Up for Debate: Preds match Flyers' Weber offer

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at 2:22am

How do you feel about the Nashville Predators' decision to lock down Shea Weber in a monster deal, matching the Philadelphia Flyers' offer on the Preds captain? Is it money well spent or too much money spent? What do you think it means for other potential deals or trades for the team?

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By: rbrady42 on 7/25/12 at 4:28

In this age of paying big money to athletes, I don't find the money to be out of line. The only way the team was going to really leave its mark on the hockey world was to make sure it could stay a viable team, and locking up Shea should be that indication. I look for other players to see that Nashville is serious about its hockey, and more players might just decide they like the weather better down here, too!