campaign?

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 10:51

Way to go Papa...and here I thought we were going to make it to lunch before the usurper crap surfaced...

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 10:58

Hang in there, gdiafarte. You can call that usurper your president all you wish. I hope I'm still around when you're shown how ignorant you and others are showing yourselves to be.

I'd just like to see your reaction.

By: gdiafante on 7/9/12 at 11:00

Well, yogi, you've said that every day since 2008...I'm still waiting...so is the world.

In other words, I'm not holding my breath.

By: BigPapa on 7/9/12 at 11:15

I guess it's just easy letting the GOP or the Dem. Party make all your decisions for you, telling you what to think and how to feel about every issue.

I'm not down with that.

By: brrrrk on 7/9/12 at 11:30

gdiafante said

"The rationale behind this, tree, is that they believe that one day they could hit it rich. The irony is that they are not educated and not in a position to obtain that wealth by anything other than winning the lottery or being on a reality show. That's it.

To them, the American Dream is just one day being rich. To everyone else, it's being successful."

Funny you should say this, I just recently read an article that stated that more than half of those aged 18 to 29 (54 percent), believe they will get rich. Ain't reality gonna be a bitch?

By: dargent7 on 7/9/12 at 11:53

"He's an old fool and his ..."
Well, I do turn 50 this Aug. 19.
Truman dropped two bombs on Japan.
We, he, had to do "something" about Pearl Harbor since we knew it was the Japanese.
No CIA operations were needed.
But, G HW Bush launched Desert Storm in 1991 against his hard-on toward Iraq.
Then sonny boy launched: Operation: Iraqi Freedom in 2003 as vengence for 9/11.
Those two are the most dispicable people in American history.
You think those two a**holes give a rat's ass about "Iraqi rights"?
It's the OIL, stupid.
20 years in the Mid-East, and for what? So Ahab can operate a bizzare and sell rugs?
Vietnam was started with Eisenhower, then JFK, and LBJ, but they died and one QUIT.
Nixon took the reins and accelerated it.
I think Republican Presidents lead Democratic Presidents 4:1 in initiating wars.
And they'll lie to the American people as to why.

By: yogiman on 7/9/12 at 11:55

If you're a fellow communist with Barack Obama, gdiafarte, I understand your acceptance of Obama as your president.

But if you aren't a fellow communist with him, you have to be blind that you can't see what's happening to our nation today, all under the guise of democracy.

It's hard for me to understand an ex-GI so quickly accept someone as their CIC whom they don't even know and who refuses to present the facts of himself to the public.

And I still hold congress to blame for letting this happen.