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Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 9:53pm

We don't need to forgive Vick

I could not disagree more with Jamie Foxx when it comes to the recently released dog killer Michael Vick.  He said, “Mike probably just didn't read his handbook on what not to do as a black star.”

Vick didn't need to read any kind of handbook. What he should have known is that killing dogs is simply something you don't do as a human being. He chose to engage in murder and barbarism. Now, the word on the street is that enough time has past. We need to forgive him.

No, we don't need to forgive Michael Vick.

It's difficult to get over pure evil. And that's exactly what dog fighting is. I don't care what former NFL celebrity Deion Sanders says. According to Sanders, “What a dog means to Vick might be a lot more different than what he means to you.” With that twisted logic, there's no difference between a human who likes walking dogs and a human who likes to murder dogs via dog fighting.

I had actually thought that Vick was going to restore his image by working construction at $10 an hour. Ease back into civil society. Instead, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to give their star quarterback Donovan McNabb another head case to deal with. It wasn't enough to burden McNabb for years with T.O. [Terrell Owens] whining about not getting the ball enough. Now, he has a dog killer on his hands. I wonder what this is going to do to team chemistry.

This is why I press stop on the forgiveness button when it comes to Vick. You know, if he did get that job in construction or anything else but a job right back in the NFL — the very place in the limelight where on the side he was murdering dogs — perhaps everyone could in time forgive him. What I find disgusting with a capital D is that now that he is back in the NFL, the media will be following his every move. Other players will be cast aside. All for what? He's just another man in a jersey.

Dog fighting is pure evil. Forgiving someone like Vick in no way motivates me. Forgiveness is for people who are worthy of it. To cheer on Michael Vick again knowing what he did is almost too insane to believe. Forgiving him is forgetting murder all in the name of a game called football. Have we no shame or moral compass?

I'm sorry, but there are some crimes that warrant no forgiveness.

Tony Zizza, 37076

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By: idgaf on 8/21/09 at 12:09

You don't have to forgive him Tony. He did his time and thats it..

Its up to the NFL whether he gets his job back not you.

By: bnakat on 8/21/09 at 12:26

The letter writer is obviously quite passionate about the Vick matter. Based on a number of sports news, and other opinion sources, the decision by the Eagles to hire Vick has resulted in sharp polarization. We addressed this issue earlier this week when a similarly--shall we say--rabid letter was covered. A couple of points prompt further comment at this time.

(1) Tony uses the word murder, or a derivation of it at least four times in his diatribe. In its basic meaning and usage, only persons can be murdered. In his zeal, he seems to elevate the heinous mistreatment, including the killing of dogs to human level. While some people could rightly be said to love animals as much, if not more than human beings, the laws do not reflect this fervor. Vick was not guilty of a capital crime. Would that our mores still reflected such outrage at the daily murders of the innocent, and the least among us.

(2) Mr. Zizza focuses on forgiveness, or a related term upward of eight times. He erroneously asserts, "Forgiveness is for people who are worthy of it." He had earlier prescribed actions that Vick might take to "earn" forgiveness, or in his own words, " perhaps everyone could in time forgive him." Incredibly, he then closes with, "I'm sorry, but there are some crimes that warrant no forgiveness." Which of us has never done, or said something that we later truly regretted, and requested forgiveness from the one(s) wronged? There might well have been a penalty attached that we suffered, but suppose forgiveness was withheld. Let us give Vick another chance.

By: dargent7 on 8/21/09 at 5:01

This LTE, although may be righteous, is 75% redundant. I got the writer's viewpoint in the first two sentences. I'm not currently an English teacher, but cannot TCP edit down stuff like this?
In any event, I think the public is quite clear the days of pure, pristine, moral, upstanding role models in NFL players is long gone. Now, it''s wife/ girlfriend abuse charges, weapons charges, DUI's, vehicular manslaughter, and idiots that shoot themselves in nightclubs. Vick is just one more felon to play the game. And to think, Joe Namath was considered "brash" when he dated girls out in the public eye.

By: Captain Nemo on 8/21/09 at 5:19

Good morning.

Verbal Cartoon

Within seconds of taking the pill a beautiful woman came up to Rush. " Mr. Limbaugh, I am a big fan of yours and I think that your do America a great services."

"Why thank you young lady," said Rush buffing up his chest. He was thinking that the pill was working already,

From a short distance, Skyjumper was watching as his comrade began to work her charms on Limbaugh. A smile came to his face knowing that witin a short time that the blowhard would be in their complet control.

By: Captain Nemo on 8/21/09 at 5:23

Vick has served his time. However I don't think any amimale should be near him.

By: Captain Nemo on 8/21/09 at 5:31

Now they are adding the letter E to my post.

By: dargent7 on 8/21/09 at 5:32

Cpt. "N": The Humane Society has buddied up to Vick as their spokesperson. That will prove to be brilliant decision since Vick found not only meaning in life, Jesus, and his soul, in 2 short years in a Levenworth cell. He was fast tracked.

By: house_of_pain on 8/21/09 at 5:50

I read this same long-winded LTE in Wednesday's Tennessean. Ho-hum.

By: dargent7 on 8/21/09 at 5:53

d'pain: And this is all we got until Monday. Kind of like being in prison.

By: house_of_pain on 8/21/09 at 6:00

Agreed...except that you don't have to worry about dropping the soap.
Ziz-wheel sounds like he's just mad because Vick didn't get a "regular job". Sheesh.

By: house_of_pain on 8/21/09 at 6:10

So...how about that 9 year old girl stealing a car & hitting a cruiser on I-24?

By: Kosh III on 8/21/09 at 6:20

How about yet another Titan getting an early morning DUI? Is thuggery now a requirement? Go back to Houston Bud!

By: house_of_pain on 8/21/09 at 6:25

He won't be a Titan much longer. BTW, it wasn't Mr. Adams that got the DUI.
Settle down, Beavis.

By: Kosh III on 8/21/09 at 6:43

Adams is just another feeder at the public welfare teat. Of course it wasn't him that got stopped, it was one of his overpaid thugs.

By: house_of_pain on 8/21/09 at 6:48

Not welfare, dude. We invited him here. The players pay taxes too, you know.

By: Captain Nemo on 8/21/09 at 6:51

This does look as if will be a long weekend, No hate mail from id or sid.

By: Captain Nemo on 8/21/09 at 6:52

The players live in Williamson County. They pay taxs there.

By: Kosh III on 8/21/09 at 7:07

Anyone else notice that the front page says the LTE is about ticket prices?


player taxes are nowhere near sufficient to make up for the welfare checks we give our sports teams. Bread and Circuses.

By: house_of_pain on 8/21/09 at 7:42

Lots of money spent downtown on game days. At least we get something in return.
Do you complain as much about actual welfare checks going to people that contribute nothing?
If our sports teams cause you so much grief, you can always move elsewhere.

By: Kosh III on 8/21/09 at 7:48

There is no such thing as "welfare" except for what rich corporations get from us. If you mean TANF, that has a work requirement and only single parents can get it. Didn't you know Clinton ended "wefare as we know it" (except for Halliburton of course)

If you mean Food Stamps, well, doesn't that stimulate sales at Krogers? Why do you hate the baggers at Hills? (sarcasm---hey we gotta talk about something besides stupid Vick :) )

By: Kosh III on 8/21/09 at 7:51

'Lots of money spent downtown on game days. At least we get something in return."

Ah yes, we can't tolerate bar owners downtown doing without can we? How about something in the rest of the city---there IS more to this city than a few blocks of bars downtown.
We get nowhere near as much back as we pay--aside from keeping the hoi polloi entertained so they don't focus on the real problems like war, corporate welfare, dishonest polticians, thieving bankers etc etc Bread and Circuses

By: chiefpayne568 on 8/21/09 at 7:54

Well, since Kosh wants a change of subject! LOL

Lord I hope this is bogus! Anyone heard anything new about this?

Detainees Shown CIA Officers' Photos
Justice Dept. Looking Into Whether Attorneys Broke Law at Guantanamo


By: chiefpayne568 on 8/21/09 at 7:59

Wow, this is the lowest poll I've seen yet!

Zogby Interactive Poll: Obama's Job Approval Sinks to Record Low 45%


By: chiefpayne568 on 8/21/09 at 8:08

I guess this is Kennedy trying to make sure the Democrats retain their 60 votes...but is sure is hypocritical of him...ESPECIALLY as he pushed and succeeded in chaning the law to have the Senatorial seat appointed by the legislature when a Republican held the governors office - and now that a Democrat holds the governors office, he wants to change it back? Wow. Pretty obvious.

Kennedy, looking ahead, urges that Senate seat be filled quickly
Seeks law change for interim post


By: MamaG on 8/21/09 at 8:57

(yawn---stretch) g'mornin' all...goodness, is this it today?

By: Kosh III on 8/21/09 at 9:07

Yeah, 10am and only one page, we are slacking.......

Maybe we can get some folks riled up,.....let's see...take your pick:

"It's Clinton's fault!'

"It's Bush's fault"

"Obama is a Cylon"

"get the government out of my Medicare"

By: MamaG on 8/21/09 at 9:12

LOL, kosh!

By: Loner on 8/21/09 at 9:20

Good morning, Nashville!

Today's LTE is a long and rambling catharsis for Mr. Zizza, but, alas it fails on several levels. It has the tone of a hate-note, scrawled with a crayon, tied to a brick and thrown through a window.

Tony Zizza's LTE's all share one common denominator, his righteous indignation. One gets the feeling that Tony is an angry, old white guy pissed off at the entire world. Certainly, Tony is a teabagger type, let's just hope that he is not armed to the teeth.

Tony is not the forgiving type and we probably should not forgive him for submitting such a lousy letter to our host, the Nashville City Paper. Maybe this poorly written missive is all that the editors had available....I just submitted an LTE and I urge every poster here to send in material.

By: Loner on 8/21/09 at 9:33

The US Senator replacement mechanism needs to be reviewed.

Senators Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Biden were all replaced with the personal choice of a single person. Now, Sen. Martinez' replacement will be hand-picked by one person. Same goes for Ted Kennedy's replacement. This is democracy lite. Very lite.

Some folks don't mind the fact that 5 or 6% of the Senate was hand-picked by a single individual, I reject the whole idea, as it short-circuits the democratic process. With the advantage of incumbency, these replacement Senators often go on to occupy their Senate seats for many, many years.

We need a constitutional amendment to address this flaw in our democratic system; but since the major parties are happy with the status quo and since politicians eschew and fear true democracy, don't expect reform anytime soon.

By: brrrrk on 8/21/09 at 9:37

Here's the deal...

I'm about as big a dog lover as you can get. I have three and both my wife and I are involved with a dog rescue group. Having said this, I also understand that different cultures (and in Vick's case, sub-culture) looks at animals differently. Hindus worship the cow but we find them yummy. On the other hand, you find some Asian cultures that find our pets yummy. So now in Vicks case, he has a chance to show that he is no longer involved in that sub-culture. He has paid his debt... But the next time, off with his head. :-)

By: chiefpayne568 on 8/21/09 at 9:40

Wow...this doesn't look good. And it's in the VA of all places!!!

As Veterans Await Checks, VA Workers Get $24 Million in Bonuses

By: brrrrk on 8/21/09 at 9:49

Hate to change the subject but here's a good example of free market Ayn Rand thinking at work. This is a 2007 quote from Alan Greenspan.

"Our skilled wages are higher than anywhere in the world," he said. "If we open up a significant window for skilled workers, that would suppress the skilled-wage level and end the concentration of income."

Hey Alan, I've got news for you... the concentration of wealth is not at the skilled worker level.

And In case you're wondering, this is his solution to the widening income gap problem.... flood the skilled labor market with immigrants to "suppress" wages. Nice guy there....

By: BenDover on 8/21/09 at 9:51

Obama is a Cylon.... lol. Now it all makes sense.

By: chiefpayne568 on 8/21/09 at 9:54

Dobbs makes some good points here.

Where are the jobs?


By: Kosh III on 8/21/09 at 10:01


...and he has a plan. :)

By: BenDover on 8/21/09 at 10:02

"the concentration of wealth is not at the skilled worker level"

No, but as Greenspan says the concentration of wages is.

Now if you want to start f*cking around with people's property you'll need to revoke the 5th and 14th amendments to the Constitution.

By: chiefpayne568 on 8/21/09 at 10:06


Seems to me they have already been messing around with people's property...using eminent domain to take people's property to sell to a private company.

By: brrrrk on 8/21/09 at 10:20

BenDover said

"No, but as Greenspan says the concentration of wages is."

The Wall Street Journal reported that the last break down of wages in this country had people with titles of "executive" receiving two thirds of the salaries (not including stock option, paid health care and other percs) paid in this country. The total of salaries paid was 6.4 trillion with "executives" making 2.1 trillion of that total. Now I don't know about you, but I consider myself a skilled worker... but there's no "executive" title by my job description.

By: Kosh III on 8/21/09 at 10:22

These are the ones who decide how much salary employees get. Hmmmmmmmm

By: pswindle on 8/21/09 at 10:28

Vick deserves a second chance. How many of us have been given a second chance? We in the good ole Bible Belt forget sometimes what we preach.

By: chiefpayne568 on 8/21/09 at 10:30


"Executives. These are the ones who decide how much salary employees get. Hmmmmmm"

Actually, the market decides this. Now an executive can decided whether to give more or not...but if you want to have people capable of doing the work, you have to pay them the going rate.

By: house_of_pain on 8/21/09 at 10:31

MamaG, ever get that new tattoo?

By: MamaG on 8/21/09 at 10:35

funny you should ask, house! I was just thinking about that today. No, I haven't gotten it yet but I'm seriously trying to decide what to get. I have so many ideas that I can't make up my mind. Also, I have to appear to be more conservative than I am, due to my job.

By: house_of_pain on 8/21/09 at 10:37

Might I suggest the "Charles Manson Special"?

By: slacker on 8/21/09 at 10:40

brrrrk, the moral of the story is: be an executive bee, not a worker bee.
If you are not executive material, or your Pater doesn't own the company, strive to be foreman bee.

By: Kosh III on 8/21/09 at 10:42

México decriminalizes small amount of drug possession


By: slacker on 8/21/09 at 10:42

pswindle, Chuck Norris doesn't give second chances, why should we?

By: slacker on 8/21/09 at 10:46

MammaG get: ''Onward Christian Soldiers'' they''ll love it.

By: house_of_pain on 8/21/09 at 11:04

How about: "I Forgave at the Office"

By: MamaG on 8/21/09 at 11:36

By: house_of_pain on 8/21/09 at 11:37
Might I suggest the "Charles Manson Special"?

The swastika on my forehead? Seriously, house? I do like your last idea...not.

Slacker, I'm getting a cross covered up. It was a BAD tattoo from N8 at Ink Gallery in Madison. (I'm not sure if he's even there anymore but he SUCKS as a tattooer!)

I'm definitely going to shop the shop that does it! Right now I'm looking at Kustom Thrills near 5 Points and Lone Wolf. I've been to Forever Yours but it was a while back and I don't know if the Celtic specialty guy is still there now. I'm thinking of a celtic-inspired design of a Scottish thistle. I always design my own tattoos though.