House District 50: Gary Moore

Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 10:45pm

This is the biggest geographical district in Davidson County, reaching from Bellevue to Goodlettsville, part of Madison and Rivergate, and part of Bellshire. And Moore, the two-term Democratic incumbent, has done a good job representing its various interests.

Moore said he doesn’t believe the next administration should continue to focus on offering incentives to major companies to do business in Tennessee. Instead, he prefers giving tax breaks or incentives to existing independent local businesses to help them expand.

He also favors an expansion of the oft-praised pre-kindergarten program as long as recurring funds can be used to support it.

Moore called his vote to allow permit carriers to bring their guns into establishments that serve alcohol the result of a “philosophical belief” in the freedoms enjoyed by Americans. He does not personally have a carry permit or, we must assume, a gun. And the vote certainly didn’t win him any favors from his party or his constituency.

Moore sponsored legislation to penalize businesses contracting with the state that are found to be employing undocumented workers. But enforcement continues to be a problem due to a lack of funding for the labor department. Moore should consider working with Republicans to find places in the budget for such funding. We believe he has the mettle to do so.

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