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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 11:45pm

Too much bite for a lap dog

Republicans are seething mad at newly elected Scott Brown to the former seat held by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts.

They are raging and frothing at the mouth because of his decision to support Obama's jobs bill and calling him 'Benedict' Brown because he and four other Republicans ( Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, George Voinovitch of Ohio, and Christopher Bond of Missouri) decided to represent the needs of the people instead of falling in lockstep with the party to defeat Obama on every issue.

To me this demonstrates that all Republicans are not evil and that there are a few willing to do the job that they were elected to do. But Brown is bearing the brunt of their collective wrath, although the others were also strongly criticized, because he is the most newly elected GOP Senator and they expected him to follow their " just say no " campaign.

It looks like Massachusetts might have gotten a Congressional representative instead of a party lap dog.

C.W.Clouse, 37209

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By: dooley on 2/25/10 at 1:48

darge I guess he relented.

By: eastnashville37207 on 2/25/10 at 4:44

If I am not mistaken Brown was a Democrap that turned Rep. The GOP needs to do what's right for the people and not the damn party. That would be a novel idea as there aren't any politicians that do what they where elected to do.

Makes no difference what party it is, this is all nothing but theatrics.

By: dargent7 on 2/25/10 at 5:13

dooley: Well, when you're brilliant , it cannot be stopped. You're like Thomas Edison around here.
I prefer to see myself in the shadow of Moe Howard, another leader of great minds.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 5:58

Good morning

I have been talking about Scott Brown for days now and today we finally get a letter from dooley on the subject. I think that Scott Brown is an independent moderate and will not be voting on party lines only.

A refreshing break from business as usual


By: dooley on 2/25/10 at 6:00

I don't get that one darge.

By: dooley on 2/25/10 at 6:02

Thomas Edison once said " DUH. "

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 6:06

What the fringe conservatives really want is a robot to do their every desire.

This is from the American Thinker:

Sen. Scott Brown has always been a liberal Republican, so it isn't hard to understand why he voted for the new jobs bill proposed by Harry Reid. What is hard to comprehend is his lack of awareness and sense of responsibility towards those who put him into office. True, he had the backing of Republican status quo politicians Romney and McCain, but he also had conservatives from other states donating money to his campaign.


By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 6:12

eastnasty is having another reality meltdown, When was Scott Brown a democrat?

By: dargent7 on 2/25/10 at 6:20

dooley: I was giving you a compliment.
Maybe Edison said, "DUH" when the light bulb went on, but the Velcro inventor said, "WTF"....this fabric stuff sticks".

By: dooley on 2/25/10 at 6:41

Speaking of Moe Howard , didn't he invent the Three Stooges, or was it Dubya (himself ,Cheney and Rumsfeld )?

By: dooley on 2/25/10 at 6:47

We need a real healthcare bill with a public option . The bill Obama has is so watered down that it does almost nothing to alleviate the situation . It offers too little too late . He needs to go back and pick up the public option and ram it down their throats.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 6:51

George Dick and Dick


By: dargent7 on 2/25/10 at 7:14

Speaking of the Stooges, where is everybody?

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 7:19

I did not know who Scott brown was until the election. All I knew was that he was a Republican and the GOP had been taken over by the RAT (Ranting American Terrorist) party. However my worries maybe for naught, Brown appears to be a moderate and that means he can reason with.

Glenn Beck calls Scott Brown a liar:

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 7:20

It is still early dargent.

By: house_of_pain on 2/25/10 at 7:22

Hey Moe! Hey Moe!

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 7:30

By: dargent7 on 2/25/10 at 7:14
Speaking of the Stooges, where is everybody?

eastnasty is here. That is one of three.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 7:47

Does Fox news have the best interest for America or just it ratings?

Back in January Fox News:

"Please, please help" Scott Brown: Fox "political analyst" Morris uses position to fundraise for Mass. GOPer
Morris: "Please, please help" elect Scott Brown
On Hannity, "political analyst" Morris claimed that "if we win this fight, then there will never be another victory for Obama." Morris told viewers that "if you go to DickMorris.com, my website, I have a whole column about what you can do to help elect Brown."http://mediamatters.org/research/201001120025

Then in February
GOP communications arm: Fox News now campaigning for Kirk

By: sidneyames on 2/25/10 at 7:50

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 6:12
eastnasty is having another reality meltdown, When was Scott Brown a democrat?

I thought he was a republican who said during his campaign that he would vote his conscience. Guess that means doing the will of the people. OR the will of whomever pays him the most.

Good morning Nashville. Hope DustyU is doing well and posters on here are also.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 7:54

The Daily Show


By: Kosh III on 2/25/10 at 8:03

What we need to do is give the GOP what they want. Scrap the whole batch of bills, most of which will only increase costs and profits without increasing coverage.

Then we should scrap Medicaid, federal employee healthplan, VA health care.

Then we put everyone(including Congress) into Medicare and reform the pharmacy component by allowing Medicare to negotiate for bulk discounts.

Single payer is the most efficient and most COST-effective option. Funny how the GOP whines about high taxes and government inefficiency but they refuse to consider this choice even though it is more efficient and saves more tax money. Hypocrites!

By: Loner on 2/25/10 at 8:11

Good morning, Nashville....nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.......wooo, wooo, wooo.

Great LTE, Mr. Clouse. Short and no fillers, all meat...that's nice.

Scott Brown is a former male model and he has posed in various publications...for money. He also posed as a GOP flunky.... people sent in the money from across the country and the rest is history.

Now, Brown has "come out", so to speak...apparently, he's a RINO. I would not judge him by this one vote, we shall see.

Rush, Beck, Savage, Hannity and the other right-wing rabble-rousers feel double-crossed, now they have buyer's remorse.

Speaking of good-looking politicians, the bimbonic Sarah Palin stumped for this guy, if I recall; she must feel betrayed and used. She may be relieved to see Brown's glamor and appeal reduced, he is/was competition for the 2012 presidential sweepstakes.

Palin-Brown in 2012? Or Brown-Palin in 2012? The good-looking ticket - The Democrats can't lick it......?

Postcript: I loved the Three Stooges...now call me "anti-Semitic"....nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 8:18

Good morning Loner you old "anti-Semitic".....nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. How is the cross-country skiing today?

By: house_of_pain on 2/25/10 at 8:18

Here's the real litmus test, Loner: do you consider "Joe" to be a real Stooge?

By: slacker on 2/25/10 at 8:24

Clouse, Brown has to run for reelection in two years. No doubt he will poll his constituents on every significant vote he makes.
Its all about getting reelected.

By: slacker on 2/25/10 at 8:28

Art Garfunkle coulda been Larry Fine's love child.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 8:38



By: Loner on 2/25/10 at 8:41

Thank you, Captain Nemo; the X-country skiing is very good. I went to Mendon Ponds (23 miles away) last weekend, to ski the trails there, around Quaker Pond.....met some nice folks on the trails. Closer to home, I have been using the Northampton Park trails (3 miles away). I take it easy, I'm no young jock looking to impress others with my speed and skill. I stop often and partake of nature's wonders.

House wrote, "Here's the real litmus test, Loner: do you consider "Joe" to be a real Stooge?" Joe the Plumber? Yes. Joe Lieberman? Yes. Joe Biden? Of course.

The original Curly was never replaced.. he couldn't be....of all the stooges, he was the most beloved.....Larry was the most pitied ....Moe was the most feared....IMHO.

Slacker, that's funny stuff.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 8:42

Larry Fine must had been a player


By: dargent7 on 2/25/10 at 8:43

As a self-proclaimed "Stooge-A-phile" , Joe Besser was the worst Stooge ever.
After Curly had his stroke, they brought Shemp back. He could hold his own.
Picking up from yesterday's rants, Joe was the "gay" one.
Larry was the dumb one.
Moe had all the brains.

By: house_of_pain on 2/25/10 at 8:47

Thank you, d7. Joe was an absolute disgrace. Curly was my favorite.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 8:47

There was only one Curley and the three were never the same without him.


By: bfra on 2/25/10 at 8:50

d7 - Joe Besser was good in other parts, just wasn't Stooge material.

As to Brown - maybe he is more in the independent category, just knew he couldn't get elected on that ticket.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 8:53

Sorry I gave the wrond picture. This is the one with real Curley


By: MamaG on 2/25/10 at 8:54

Nemo, you "picked" a good picture! LOL Very appetizing while eating breakfast!

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 8:55

Which picture MammG?

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 8:57

You should never eat or do anything sensible while on this board. lol

By: bfra on 2/25/10 at 8:59

Nemo - I always felt sorry for Larry, he got picked on all the time.

Mama - That should have made you laugh and it is good to be happy while eating. Helps the digestion. Hope you are better & Blanket also.

By: Loner on 2/25/10 at 9:03

Shemp was a relative of the others, right?

Shemp used the hair schtick a bit too much...he played he dumbest stooge role, it seemed, Larry was just a tad smarter than Shemp....Larry seldom appeared smarter than Curly. Curly was often inventive and had special talents.

I missed the "gay stooge", at least I don't recall that, maybe that's not a bad thing....in the end, the Stooges were looking like three old fools...that's more tragic than comic, IMO.

The stooges often dressed in drag and blacks were portrayed in stereotypical fashion. The boys did manage to score with the ladies in several episodes...a bit of 30's cheesecake crept into those scripts.

The nuns used to claim that watching the 3 Stooges was sinful. Laughing at another's pain or misfortune is hurtful to God, they argued. When I went to Confession, I'd have to confess that I was watching the stooges, the priest on the other side of the curtain, in the Confessional, must have bit his lip to keep from laughing.

Now, you may begin to understand why I'm so "different".

By: MamaG on 2/25/10 at 9:04

Nemo, the one where Larry was "picking" his nose.

Bfra, it did make me laugh! My son & I have a thing where we can only laugh going to school every morning. It makes us both have a good start to our day and of course, it burns calories too! I'm LOL right now at that thought! And I am feeling much better now, thanks!

Blanket, are you okay this morning? Hope so!

DustyU, hope all is well with you, too!

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 9:04

Yes bfra it is good to laugh and I am also worry about the diseased MammG and Blanket. I ware a mask now while on line lol

By: MamaG on 2/25/10 at 9:06

That's great, Loner! I can picture it.
I never really cared for the Stooges type of humor. I never cared much for I Love Lucy, either. I did learn to appreciate both a little more as I got older but still, not my cup.

By: MamaG on 2/25/10 at 9:07

LOL, Nemo but no disease here! Just a sinus infection that is all better now. I only have 2 more days of antibiotics and I'm done. whoopeeee!!

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 9:09

Sean Pean could be one of Larry Fine’s love child.

By: bfra on 2/25/10 at 9:10

Nemo - I don't like anything on my face, so I screened the monitor. (G)

DustyU - Hope you are still improving and back soon.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 9:11


Just thinking about a sinus infection give me the hurts. I hope you both get over it soon.

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 9:12

lol bfra

By: bfra on 2/25/10 at 9:13

Nemo - Totally agree on Penn. That guy could have easily played a stooge.

By: slacker on 2/25/10 at 9:15

Yellow snot - Sinus infection

Green snot - common cold

Clear snot - Faking it, get your arse into work

By: Captain Nemo on 2/25/10 at 9:17

Get Well MammG and Blanket