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Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 10:05pm

I have had an unbridled passion for LSU baseball for decades now and my husband and I, and many of our friends, have followed our beloved Tigers to the College World Series 15 times.

Yes, we in Baton Rouge are all bitterly disappointed that our Tigers did not receive a NCAA Regional bid and, therefore, will not have a chance to play on the “world stage” in our beloved Omaha this year, the real Field of Dreams.

But, I am writing this to the Commodore nation at your wonderful university and city. You are our “first cousin” in the SEC and you have a great team. I am rooting for you to win your Regional, your Super Regional and get to Omaha …and wow the country with the national championship trophy. Omaha is some special place and I hope it’s your turn this year.

Play hard, root hard, wave your Vanderbilt flags all over the new stadium — and win. We’ll be screaming at our TV sets for you this year.

Good luck, Vanderbilt.

Susan Lipsey

Baton Rouge, La.

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By: dargent7 on 6/2/11 at 4:22

I don't even get this nutty over Michigan football.

By: house_of_pain on 6/2/11 at 5:09

WPS...that's all I've got to say about that.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/2/11 at 5:21

Good morning people and you too yogi


By: Captain Nemo on 6/2/11 at 5:21

I see that yogi could not find this yesterday.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/1/11 at 1:39
Here you go you Dumb-ass dumba. It tells you all you need to know and I hope you still take them to court.

The right of way shall be at least 60 feet (30 feet either side of centerline)

Smith County, TN.


It does not surprise me that you can’t find it, because you don’t want to.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/2/11 at 5:29

yogi, I know that you a compulsive lair, but how on earth do you manage to post this falsehood and think you would get away with it? At what time did I say this?

By: yogiman on 6/1/11 at 10:22

I know you are bad at spelling simple words, but how can you misspell Texas into Tennessee?

By: Captain Nemo on 6/2/11 at 5:32

I hope Vandy does well too, but does Susan Lipsey know that this is UT country?

By: budlight on 6/2/11 at 7:09

Looks like a boring day at the CP. Gonna say Hi to Yogi and bye bye for the day. Have a blessed day everyone!

By: HenryB on 6/2/11 at 7:26

Thanks for the support, Susan! We here in Vandyland appreciate it! Vandy baseball has come so close before. Maybe this is our year!

By: dargent7 on 6/2/11 at 7:29

Boring day? Maybe "yogi" can address the Mitt Romney situation about his father was born in Mexico.
No? Oh, that's right. He's a white man.

By: damons on 6/2/11 at 7:36

Thanks for the nice words about our Commodores! We are all hoping this is the year we finally get to Omaha.

By: BenDover on 6/2/11 at 7:51

What's up with the Weiner story? Usually they circle the wagons on guys like this but he's being thrown under the bus. What are they trying to distract us from?

By: serr8d on 6/2/11 at 8:14

Mornin', Ben.

I've my own theory: Weiner's wife, 'Huma Weiner' (she prefers 'Huma Abedin', for whatever reason) sent that picture of Weiner's wiener to that pretty young gal in Seattle (who just so happened to twitter to Weiner that she was his 'girlfriend') in a fit of jealous rage. Since, Weiner has hired a 'private investigator' (who can be told what to find) instead of involving the FBI or Capitol Police to uncover the 'hacking!' he screamed about firstly.

Hilarity is ensuing! Weiner, a nice Jewish boy, just wants to protect his lovely young Muslim bride (who, for some reason, is RICH!, overcoming her $19K salary paid to her for her 'body work' by Hillary Clinton, to buy a great monstrous townhouse in NYC). Be sure NOT to g00gle "Hillary + Huma", because you'll find that long-rumored lesbian relationship to be well-documented.

This #Weinergate (that's a Twitter hashtag, search it out) thing is causing as much hilarity and is more fun than the LeftLibProggs had with that foot-tapping incident in the Minneapolis airport a while back, don't you think?

By: gdiafante on 6/2/11 at 8:32

The fact that serr8d has thought so deeply about the weiner speaks volumes.

By: serr8d on 6/2/11 at 8:38

Seems that you always eschew the wiener, gd.

By: house_of_pain on 6/2/11 at 8:44

Scweddy Weiner?

By: house_of_pain on 6/2/11 at 8:45


By: yogiman on 6/2/11 at 8:56


I doubt if anyone could explain Mitt Romney's eligibility to your weak brain.

But: Mitt Romney was born in Detroit, MIchigan. His father was born in Mexico to American parents. His mother was born in Utah.

I'm beginning to understand your ignorance about your lack of knowledge of our Constitution. Try read it closely, one word after the other. Then, maybe by the time of the next election you might be able to consider your vote for Barack Obama (or is that Barry Soetoro?) for his legal eligibility instead of the color of his skin... which by the way, is half white. Really sure you want to vote for him?

How about Herman Cain instead? Or maybe Allen West (if they can get him to run) That way you could vote for either of them based on their legal eligibility instead of their race.

By: BenDover on 6/2/11 at 9:06

It's fun Serr... I'm just shocked that it's getting any play on the networks other than a one-liner or two from Leno or Letterman. Usually the networks would have hidden this little salami and moved on. Their double standard of treatment of Repubs. vs. Dems. is well documented; so why is this Weiner getting so much traction? Is the name irony just too funny to give a lib his usual pass?

By: yogiman on 6/2/11 at 9:19


I have tried several times to get your "info" on line, but it just won't take it.

Having been on the Road Committee on the old Quarterly Court I know of the laws that were in effect then.

Having "paid attention" to the Quarterly Court after leaving it, and paying attention to the newly formed Commission since it was formed, I have not seen any such motion being passed that says it is OK for the county to take a persons land away from them; to widen a road or build a bridge.

If such an idea is approached they approach the land owner with the idea. If the land owner doesn't agree, or refuses the offer, they can then take them to court to gain the imminent domain factor.

Has Smith County begun to steal our land?

And no, I didn't complain about the issue I first mentioned because I considered the safety factor, and the fact that small section of land was never used except as a section to pay taxes on. Hey, maybe they will lower my taxes.

How about putting in a good word for me with your friend at Hess's station. He might have a "friend" on the County Commission.

By: revo-lou on 6/2/11 at 9:24

It may not be in the same light because it is not in the same light. In other words, I haven’t seen Wiener out there touting the sanctity of marriage, or passing himself off as single and available.

Right now, the evidence is not overwhelmingly condemning, like it was with a few others.

Besides, Palin can only the torch so long before she becomes a joke. Oh, wait, never mind on that last point.

By: BenDover on 6/2/11 at 9:36

No... my point is that they are piling on Weiner in this case, Revo.

Sending a picture of little man pitching a pup-tent could be interpreted as passing himself off as available though.

By: brrrrk on 6/2/11 at 9:45

revo-lou said

"It may not be in the same light because it is not in the same light. In other words, I haven’t seen Wiener out there touting the sanctity of marriage, or passing himself off as single and available."

I agree. What the right doesn't seem to get is that when they get crucified for their indiscretions, it's not because of the indiscretion itself, but because of the hypocrisy or the cover up.

As for Wiener...... frankly I don't know. Over the past few days several people have shown just how easy it is to do what Wiener is claiming was done. For my money, it just seems a bit too obvious..... a guy by the name of Wiener; sending a picture of his "wiener"? The timeline of events seems a bit hinky as well.

By: slacker on 6/2/11 at 9:46

Ben, Wiener was a victim of circumcisions, plain and simple.

By: BenDover on 6/2/11 at 9:56

Is it hypocrisy for someone to hold and encourage high standards of behavior and then come up short of those standards; or is it failure?

By: brrrrk on 6/2/11 at 9:56

I liked Jon Stewarts line from the show about the Wiener incident.

"In real life, my memory is this cat had a lot more Anthony and a lot less wiener."

By: slacker on 6/2/11 at 9:57

It would never stand up in a court of law.

By: revo-lou on 6/2/11 at 9:59

slacker, you are KILLING me here!

By: revo-lou on 6/2/11 at 10:00

One in the same Ben, one in the same.

By: slacker on 6/2/11 at 10:00

Donald Trump is demanding full disclosure.

By: BenDover on 6/2/11 at 10:01

lol... Again, the question to me is why has the media abandoned its normal double standard in this case? Why did they throw Weiner under the bus and not circle the wagons like they normally do?

By: BenDover on 6/2/11 at 10:03

If someone is addicted to smoking and tells other people not to start smoking is that hypocrisy?

By: revo-lou on 6/2/11 at 10:07

Why would it not be Ben?

By: brrrrk on 6/2/11 at 10:08

BenDover said

"Is it hypocrisy for someone to hold and encourage high standards of behavior and then come up short of those standards; or is it failure?"

It's failure when you quietly set those standards for yourself; it's hypocrisy when you use those standards to set yourself apart from everyone else, while at the same time failing to meet those standards.

I can be a failure at my job by not meeting my own expectations (or more importantly my bosses), but I would be a hypocrite if I openly expected more out of everyone else that I work with, while not meeting those very same expectations.

As my rather frank aunt once told her son (my cousin) who had long hair.... "If you're gonna walk around lookin' like Jesus, you better damned well act like him"

By: brrrrk on 6/2/11 at 10:10

slacker said

"Donald Trump is demanding full disclosure."

I heard he wants to see the long form wiener......

By: BenDover on 6/2/11 at 10:10

I'm just trying to understand why we have two different words if they are one in the same. I think it has more to do with the person looking at the failure/hypocrite than it has to do with the failure/hypocrite his self.

By: revo-lou on 6/2/11 at 10:12

They are on in the same as related to your question. A failure is not a hypocrite, but, a hypocrite is a failure.

By: BenDover on 6/2/11 at 10:14

Go to my smoking example, brrrrk. Is it wrong for someone, like Obama, to tout what he considers better lifestyle even though he's a failure at quitting smoking himself?

By: revo-lou on 6/2/11 at 10:18

Yes Ben, it is wrong. But at least Obama admits that he is doing it, and is working to not do it, while saying to others that one should not be doing it.

By: brrrrk on 6/2/11 at 10:18

BenDover said

"Go to my smoking example, brrrrk. Is it wrong for someone, like Obama, to tout what he considers better lifestyle even though he's a failure at quitting smoking himself?"

No, the hypocrisy would be in pretending not to smoke (while at the same time smoking), while touting the better non-smoking lifestyle.

By: BenDover on 6/2/11 at 10:23

The beef on the morality issue, it would seem, is because the study and acknowledgment of moral fundamentals doesn't allow for moral relativism. If someone touts a solid moral standard rather than a standard that can be rationalized away depending on our own preferences then that subjects the person who believes in a moral fundamental to the felony charge of 'hypocrite' rather than the misdemeanor charge of 'failure'. In truth, it has less to do with that person than than it does with your negative appraisal of that person for believing in moral fundamentals in the first place.

By: revo-lou on 6/2/11 at 10:38

Do you write for politicians Ben?

By: brrrrk on 6/2/11 at 10:41


The definition of the "moral standard" is irrelevant. Hypocrisy can basically be boiled down to one simple phrase, "Do as I say, and not as I do."

Collins English dictionary defines hypocrisy as "the practice of professing standards, beliefs, etc., contrary to one's real character or actual behaviour, esp the pretence of virtue and piety"..... the key phrase being "the pretence of virtue and piety". Now, going back to the smoking example, I don't see Obama putting on the airs of "virtue and piety". In fact, it's almost the opposite.... he's openly saying, "See what I'm doing? It's bad. Don't do it."... and in the process of kicking the habit, he ends up setting a positive example for those who are trying to kick the habit.

By: Loner on 6/2/11 at 10:58

Good morning, Nashville!

Your server was down this morning; this is my first crack at busting the caljones etc.

Both Ben Dover and Serr8d are here this lovely, but windy morning...my two favorite green lights out on the starboard wing....what good is red without the green?

Port & starboard, we need wing nuts on each wing tip...to balance the load.

I heard on the radio, this morning, that Nashville or TN has passed a law outlawing file sharing, username & password sharing etc. on music downloads. No mention of this in the NCP.

I'm glad that the Weiner story came up. (No pun intended.) Let's bash the Empire State for a change....we got it coming.

Here is an edited cut-paste of comments that I left on Politico a few hours ago:

Here's the text:

Headline: "Wolf Blitzer Grills Weiner"

New York State's Congressional reps have had 3 sex-related scandals in the past couple of years.

First, we had Rep. Eric "pilow-fight" Massa and his gay fling. He's gone.

Then we had Rep. Chris Lee, the shirtless Craigslist predator. He's gone.

Now, we have Tony Weiner's bulging underpants photos on the internet. Weiner may get to remain...he has his Israeli supporters.

The sex-related sleaze is bipartisan - 2 Democrats & 1 GOP.

Time for a new, clean political party in the Empire State...the major parties have done us a major disservice.

If that weiner is Weiner's, his buns are toast; the Republicans will muster him out with great relish....unless AIPAC decides to spare him.

Of course, his wildly pro-Israel views may save his sorry @ss...his contempt for Arabs and his Jewish supremacist views are very popular in New York City...as well as in Jerusalem. The Israeli overlords who control Congress may forgive Weiner, he's been such a good boy.

Weiner will play the "anti-Semitic" card anytime now....Arabs, of course, set him up...the man has no shame, no honor and no class. He's perfect for the job of covert Israeli agent....except for his sexual stupidity. The Jews may decide to dump weiner-boy Weiner and put another treasonous Jew in US Congress, to maintain the Israeli edge.

Weiner's woody may have been a residual effect of his standing ovations for Netanyahu last week. Lots of Congressmen are still walking around with stiffies for Bibi.

By: brrrrk on 6/2/11 at 11:01

And speaking of Donald Trump....

Anyone see the video of him and Palin trying to act like regular people eating pizza at the joint in Times Square? What kind of regular person eats a piece of pizza with a plastic knife and fork? Pick the damned thing up!!!

By: budlight on 6/2/11 at 11:23

brrrrk on 6/2/11 at 11:18
BenDover said

"Go to my smoking example, brrrrk. Is it wrong for someone, like Obama, to tout what he considers better lifestyle even though he's a failure at quitting smoking himself?"

No, the hypocrisy would be in pretending not to smoke (while at the same time smoking), while touting the better non-smoking lifestyle.

Obama wants you to "do as he says" NOT as he does. He wants you not to enjoy a puff every now and then while he stays all puffed up and happy.

He wants you to cut back your spending and driving around while he spends, spends, spends and flies, flies, flies. He reported his worth as somewhere between one and one half million to 10 million. Ha, ha, ha. Most of us have to report a little more accurately and transparently that 1.5 to 10 million. Guess he's now one of those filthy rich republicans!

By: revo-lou on 6/2/11 at 11:26

Ahh, butlight, the hypocrite christian!

By: yogiman on 6/2/11 at 11:29

'Speaking' of Barry not being able to quite smoking, may I offer my solution? Quit. If you have the mental capacity to serve as the President of the USA, you should have the capacity to quit smoking... if you want to.

Being this mentally incompetent racist so many of you pro-Obamaites consider, maybe I should consider my being so unintelligent I haven't really quit smoking yet.

I smoked for 30 years. I had gotten to four pack per day. Then, cigarettes went to the full ridiculous cost of 50 cents per pack. Well, that dumb old (young back then) kid figured he (I) could use that money much better. Heck, I could buy a beer with that money.

So, not being one to waste my money, I woke up one morning and had four cigarettes left in my pack. So, I efficiently smoked three before breakfast (didn't want to waste my money) then I smoked my last one after breakfast. I have not smoked nor had a desire for one since then. Wonder why? I simply decided I didn't want to smoke any more.

Now, I'm sure (well, OK, not too sure) Barry could do the same with his brain (if he has one equal to mine) to determine his actual desire to quit smoking.

By: slacker on 6/2/11 at 11:34

Hey yogi, do you think you will decide to stop posting?

By: brrrrk on 6/2/11 at 11:35

revo-lou said

"Ahh, butlight, the hypocrite christian!"

As Bill Maher put it, "If you claim to be a Christian and chose to ignore portions of Jesus' teachings, then you're not a follower; you're just a fan"

By: revo-lou on 6/2/11 at 11:40

From your post to god's ear, slacker!