House District 56: Beth Harwell

Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 10:45pm

Harwell has shown substantial leadership in working with both her fellow Republicans and Democrats on major issues such as public education, including landmark legislation to bring charter schools to Davidson County.

Harwell said she has been “impressed” with the Obama administration’s action on education reform, adding that she doesn’t think she could’ve gotten the charter schools bill passed without some help from administration officials. She likes the idea of increased standards, but she believes more reform is necessary so that children are meeting — at the least — pre-reform standards. She said “we’ve run out of excuses” for poor test scores, and that it is time for significant changes, including more teacher accountability.

Harwell irked Republicans when she voted against allowing guns in bars and restaurants. She was also a co-sponsor of the Health Freedom Act, which criticizes the federal health care reform law. She said she did so because she believes the federal government is overstepping its bounds into states’ territory.

Matthew Kenigson is Harwell’s Democratic challenger. He is a bright, talented tech entrepreneur whose passion is in education reform. Kenigson has many substantial ideas. We urge him to start his political career on a lower level, perhaps as a candidate for school board.

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By: KilgoreTrout on 10/25/10 at 4:47

You "urge" Matt Kenigson to start at a lower level?

Beth Harwell is a career politician. She's taken over $100K from big Wall Street bankers, she's taken over $100K from taxpayers for per diems despite living SIX MILES away from the capitol, she's voted over 70 times to raise taxes while calling herself a tax fighter, she said she "would be able to support" an income tax, and her family company outsources jobs to China and makes toys dangerous for children.

Beth Harwell is nothing more than a corrupt career politician with no regard to her constituents' well beings. We need fresh, untainted candidates like Matt Kenigson running against the corrupt monsters like Beth Harwell.

By: PKVol on 10/28/10 at 8:44

Wow, the CP is actually endorsing a Republican for a State House seat? Could it be that they had to throw a token 'bone' to its readers and endorse a candidate that will will by a 2-1 margin in the one of the most stead-fast urban Republican districts in the state?

It's a shame that the editorial board of the CP has swung 180 degrees from the original CP editorial board which came into existence to challenge the left-wing Tennessean having a stronghold on the slanted media.