Up for Debate: Phil Ryan's severance pay

Monday, March 11, 2013 at 2:32am

Do you agree with the amount of former MDHA chief Phil Ryan's severance pay equal to at least a year's salary?

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By: yogiman on 3/11/13 at 5:32

If a person is being fired from a job (or forced to quit) because as an executive they demoted an employee without notice, why are they entitled to severance pay; unless they have a contract justifying it?

By: Loner on 3/11/13 at 5:51

Good morning, Nashville.

From the main article: "In the wake of being forced out of the position he held for 11 years over an employee demotion and the subsequent office uproar, a source confirmed that Ryan has agreed to a severance package with the MDHA board equal to at least one year of his salary. That amount was $152,880 in 2012."

That 's a lot of money, folks....especially when it is being given to a person who was essentially fired for cause.

There must be more to this story than what has appeared in print...in all likelihood, somebody has somebody by the scrotum....there must be some "real reason" behind the "good reason" for paying Phil Ryan off so generously; one must ask, "Is the super-generous severance pay purchasing Ryan's silence?" Follow the money...something stinks.

By: bfra on 3/11/13 at 6:39

Loner - You are right! But then just about everything in the Metro Gov. stinks, ever since Karl Dean has been Mayor. One of these dudes is kin to George Barrett.

On a lighter note, Raspy got his tail stepped on over the weekend. While trying so desperately to offend others with his pompous blather, the rebukes he got really riled the ole boy. That was amusing!

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 6:47

Often when someone is given a severance pay of such money, it is to get ride of them with the less amount of damage to all concern. Maybe a long court battle would be more damaging to all involved, including the tax payer.

By: Rasputin72 on 3/11/13 at 6:54

A very just severance package in my opinion. 110,000 dollars after tax and SS is not that much money in my opinion. However,in the world of diversity everything is in the eyes of the beholder.

By: govskeptic on 3/11/13 at 6:58

While many employees that are fired even after 20 yrs of service might get 3-6
months pay, this fellow gets a full years pay. But it's not their money that is being
given, it's yours. If he signs a waiver not to sue, then all is well. Metro probably
knows they are on shaky ground if he has any kind of employment contract at
all. " Employment at will" in this state only applies to 99.5% of us, but doesn't
apply to Special People.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 7:09

By: yogiman on 3/9/13 at 7:38
Do your mean the terrific two (yogi and Rasputin) are smarter than your slick six, dumba$$. I'm glad your recognize it.

This must really make you feel proud Raspy old boy.

By: Loner on 3/11/13 at 7:40

Barrett? You mean the hi-powered Nashville attorney?

George Barrett went to bat for John Arriola, the crooked County Clerk. In an NCP article about the Arriola flap we find this tidbit:

"Barrett has made recent headlines for threatening to sue the Metro Planning Department had it not promptly redrawn the county’s 35 Metro Council district lines. The department later did so after pressure from various city entities. In addition, Barrett has represented Neighbors For Progress, a citizens group that wants the Tennessee State Fairgrounds redeveloped. He was not paid for his work."


"Not paid for his work"? Right. He's just a nice guy. And now Mr. Nice Guy has secured a super-generous, 6-figure, severance package for a fired Metro employee? Probably did that for free too....he's such a nice man....a very clean man...a well-coiffed man.

By: Loner on 3/11/13 at 8:01

Amen, Brother Gov. TN is a right-to-fire state....unless you have a powerful ally ...a George Barret, Hired-Legal-Gun....or some other hot-shot paladin of a lawyer on your side.

In a right-to-fire state, Ebeneezer Scrooge, not Bob Cratchett calls the shots...it's Dickensian Republicanism....this idea of management supremacy in labor issues constitutes a wide plank in the Tea-Party-infused GOP platform.

The Republican Party would take the American worker back to the days of slave-wage sweat shops...back to the era of dangerous working conditions, robber barons, environmentally unfriendly industries, and a grovelling non-union workplace.

By: slacker on 3/11/13 at 8:23

Well.. looking on the bright side, this opens up a position, for another politically connected relative, crony, or donor...after a committee does a proper search.. of course.
Govt. job creation.. at work.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 8:41

Good morning slacker!! There is nothing like a slicker-slant of view to life to start the day off on a bright note. ;-)

By: slacker on 3/11/13 at 8:45

Morning Nemo.. one must look on the sunny side.

By: bfra on 3/11/13 at 8:46

If any problem at Metro has an odor to it, you can bet George Barrett is in on it! Work for nothing, HA, is that how he got so wealthy?

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 8:53

That is so true slacker. When life gives you lemons, you make lemon-aid. When life gives you a yogi, you have to laugh. When life gives you a Raspy, you can’t help but be grateful that you are not.

By: bfra on 3/11/13 at 9:39

Nemo - The two ole trolls even swap comments. Raspy uses yogi's "eyes of the beholder" & yogi is now always referring to (whatever he comes up with six). They really do think alike!

By: BigPapa on 3/11/13 at 9:54

happens all the time in private business, people are paid to go away. I dont feel very good about doing that in regards to the gov. because that's our money.

In a business, if thats how they chose to run it, fine, but not with our cash.

By: brrrrk on 3/11/13 at 10:47

Is it possible? Could the Right and the NRA be putting out misleading statistics to back up their positions?


By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 11:11

Most interesting brrrk, thanks for the link.

By: bfra on 3/11/13 at 11:17

brrrrk - I go along with the first response to that article. Lots of people are not going to say whether or not they have guns, especially now. I would say the entire survey results are misleading.

By: slacker on 3/11/13 at 11:23

no..no.. Senor.. I don't have no stinkin' guns...

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 11:26

An unloaded gun walks into a gay…..

By: brrrrk on 3/11/13 at 11:49

bfra said

"brrrrk - I go along with the first response to that article. Lots of people are not going to say whether or not they have guns, especially now. I would say the entire survey results are misleading."

Ok, let's say you're right about "especially now"..... explain the trend. This isn't a snapshot of just today....

By: gdiafante on 3/11/13 at 12:08

Regarding the gun survey, I don't buy the "people lie" argument. If anything, gun owners like to thump their chest. Most wear their guns like a badge of honor and are not afraid of admitting it, either.

There will always be people who lie on surveys, but that falls into the margin of error. If the survery is accurate, the explanation is likely that the issue has been hijacked by the vocal minority. Very interesting.

By: yogiman on 3/11/13 at 12:09

A point to be thought of: No president before Barry has pushed to take our guns from us. I will continue to make points Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama is in that office illegally.

And I'm still amazed so many people never raise the question of his legal eligibility after so much evidence has been shown otherwise.

Questions: Why did his sister name two different hospitals as his birth place? Why did the Kenyan newspaper (Sunday Standard) issue the article "Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate" on Sunday June 27, 2004. Why did 'The Nigerian Observer' issue the article "The Kenyan-born Senator will, however, face as stiff competition from his Republican counterpart, John McCain who has taken the presidential battle to the finishing line with vigorous campaign strategies."

Why, on Oct. 16, 2008 did Obama's wife make the comment; "Barack has led by example/ When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya, we took a public HIV test - for the very point of showing folks in Kenya that there was nothing to be embarrassed about in getting tested. We did it....

What did she mean by "his home country in Kenya"?

It would sure be nice to know who in the hell he is. Especially since he doesn't think he should consider Congress in his determinations.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 12:19

When life gives you a yogi, just laugh.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 12:23

yogi is like a empty box of candy.

Forests Trees-

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 12:26

When asked to fine South America, yogi points to Alabama.

By: brrrrk on 3/11/13 at 12:44

yogiman said

"A point to be thought of: No president before Barry has pushed to take our guns from us."

Provide one statement from Obama to prove this..... or shut the **** up.

By: bfra on 3/11/13 at 12:57

Very simple - yogi doesn't have sense enough to know the difference between gun regulations & "they are going to take my guns - waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!". Shut up idiot!

By: bfra on 3/11/13 at 12:58

brrrrk - You might be right, just my thought on the survey.

By: bfra on 3/11/13 at 12:59

Nemo - If yogi was in AL, he could probably see Russia! LOL

By: yogiman on 3/11/13 at 1:03

Call it a statement, or call it a point, brrrrk. I'm sure you have the answer. Apparently you aren't looking to see what your man is doing or you might understand his communist goal better; that is, unless you're a fellow communist with him.

If you can, please explain why "Obama" contacted the UN to back them on their push for gun control within 2 hours after being sworn in in January?

Why has he been pushing for gun control like no other president before him after being sworn in in January (and I mean president, not usurper)? Why did he not push it in his "first term"?

By: dargent7 on 3/11/13 at 1:09

re: the usual gibberish from "yogi".
"No one before has tried to take our guns away..."
Let's see. Maybe Obama is tired from attending 2 mass shootings a month?
Morons need 30 round clips for shooting ducks and squirrels?
No backround checks for Gun Show sales?
Internet sales of 4,000 rounds of ammo?
Obama would of be derelict of duty if he didn't ACT. NOW!
The freekin' NRA doesn't run this country.
Gun nuts, psychos, sociopaths, mental patients don't run this country.
Oh, it's 70 degrees and sunny in San Jose'.
78 by Weds.

By: gdiafante on 3/11/13 at 1:11

Ignore him. This is the guy who had no idea why border agents were being furloughed and labeled it as another conspiracy. He's a freakin' looney tune.

By: Loner on 3/11/13 at 1:16

Actually, one US President did try to take away the guns from the Nuts, Rednecks & A-holes...that was Abraham Lincoln...they called it the war between the states. When it was all over and the dust finally settled, the 2nd amendment was still firmly in place...still giving aid & comfort to would-be armed insurrectionists....the tin-foil helmet crowd still points to the odious amendment as their guiding light.

By: brrrrk on 3/11/13 at 1:29

yogiman said

"Call it a statement, or call it a point, brrrrk."

In other words you've got NOTHING but the ravings from your age addled redneck pea sized brain.

By: dargent7 on 3/11/13 at 2:08

Now, with Daylight Savings Time in effect, I don't get to this board until everyone is taking a nap.
In Nashville, when I posted at 5:00am, everyone was still in bed......
How about this new Catholic ritual conclave deal with the Cardinals in a sweat lodge until the smoke stack smoke turns "White", and they elect a new Pontiff?
Weirder than the Scientologists, Mormons, and Hare Krishnas. All together.

By: brrrrk on 3/11/13 at 2:45

dargent7 said

"Weirder than the Scientologists, Mormons, and Hare Krishnas. All together."

I'm starting to think that only the Buddhist have a clue....

“If scientific analysis were conclusively to demonstrate certain claims in Buddhism to be false, then we must accept the findings of science and abandon those claims.” - Dalai Lama XIV

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 3:02

If yogi can see Russia from Alabama, then he can see an Islamic-Communist, British-Kenyan in Mobile bay.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 3:04

d7, all you have to do is set your clock to good old Nashville Day Savings Time.

By: bfra on 3/11/13 at 3:21

NRA must think they are losing control over the gun people:


By: bfra on 3/11/13 at 3:26

Raspy must have his tail between his legs today, after he got it stomped on so badly over the weekend.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 3/11/13 at 3:27

yogi, Nixon wanted to ban guns and G.W.H. Bush banned the import of assault weapons.


Here's a quarter, go get a clue.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 3/11/13 at 3:28

In 1969, journalist William Safire asked Richard Nixon what he thought about gun control. "Guns are an abomination," Nixon replied. According to Safire, Nixon went on to confess that, "Free from fear of gun owners' retaliation at the polls, he favored making handguns illegal and requiring licenses for hunting rifles."

By: Blanketnazi2 on 3/11/13 at 3:29

It was Governor Ronald Reagan of California who signed the Mulford Act in 1967, "prohibiting the carrying of firearms on one's person or in a vehicle, in any public place or on any public street." The law was aimed at stopping the Black Panthers, but affected all gun owners.
Twenty-four years later, Reagan was still pushing gun control. "I support the Brady Bill," he said in a March 28, 1991 speech, "and I urge the Congress to enact it without further delay."

By: Blanketnazi2 on 3/11/13 at 3:29

One of the most aggressive gun control advocates [of the late 1990s and early 2000s was] Republican mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York City, whose administration sued 26 gun manufacturers in June 2000, and whose police commissioner, Howard Safir, proposed a nationwide plan for gun licensing, complete with yearly "safety" inspections.
Another Republican, New York State Governor George Pataki, on August 10, 2000, signed into law what The New York Times called "the nation?s strictest gun controls," a radical program mandating trigger locks, background checks at gun shows and "ballistic fingerprinting" of guns sold in the state. It also raised the legal age to buy a handgun to 21 and banned "assault weapons," the sale or possession of which would now be punishable by seven years in prison.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 3/11/13 at 3:30

yogiman said

"A point to be thought of: No president before Barry has pushed to take our guns from us."

yogi, you are a friggin' idiot.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 3:46

Did any of us think our wacky hisnotry (sic) ripened get it wrong yogi would have it right?

Thanks Blanket for setting the record straight.

By: Rasputin72 on 3/11/13 at 3:47

Just a quick comment before cocktails. Diversity stifles the truth in public schools. The granddaughter of a friend of mine teaches social studies in a very exclusive private school in Virginia.

Trying to make her ninth grade students more pro-active in how history can sometimes be a good barometer for the future she brought up for discussion. "What events in American history would you like to change to make the USA a better place today.

One of her male students,not known for class disturbance or being great history student made the following comment.

"Southerners should have picked their own cotton."

She lost control of the class momentarily.

By: Captain Nemo on 3/11/13 at 3:54

By: Rasputin72 on 3/11/13 at 4:47
Just a quick comment before cocktails.


Before I go suck some cocktails.