Letters To The Editor

Friday, February 21, 2003 at 1:00am

Agreed about media moral code


I could not agree more with your Feb. 17 editorial regarding the responsibility of the media to exercise its moral code when choosing the kinds of advertising they will publish.

First, the Constitution provides for free speech, not the right to advertise. Second, children do read the paper, especially young men who are usually most interested in the sports page.

Women also read the sports page, and I personally quit reading The Tennessean's sports page because of the sexist and blatantly sexual nature found in this section of its paper. The ads are offensive and demeaning. All I want is a score for a ballgame. I just got tired of being subjected to these kinds of ads simply because I like sports.

I cheered when your paper came to town because I quickly noticed the absence of these sexual ads. Keep up the good work. More women

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