Up for Debate: Vouchers rise again

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 12:06am

What's your take on school vouchers? Should legislators pass a related bill likely to rise again next year?

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By: BenDover on 11/8/11 at 9:25

Mother Earth has a solution to the chicken problem...


By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 9:25

Well, reading thru this misch-mash of crap, I found some good things to cheer about:
Lindsay Lohan is in Playboy! I was waiting for Casey Anthony, but she's still in hiding.
You know...killing your child and all.
Going to the 7/11 and catch a glimpse of her hooters.
Oh, and of course of what's on her mind.
Will get back to this Mensa bored in a few hours.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 9:31

Ben Dover suggests rabbit meat and Dargent immediately goes out to buy a Playboy magazine...to peek at this month's bunny. Is there a connection?

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 9:33

Ben, you would eat the Easter Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Peter Cottontail, Thumper and the Trix Rabbit? You animal!

By: BenDover on 11/8/11 at 9:43

Don't forget Jessica.

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 9:55


Based on your "intelligence" you keep titling me as a usurper. May I reach a little bit into that intelligence sector of your brain?

How can you accept a man in our nation's Oval Office (presuming you know what that is) when you don't even know who he is? If you have more knowledge than I about him, please tell me and offer where your knowledge came from. And by the way, have you read his biography written by Bill Ayres as an autobiography, titled "Dreams from My Father"? If you have any of the intelligence you claim on this issue you might be able to gain a little insight knowledge. Unless you simply don't want it.

Point one: If he was born in Hawaii as claimed, but which has not been proven (why won't the hospital acknowledge his place of birth?), when he was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather he lost his American citizenship. And may I inform you, once you have lost your natural born status, you cannot renew it. If you "come back to the USA, you can only become a naturalized citizen.

To accept someone a president who isn't willing to open their doors of information about themselves places you right in the same bed with him.

And I don't like sleeping with a usurper as my CEO.

By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 10:01


By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 10:17

Equal intelligence of Loner, eh, brfa? If you have much in 'of the 'intelligence faction' in that pea in your skull; think, read and consider:

"The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. but under the name of liberalism whey will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation without knowing how it happened." - Norman Thomas

And do you consider the "man in office" to be a democrat, socialist in the way he is now taking this nation or Muslim as he has stated he is?

And, bfra, based on your intelligence, when I make the statement about 'the way he is now taking this nation', I mean about his ignoring the Constitution of which he is supposed to be a scholar of?

After all, he now has us in 6 wars. Which one has been accepted by congress?

By: BigPapa on 11/8/11 at 10:19

None of this has anything to do with vouchers btw.

By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 10:22

BigPapa - Since when is that relevant to you? Just going by your usual comments!

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 10:23


We eat turkey down here at Christmas. You can give Barry your crap and feed him up there. We don't like that goosing stuff. We want to remain true Americans.

By: brrrrk on 11/8/11 at 10:29

Loner said

"Not much has really changed in the minds of the Southern whites since they abandoned the Democratic party and went over to the Republican side...their mantra is still the same a it was in 1964..."two - four - six - eight - we don't wanna integrate!""

I would even go so far as to say that they still represent a vestigial remnant of the original Tories..... at least the well healed ones do.

By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 10:30


By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 10:32

brrrrk - That burp was about yogi's comment, not yours! All his comments are just burps or reburps.

By: brrrrk on 11/8/11 at 10:41

BigPapa said

""Cain is like a burnt pizza...black, it smokes and it stinks..... and only an idiot would buy it."
And YOU call others racist??? Loner you need to look in the mirror dude.. hate is hate. Read you ranting raving posts.. you have some real issues."

Really? Quite a stretch there....

Cain is "black".... as far as "it smokes", have you seen the commercial with Mark Block?.... we have 5 women coming out now and it doesn't stink? Oy!!

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 10:45


As has been shown in the past, only NCP has made a statement about an issue they propose comments on. The door is then opened to all posters.

I used to wonder about why the initial subject by NCP was annoyed so I checked it out. You will find many of them aren't subjects the posters are interested in.

Maybe one or two comments on the subject, then its Katy bar the door and the site is open to all subject by the posters.

I used to think this was an NCP info site to be posted on by posters based on NCP's views. But I have found out these posters 'see' this as an "open the door' site to yack-i-ti-yack back and forth.

It was meant to be a fun thing, wasn't it?

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 10:54


I must place you and brrrrk in the same ignorance of Loner and other Obama fans. Anyone who is so willing to accept someone they know nothing about as president of this nation is a prime example of ignorance. And you are competing with [who is to lead the flock?].

By: brrrrk on 11/8/11 at 11:19

Oink, oink..... Baaa, baaa

The sheep are running scared...

By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 11:50

yogi's burping is beginning to STINK!

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 11:53


I'm sure you heard then Senator 'Barack Obama' on the "Meet The Press" show on 9/7/08 so maybe you can explain why you accept his stance on the American Flag. To give you the article:

"General Bill Ginn USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn't follow the protocol when the National Anthem is played. The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171, during the renditions of the National Anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with their right hand over the heart... or at the very least, "Stand and Face It"."

Senator Obama replied: "As I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as
taking sides. There is a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag pin is a symbol of oppressions. The anthem itself conveys a was-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of ting."

Obama continued: "The National Anthem should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song 'I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing'. If that were our anthem, then I might salute it.

"In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as 'redesign' our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It's my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance in the Middle East Brethren.

"If we, as a Nation of waring people, conduct ourselves like the nation of Islam, where peace prevails.... perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments.

"When I become President, I will seek a part of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam ah unfa98r injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past.

"Of course now, I have found myself about to become President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation and offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming our country's first 'Black Family'. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America."

Are you as anti-American as he? Looks like it.

Give the guy credit, he was pretty much 'up front' with his goals.

By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 12:11

That's a BIG reburp!

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 1:05

Good post at high noon, yogi.
Problem is, when you contrast all the deficits in personalities and disorders Democrats exhibit throughout the years, nothing comes close to the abject failure and lies of the Bush Adminstration.
Carve it up, slice it up anyway you want, look at all the angles, look at it from all sides: GW Bush was a complete failure for America.
And, that shulb, Cheney, on "life support", with all his pulleys, valves, tubes, is the reason GW got hood-winked.
Cheney is THE Anti-Christ. Bare none.
And I bet you have his book in your library.

By: jvh2b on 11/8/11 at 1:05

Gonna throw in my 2 cents here to Big Papa - but no...Clinton and Cain are NOT the same.

Clinton got freaky with people that wanted to get freaky with him.

Cain made unwanted advances to women who didn't want it.

One is perfectly legal. One is highly illegal.

I wouldn't give two flips if Cain was porking everything under the sun as that's between him and his wife...has no relevance as to leading a country.

Cain making unwanted illegal advances to woman shows he doesn't care about the law or what anyone things....rather dangerous stance for a man wanting to run the country.

By: brrrrk on 11/8/11 at 1:17

bfra said

"That's a BIG reburp!"

Must have used his feet as well as his hands.....

By: BigPapa on 11/8/11 at 1:47

you are right jv... I was definitely off point on that. The thing is, Cain wasnt even subtle in his sexual harassment. He basically said "$&ck it if you want a job." That's like THE definition of sexual harassment!!!
We've broadened the term to mean so many things, like telling off color jokes, asking someone on a date, complimenting their clothes.. that when you have a Cain situation it gets looked upon with a jaundiced eye.

By: Kosh III on 11/8/11 at 1:54

"The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171, "

So is this a law? A test of loyalty? Guess we are only free if Yogi wants us to be free?

The PRESIDENT has a point. The Anthem is very war-like. I personally think America The Beautiful is a better choice, and easier to sing than FSK's abominable tune.

But we ARE a war country. We have been engaged in imperialist expansion since day one. Many of our wars have been because WE started them as an act of agression against someone who did NOT threaten us.

War of 1812 was to annex Canada, even though the Canadians didn't want to be part of the US.
Mexican-American War was so we could annex more of the territory of Mexico.
Spanish-American War so we could annex Cuba and the Philippines and it was started with a bogus event.
Pershing's invasion of Mexico in the 19teens
We invaded Hawaii to keep Dole and other businesses happy despite the fact that Hawaii was a peaceful representative Republic.
Eisenhower and the Dominican Republic
LBJ and the lies he told to justify Vietnam.
Cherokee, Apache, Kumeyyaay, Sioux, Huron, etc etc

Of course it is perfectly acceptable that Reagan prevented the US from being conquered by Granada. (sarcasm)

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 2:11

Well, bfra, and you too brrrrk,

That's a big difference between us. When I let my gas out, I burp. Its obvious when you let yours' out its a blast it from the lower portion of your body. And I have to say, it stinks more down there.

By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 2:28

Absolutely nothing STINKS as bad a yogi's regurgitated BURPS!

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 2:30


I'm sure you don't have any knowledge about my feelings toward George Bush as president. But I must say it was a little better than my feelings toward Barry Soetoro, because he was in that office legally and Barry isn't. It wasn't my fault he got in there because I didn't vote for him either term.

Bush did things unconstitutional but he was a person legally in the office. It was, and is, Congress' responsibility to keep things in place according to the Constitution.

So I must ask: Why didn't they keep, and why aren't they keeping, things in order? My thoughts? Because they are right in the middle of the road to communism in this country and Barry Soetoro is the frontrunner now.

When I saw a picture of Bush and his wife standing on a carpet made to resemble the American flag, it brought absolute disgust to me.

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 2:32

Another of the "Cain Women" has come out.
She was also white. So, he likes white women.
While married.
Give him a pass, Republicans?
This guy is so, DONE.

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 2:33

Except bfra's fart. If you had a little intelligence perhaps you intelligence wouldn't let it wouldn't stink as bad. You know, eat something sweet. It would smell better.

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 2:35

Well, you can go back to work, children. Its almost time for you to get off work and go home. Besides, I like playing with my dogs better. They are so much smarter.

By: bfra on 11/8/11 at 2:57

Oh it's dogs now yogi, tired of the sheep? BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
And GWB wasn't in the office legally, the supreme court put him there!

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 3:21

A fifth accuser, Darge, or one of the four? Did not see that on Google News.

Here's an interesting link, seems Sarkozy got something right...and Obama is taking heat for not "sticking up" for Netanyahu....imagine that, the Republicans are rebuking Obama for not sucking up to Netanyahu sufficiently.


By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 3:35


Unlike you, I never was a sheeply inclined buffoon, bfra. But as I said, my dogs are obviously smarter than you.

And I'm sure you have a tidbit of data you can explain why Al Gore 'ordered' the the GIs votes not be counted. And I'm sure you can explain why Al demanded several counts as each was being found in Bush's favor. And I'm sure you can explain why the ballots were delayed being sent overseas until after the election to the GIs overseas. Possibly because he didn't think the GIs should get their ballots because the GIs didn't have any respect for him?

In case you don't know, respect is earned, bfra; not demanded. And knowing Al Gore, he hasn't earned respect from the GIs.

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 3:52


I thought in the USA you was considered innocent until proven guilty. When has Herman Cain been proven of guilt on any claim. None, simply an accusation. Hell, what if I accused you of trying to break into my home last night? Did you do it. Was that you I heard out there? And it used to be for murder it was beyond any shadow of a doubt. Wonder how many innocent people have been put to death. We'll never know. I do know of cases I've read about where a defendant's evidence was denied by the "judge" based on the prosecutor's refusal to allow it.

Have we changed our legal ways of thinking in the modern times where when you are accused of something you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent?

By: brrrrk on 11/8/11 at 4:02


At least two (that we know) of the women were legally "paid off" with out of court settlements. Are you that naive enough to believe that the NRA would not have taken these women to court if they thought they actually had a legal leg to stand on? Of course you are......

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 4:05

One wonders how many women did succumb to Herman Cain's crude technique. How many are too intimidated to come forward?

The right wingers are savaging the woman who did go public..vicious character assassination awaits any woman who lodges claims like these against Herman Cain.

This reminds me of the stoning of Mary Magdalene....Christ intervened and stopped the stoning..."Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Look at who is stoning Cain's victims...the "Christians". They backed a phony and they are loathe to admit their error.

The born-agains are siding with the alleged perpetrator, not the victims....or so it seems; how Christlike is that?

On the bright side, the Koch Brothers backed a loser....and now the nation is aware of their fascist agenda.

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 4:23

Cain is on CNN live right now, facing the press. This guy is a lying sack...in my humble opinion.

By: dargent7 on 11/8/11 at 4:49

Anyone, I mean anyone, who still supports Cain at this point is brain dead.
Same group as the one's who voted for GW Bush.
Not once, but twice.
The whole country is in the shitter but these same morons say, "he kept America safe".
I once used that same logic to Bank of America when I defaulted on my car loan..."but, I had the car washed and waxed weekly".
"I had faulty intel".

By: Loner on 11/8/11 at 4:51

Cain failed to put it to rest....he said that more women may come forward...but that they too would be liars. Cain is a burnt pizza....stinking, smoking, charred black....nobody wants this Godfather's pizza.

By: judyboodo@yahoo.com on 11/8/11 at 5:20

Loner, I don't know, if you gas a chicken no matter how long you cook 'em you just can't get the smell out. Re. Cain, like it or not most people just don't care. To long ago, to many payoffs, to little sympathetic "victims". And it doesn't make a difference in any body's pocketbook. Loner-"Both major parties are beholden to the same special interests...all the partisan rhetoric is theater...both parties have sold us out", Your exactly right, there's no difference in the Repubs & Dem's. I've decided that for federal elections we need term limits, 2 terms in the Senate and 4 terms in the House. 85% of incumbents get reelected and thats to much. The state and local we can probably take care of ourselves. The Senators and Representatives must sign an agreement that they won't work for any business that does business with the federal government in any shape or form whatsoever. For 10 years. With jail time mandatory! Money is the root of all evil when it comes to politics and if you want to know where it has gone wrong, just follow the money. My alarm just went off, time to wake up. I see Cain/Gingrich....book it.

By: yogiman on 11/8/11 at 9:05

Well, its interesting. Herman Cain has volunteered to take a lie detector test. Wonder if any of those women will also volunteer to take that test.