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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 12:00am

Really different take on gun permits

I must admit I am perplexed with our Governor and Metro Police Chief. As a former bar owner for 15 years, I find it completely beyond reason for their opinions regarding gun permits and bars. I feel quite sure neither one of them have spent anytime in a bar such as [the one] I owned.

It was a small neighborhood bar. We never had the police called for a shooting or stabbing — poker machines is a different story.

I think for the Governor to go against the carry law, is totally without merit. The citizen with a permit is absolutely not the problem. It is the career criminal that is the problem. The criminals are the ones that won't conform with the law carrying into bars. The permit holder has gone through a complete background check in order to even get the permit, and he will be the last that person that shoots up a bar.

As I read [comments] by Serpas, I couldn't help but think he is living in a dream world. For him to say [permits] will only be used in ID'ing… As they say on Saturday Night Live: "REALLY?" I remember back in the 80's there was a drive to have all young children fingerprinted, supposedly for ID protection if kidnapped. I just wonder how much this has been used in the years it has been in effect.

And Serpas said the unarmed have nothing to worry about. "Really?" In the past we had a few patrons that always came in the bar (long before permits) armed. This was when it was a felony to go armed in an establishment that sold alcohol — this also meant knives. As an owner how do you stop pocket knives, and patrons that don't have permits! Really!

Kenneth Borgman, 37210

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