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Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 10:05pm


I grew up in a family like [those in the article about criminal clans] in northeast Nashville in the 1950s and '60s, and I can tell you first hand it's passed from generation to generation. It's hard to do right [as a young person] because you're sometimes forced to participate. You're also [labeled] as a "goody, goody two shoes."

I had jobs from the time I was 13 and that kept me out of trouble after school and on weekends. I joined the marines as soon as I was 18, so I could get away. I came back to Nashville after 37 years away and found most of the people in my family are still corrupt and so are their children. I don't even associate with them. Here's what you have to do: Save the kids. They can be taught a new paradigm, but you have to get them young and you have to protect them from being beaten into doing wrong by people who don't know, and don't want to know, a different lifestyle.

Or simply take them away from their parents and put them in good environments.

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By: Loner on 1/26/11 at 5:48

Good morning, Nashville!

I'd like to thank TN Rebel for his service to the nation.

With all due respect, I do not think that it's wise to think that the military can undo a negative childhood experience or correct character flaws. That's wishful thinking.

Removing kids from "troubled" families sounds draconian.

The military draft is long gone and it has been replaced by a system that entices young people to enlist, for the financial rewards. Of course, to poor, down and out kids, that looks like up, so they often succumb to the temptation to sign up. The rich kids are thus left off the hook. This seems like a win-win situation.

The trouble is, when we have a professional mercenary force doing the fighting, the fighting can go on without public outcry... forever.

When 18 year-old draftees were coming home in body bags, the public's taste for military adventurism eventually soured and the tragic foolishness came to an end. That won't happen nowadays.

Now, the War Lobby is free to meddle anywhere at anytime for any reason...the American public seems content to fight an eternal holy war....the War Lobby will find us endless enemies.

Somewhere, somehow we went wrong.

By: house_of_pain on 1/26/11 at 6:05

I signed up with the USAF when I was 17. My family was poor, and enlisting was my best option to "get out".
It worked for me, but it's certainly not for everyone.

How's the weather up there, Loner? Snowing here...again.

By: Loner on 1/26/11 at 6:14

It's been cold here..single digits or below zero. Yesterday was nice at 27 F. I went x-country skiing yesterday....very nice....the snow was fast, but the sky was overcast....no wind. I saw four deer and one ring-necked pheasant while out there.

I support the troops, House, but I don't always agree with the mission. Thanks for your service, too.

By: Loner on 1/26/11 at 6:27

Gotta roll...see ya later.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/26/11 at 6:35

Good mornin' folks! I'm really tired of the snow...

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 6:39

"Save the kids"? In Tenn.? A state where 90% hate President Obama, hate Al Gore, eat garbage, bring loaded guns everywhere, and the schools are closed for weeks on end.
Being overly medicated, obese, carrying a gun everywhere including bars, uneducated is no "parental paradigm" to be proud of.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/26/11 at 6:50

i gotta agree with you, dargent. and for lots of folks, crime is a "family tradition."

By: house_of_pain on 1/26/11 at 7:01

"What we have here, is a failure to educate."

By: gdiafante on 1/26/11 at 7:17

Gotta disagree with you on the snow, blanket. It's about time we got some actual winter weather down here. Besides, for the most part, the roads have been fine.

I agree with Dargent.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/26/11 at 7:21

good one, house.

g, down here you get just enough snow to be a pain but not enough to be fun. and yeah, they've done a pretty good job keeping the roads clear.

By: gdiafante on 1/26/11 at 7:26

The one a few weeks ago was nice, the kids got to play. Still too dry to build a snowman, but it's better than the usual dusting that's melted by lunch.

By: house_of_pain on 1/26/11 at 7:27

The roads are fine around Nashville, but they're a mess out in Bellevue.

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 7:30

I know being a "yankee", I'm frowned upon, assulted frequently, and I don't amont to anything relevant to "the south", but Jesus Christ....schools CLOSED again? And it's only Jan. How about Feburary?
And what's with all the Robins on my property? About a hundred for the block.
That's the Mich. state bird, and they don't come back to MI until Mar.-April.
They flew here for the winter, and it's colder than Mich.
Yeah, sure, Al Gore is an idiot.

By: gdiafante on 1/26/11 at 7:34

Darge, go drive the hilly backroads in a school bus and then start whining about school closings. One day people will realize this isn't the north and you can't compare the two.

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 7:41

Why cannot the parents drive the little darlings to school? My mother did it for us kids in the 60's in Mich. It snows in Mich, by the way. We even had ski slopes.
I understand a huge yellow bus could pose a danger, but have the schools OPEN early, say 7:30am, and the parents can go to work.
Pick the little bastards up at 4:30 or 5:00pm. Let them read, just to kill time.
What's this "snow days" "allotment" stuff?
It's such an insane situation it makes you want to go drink at a bar, heavily medicated, with a loaded hand gun.

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 7:47

gD: Well, the climate has CHANGED.
You people want to go thru this sh**t every year?
All the tv shows this AM are pre-empted because of 1.5" of snow? In Mich. we'd have a foot on the ground, and a snow fall would be over 6"- 8" or it's not newsworthy.
What are people in the Dakota's, Montana, Minn., Wis, Mich, OH, PA, doing during the winter? CLOSING schools? Never.
They have, "Snow Days"? Never.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/26/11 at 7:47

dargent, i have a friend over in Sylvan Park who was also mentioning the number of Robins in the neighborhood. how odd....

By: house_of_pain on 1/26/11 at 7:51

A story about d7?


By: gdiafante on 1/26/11 at 7:58

It's not really hard to understand for most, this isn't Michigan. Nor is it a state that is accustom to getting measurable snow. Get it?

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 8:10

gD: Here's what I get in 4 years here....it's happening EVERY year.
And Tenn. is holding up the rear in "Education", "Acievement", "Scholastic" "Graduation"...you get it?
Oh, Frayser H.S. in Memphis has 89 girls pregnant. That'll work.
Schools CLOSED. Day Care, CLOSED. What do you parents do with the kids when you're due at work at 8:00am? Call a sitter? Take the day OFF?
You're a parent, do something about it.

By: gdiafante on 1/26/11 at 8:14

You really think snow days are the reason schools are lagging? That's funny.

FYI - my day care hasn't closed ONE day this winter. Nice try.

Some parents whine, others adapt. Guess which I choose?

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 8:18

BN2: It's either the Mayan Calendar end of times or the Republicans/ Tea Party will win the White House in 2012.
Either way, it's over.

By: yogiman on 1/26/11 at 8:18


You say you are a Yankee from Michigan. Well, a Yankee comes down south and visits then goes back home. A damn Yankee comes down here and stays. When are you going back to Michigan, or have you decided you like the South so well you've become one of them "damn Yankees"?

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 8:21

I apologize.
"Snookie" was going to be on the "Early Show" and it's being pre-empted for this snow bird/ traffic extended alert.
I'll regroup.

By: numenlumen on 1/26/11 at 8:35

dargent7: I haven't seen your name on the Tennessean's site recently, at least since they changed their format. Are you one of these personae non gratae that are blocked by the snooty staff? This swllhead Silverman claims they have improved their site, but it seems they have just destroyed a vibrant little on-line community.

By: house_of_pain on 1/26/11 at 8:36

The new-look Tennessean: epic fail.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/11 at 8:59

Good morning

By: Funditto on 1/26/11 at 8:59

The robins are turning my snowing into a poo-filled slush. It isn't pretty.
D7 Detroit is flat as a pancake, has a budget for snow and equipment to deal with it. It would be as silly for us to spend millions on that as it would be for Detroit to air-condition their school buses.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/11 at 9:01

I have not seen the new look at the Tennessean. Maybe I will take a look later.

By: Funditto on 1/26/11 at 9:01

did anybody else notice how orange some of the republicans looked? They must all use the same fake tanning booth. Fail.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/11 at 9:03

From yesterday;

Yogi boast of have the right answers so I ask him to prove it. He mouths off with this…
By: yogiman on 1/25/11 at 9:57
Prove I'm wrong, Captain Nemo. You're brilliance should pop right out on top of the pot.

It appears that he can not be civil and must interact with humans by being arrogant.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/11 at 9:04

I was married to a wonderful woman from New Jersey for thirty years, before she died. Now shut you damn mouth yogi.

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 9:06

Numen: I cannot "load" the Comments or post there.
I tried adjusting my Security clearences and Levels, but doesn't work.
Just as well. I made NO progress over there w/ that group of Nazis.

Fun: Well, it's going to snow every year here for the next 100 years so either buy some equiptment and salt, or get used to staying home with the kids every week for 3 months.

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 9:07

I thought Boehner came from the emballmers more than a tanning salon.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/11 at 9:15


I though that Boehner looked darker than Obama.


By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/11 at 9:21

I am not having the bird problems that some are having. When a large flock of birds does come around I take my gun and start shooting to keep them moving. If that does not work I get in my car. You know what I mean house. lol

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 9:28

Having Robins in the yard is not "a problem". But, why come to Tenn. when it's colder than Michigan? Don't they get Memo's from Mother Nature?
Yes, they sh**t on my car, but that's life.
Nemo, you shoot them? I thought you guys killed sand cranes?
You people need to curb your killing instincts.

By: slacker on 1/26/11 at 9:29

Liability is probably the main reason for keeping the schools closed. And of course the hilly terrain. If a school bus skids off the road in snow & ice, instant lawsuits. Instead of busing children around the county 2 hrs. a day, have neighborhood schools.

By: slacker on 1/26/11 at 9:37

The Robins in my yard do country warbling. There is four of them out back now, doing the ''Oak Ridge Boy's'' Elvira.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/11 at 9:44


I don’t shoot them. I shoot to make the noise to keep them moving.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/11 at 9:45

lol slacker

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 9:47

Cpt. That's what the police did in Detroit with firehoses against the blacks..."to keep them moving".

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/11 at 9:48

Wait until you get 40 to 60 Wild Turkeys in your yard.

If you live on the lake you got Canada Geese that really make a mess.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/11 at 9:49

lol d7

They are more civilized tham I am.

By: dargent7 on 1/26/11 at 9:50

Did you all see Boehner get teary eyed when Obama brought up the "Sputnik"?
That's what his college sweetheart referred to his, er, "boner".
A very sentimental fellow.

By: Funditto on 1/26/11 at 9:53

Driving in the snow here is way different than the north anyway. The snow is so thick and compacted up there, it's not nearly as slick as a thin coat of ice. Metro needs to build in more snow days. Why have a week off in the fall anyway?

By: gdiafante on 1/26/11 at 9:54

I didn't watch the SOTU address. Hockey was on. Priorities, people.

By: slacker on 1/26/11 at 9:54

We could help curtail criminal families, with a volunteer govt. financed tubal ligation, & vasectomy program. Tennessee is the volunteer state after all, and we could sweeten the deal with a $1,000 bribe. Much cheaper than penitentiaries.

By: Captain Nemo on 1/26/11 at 9:57

I saw the tears before and after the Sputnik moment.

But I will wait to see if they are real or not.

By: slacker on 1/26/11 at 10:01

Pop quiz:

Whats Boehner's favorite Roy Orbison song?