House District 53: Janis Sontany

Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 10:45pm

Sontany, the four-term Democratic incumbent who represents parts of southeastern Davidson County, is perhaps best-known for her admirable legislative stands against animal cruelty. She helped pass the Commercial Breeder Act of 2009, which regulates large-animal breeders, and she has attempted to criminalize animal abuse in all forms — though that effort has been thwarted by, most notably, the substantial lobbying efforts of the Farm Bureau.

Sontany said implementation of the Race to the Top funds and the Complete College Tennessee Act, the two pieces of legislation considered during this year’s special session, are atop her priority list for her fifth term in the House. Recently she has supported the Small Business Opportunity Act, which would encourage private investment in the state, as well as tougher sentencing laws for violent criminals. She also supported the Long Term Care Community Choices Act, a comprehensive effort to reform long-term care under the TennCare program, in 2008.

Sontany is a known quantity at the capital, and her steadfast leadership on animal-cruelty issues has been an impressive show of character. Her opponents, tea-party-style Republican Tonya Miller and independent Daniel T. Lewis, have run low-visibility campaigns and lack anything near the record of Sontany.

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By: political1iam on 10/25/10 at 2:07

Ms. Sontany is a staight shooter,not afraid to speak her mind. She has always been concerned with what is right than to be pollitically expedient.
I wish more of those clowns in the the legislature were in the same mold.
Keep up the good fight!

By: lewisdt2 on 10/28/10 at 8:12

Sontany has a record in the legislature this is true. It is a record of more government and less freedom. For anyone that has spent much time in the legislature they soon observe that most of the bills introduced aim to fix problems created by previous legislative acts. Sonatny will just keep giving us more of the same ineffective and costly government programs. This video shows That Sontnay offers more of the same thing