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Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 12:13am

Maverick back in the barn

Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, just wrapped up her whirlwind book tour. From all accounts it was a rousing success, drawing standing-room-only lines everywhere she went. The book sold millions, set all kinds of records, and didn't drop in price to $4.79 until the second week of publication.

I didn't buy the book on principle. The public's fascination and blind faith to this woman is astounding.

Palin can take any event that most of us would call "tragic" and spin it into a wonderful, positive experience we all should envy. Her 16-year-old unwed daughter getting pregnant for instance, and she herself at 44. Finding out her child had Downs Syndrome she declined an abortion and now parades the boy around as a badge of honor.

Bristol's relationship has ended with Levi, soon after her mom's failed VP run. Or maybe his posing nude in Playgirl ruined the blessed event?

Now Palin claims to have no interest in running for president in 2012, or at least claims to not know, which I believe. Anyone who doesn't know what's lying on their coffee table, night stand or arriving in the mail, probably isn't up to knowing where the Oval Office is either.

Paul D'Argent, 37209

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By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 3:24

Afternoon, all. Gotta jump in on the cajun cuisine ya'll! My personal opinion of Bro's is, bleck. I don't find an authentic cajun taste in their food. It isn't bad food but compared to the cajun food I've eaten, it isn't. (I've spent LOTS of time in Louisiana and have some cajun friends who really know how to cook!) There is Chappy's on Church St. but, I think they're overpriced for what you get. There's a place in the Farmer's Market that has good cajun food but I cannot recall the name of it. Best bet: homemade. Just made some gumbo a couple weeks ago. Dee-lish!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 3:24

brrrk, if you go to Bro's you really gotta try their red beans and rice. used to get it all the time when they were off Murphy Road.

By: house_of_pain on 1/28/10 at 3:25

We like to do the "Low Country Boil" thing at home...good stuff.

By: DustyU on 1/28/10 at 3:25

blanket - tend to agree but was trying to be polite about it :)

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 3:26

Concur with blanket on the red beans and rice. To me, it is the best cajun food Bro's serves. Some of their stuff is good (to me) and some isn't.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 3:27

Dusty, i'm not as nice as you - lol! the redfish i had was so blackened that there wasn't much meat left and the sides were mediocre at best. that and one beer cost me about $30. and the service was horrible to boot!

house, i used to have friends from MS who made low country boil. now that's some good stuff!

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 3:27

house, you using mudbugs in that boil? If so, where do you get them? I wouldn't touch Kroger's with a ten foot fishing pole!

By: Loner on 1/28/10 at 3:28

Jay Leno paid to have a custom jet-car built...Leno was impressed with an early Detroit concept car that boasted a jet powerplant. Maybe Jay can save Detroit all by himself, he's got the scratch and he's got an agenda. Maybe we just need to go faster in over-powered dream machines....sounds cool to me. Jay Leno for Auto Czar!.

By: DustyU on 1/28/10 at 3:28

mama - have to agree homemade is best - most restaurants don't know the difference between Cajun and creole :)

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 3:28

you made some gumbo and didn't invite me over, Mama? i'm hurt! LOL

By: house_of_pain on 1/28/10 at 3:29

We made the last one without crawdads...just shrimp.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 3:29

Mama, the Walmart off Charlotte actually has some decent mud bugs.

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 3:29

Yes, the blackened redfish was basically just burnt fish--not much in seasoning other than "char." lol

By: DustyU on 1/28/10 at 3:29

yeah mama - when are you gonna share with the rest of us (besides capt)? :)

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 3:30

i felt ripped off and pissed when i left Chappy's. horrible.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 3:31

you know Zola closes at the end of the month......

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 3:33

Sorry, blanket! I'll remember next time! That Charlotte walmart also used to have live lobsters...Dusty, I can only share certain things you know! LOL

house, I didn't have any when I made my gumbo last time--I just pulled some scallops and fish out of the freezer, added some smoked sausage and shrimp and away it went! I like cooking cajun food!

There used to be a place out on M'boro Rd that looked like a train caboose in UT orange, that had a decent crawfish boil on their menu. You got a lot for the money. I don't think they're open anymore though.

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 3:37

Another thing about Chappy's--a friend went to a cooking class there and the people who paid (it was about $80-I think) got to sample a few wines and learned what wines went better with certain foods but, the cooks did the actual cooking and the class got to eat the food. Foie gras, I think it was.

By: DustyU on 1/28/10 at 3:40

mama - goose guts - mmmm :)

By: Loner on 1/28/10 at 3:43

Headline: "Book: Pope John Paul II self-flagellated to get closer to Jesus."

Snippet: "(CNN) -- Pope John Paul II used to beat himself with a belt and sleep naked on the floor to bring himself closer to Christ, a book published Wednesday says.

The late pope had a particular belt for self-flagellation and brought it with him to his summer residence, according to the book, "Why he is a Saint: The True story of John Paul II."


Loner's comment: This explains much.

By: slacker on 1/28/10 at 3:45

Loner, the guy couldn't laid, he had to do something.

By: slacker on 1/28/10 at 3:48

Also no fish on fri....come on.

By: Loner on 1/28/10 at 3:50

And this kinky guy was lecturing us about the sin of homosexuality? Ritualized auto-erotic-masochism or Saintly behavior? We''l find out on the next Oprah Show.

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 3:54

Gross! Like that albino-looking dude on DaVinci code!

By: Captain Nemo on 1/28/10 at 3:54

By: Loner on 1/28/10 at 2:14
Detroit went retro, desperate to recreate the happy days. Going retro is about all that Detroit can do, in the face of an existential threat to the American automobile industry. PT Cruisers, and the resurrected Camaros, Mustangs and Dodge Chargers are not going to save the industry...Detroit just doesn't get it.

Some day, perhaps soon, we will be buying our smartest and best value cars from India. Even the Japanese have started to falter re: Toyotas massive recalls.

The American car industry may be reduced to building structural platforms for NASCAR entries and little more.

My Honda has 330.000 on it and is good running order.

By: Loner on 1/28/10 at 3:54

Hey House, any comments on the self-flagellatin', butt-naked, pontificating Pontif?

By: slacker on 1/28/10 at 3:55

Loner, a lot of tomfoolery can happen under those robes.

By: Loner on 1/28/10 at 3:59

No robes, Slack...he slept naked on the floor after whipping his own ass with his favorite strap. No matter how you slice it, this is kinky shit. The Vatican ain't heard the end of this breaking story....the Moslems will feel vindicated...they like to whip themselves too.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 4:02

whipping himself into a religious fervor, huh?

By: slacker on 1/28/10 at 4:02

Loner, I'm betting he had butt-whipping assistant.

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 4:03

Remember the song, Loner, "No one knows what goes on behind closed doors!"

And Nemo, I've got a Honda too! (Only 86K miles though!-LOL)

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 4:04

Saint Paul, slacker? or is it Timothy?

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 4:07

Hey, slackerdamus, what was/is your predicition on the super bowl results?

Saw today where the Black Eyed Peas will be coming in concert on 2/12 or 13 (I forget). Just putting that out there! lol

By: slacker on 1/28/10 at 4:07

nazi, sister Irene.

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 4:07

Forgot to say earlier blanket, your Saints joke was a good one! :-)

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 4:08

Black Eyed Peas? yum.......

oh, yeah those guys. their music is good too - lol!

his seester, slacker?

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 4:08

"Twisted Sister Christian"

By: gdiafante on 1/28/10 at 4:08

Slackerdamus predicted the Cowboys to win it all.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 4:08

someone at work sent it to me, Mama. it was too good not to share! LOL

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 4:09

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 3:08
"Twisted Sister Christian"


By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 4:09

Black eyed peas, Cajun style! Yummier! (Hoppin' John) lol Listen to the BEP's while cooking your BEP's!

By: gdiafante on 1/28/10 at 4:09

Ok, I found something to disagree with Blanket on...black eyed peas...yuck...and it tastes terrible too...

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 4:11

By: gdiafante on 1/28/10 at 3:08
Slackerdamus predicted the Cowboys to win it all.
Whoops!--Slacker, are you off your meds or what? lol

Yes, it was a good one to share, blanket! Thanks for doing so.

By: slacker on 1/28/10 at 4:12

MamaG, I think it will be the Colts. Deep down Petunia Manning, wants to beat his old man's team.
gdiafante, those back-stabbing booger farmers, lost all my winnings.

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 4:12

If you haven't already, try the green box of Tony Chachery's seasoning. To me, it's the best on everything. Salty though, so don't use a lot of actual salt when using it. I put it on peas, beans, fish, chicken, well, gosh darn near everything I cook!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 4:13

i guess i can't have good taste all the time, g! lol!

By: DustyU on 1/28/10 at 4:13

Well, I've submitted two lte - we'll see if Don VT uses either one :)

By: MamaG on 1/28/10 at 4:13

LOL, Slacker! I hear ya!

By: gdiafante on 1/28/10 at 4:14

I'm thinking of doing one too, Dusty, but in Latin.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/28/10 at 4:14

yeah, mama - Tony Chacery's seasoning is the bomb! i put it in hamburger meat when i grill burgers - yum!