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Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 11:45pm

I heart Helen Thomas

What a tragic ending to the long and illustrious career of Helen Thomas.

Thomas brought on her demise with a few insensitive and callous remarks concerning Jews, possibly without the realization of what she was doing.

The Jewish community took her remarks to heart and the outcry was heard around the world with Ari Fleisher and other well-known leaders blasting her mercilessly. I believe that at 89 years old and with her longevity in the news that she should have been given a little more slack for the temporary lapse in judgment and not dehumanized as she has been.

I believe her apology was sincere and should be accepted on behalf of the Jewish people.

Have a heart!

C.W. Clouse
Nashville 37209

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By: Captain Nemo on 6/10/10 at 4:42

Good morning
New Orleans

By: Captain Nemo on 6/10/10 at 4:49

I don’t know if she deserved what she got or not, but the times are so sensitive now. Big brother is watching every move we make and it is not always the government doing the watching.
Face book, cell phone and tweeter let the world peek at our lives daily. Maybe Ms. Thomas is too old for this modern world.

By: idgaf on 6/10/10 at 5:06

Get real dooley she was always a witch (even looks like one) she is way past her prime and an arab. This was just the straw that broke the proverbable camels back., no pun intended.

By: dargent7 on 6/10/10 at 5:11

Thomas was an Arab? Maybe she was plotting for those 45 years to take out a President? Selling leaft over secrets to al Qaeda? She did need to consult with Joan Rivers on face lifts at 90 though.

By: dooley on 6/10/10 at 5:24

Id , you see Arabs in your sleep. Just because the name Thomas , as every body knows, is Arab that doesn't make her an Arab .

By: dooley on 6/10/10 at 5:26

As for her looking like a witch I'll bet she is prettier than you.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/10/10 at 5:27

I don’t think Israel should move back to were they belong; because if you look back in history, they are home.
However if we look back even farther, before their time in Egypt, it is not clear were they came from. http://www.bibarch.org/bar/article.asp?PubID=BSBA&Volume=34&Issue=6&ArticleID=8

By: Captain Nemo on 6/10/10 at 5:39

Seems to me if she was pretty like Palin, id would not be so harsh about her.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/10/10 at 5:41

id explodes trying to think.

By: Kosh III on 6/10/10 at 5:54

She is of Lebanese descent, born in Kentucky, raised in Detroit, Orthodox Christian.

By: idgaf on 6/10/10 at 5:59

Her parents were imigrants from Lebanon dooley. I am not surprised you didn't know that considering your sources you recite.

Then again perhaps you did and tried to BS your way through with your personal attack.

The media kept that pretty quite.

By: dargent7 on 6/10/10 at 6:03

....."raised in Detroit"? That explains it.

By: bfra on 6/10/10 at 6:04

Id - What does that matter? She was born & raised in the USA. Plus, if the media kept it pretty quite, how did you find out?

IMO, the whole matter, is too much ado about a remark and elderly lady made.

By: bfra on 6/10/10 at 6:05

Nemo - That ugly man was 1 ugly, ugly man!

By: Captain Nemo on 6/10/10 at 6:05

It is odd that the timing of id’s post come 5 min after Kosh posted the same thing. It makes me wonder if id has all the facts or just spewing anything that come to his mind and use that word loosely.

By: Kosh III on 6/10/10 at 6:10

id has a mind???? I thought he just channeled Drugbaugh. :)

By: Captain Nemo on 6/10/10 at 6:11

bfra- id is not that pertty as the picture. It must be his black heart that make him that way.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/10/10 at 6:12

I said loosely. lol

By: dargent7 on 6/10/10 at 6:16

iD is Conservate Christian Republican. What else would you expect him to say?
He won't even let me call him Frank.

By: Kosh III on 6/10/10 at 6:19

"By: dargent7 on 6/10/10 at 7:03
....."raised in Detroit"? That explains it.

I started to say that but then I figured you'd want the pleasure.

By: Loner on 6/10/10 at 6:35

Good morning, Nashville!

Another fine LTE from our own belovd Dooley. Timely, short ,sweet and right on the money.

Helen Thomas expressed her opinion on apartheid Zionism, not the state of Israel or the Jewish people.

Zionism, Theodor Herzl's 19th century experiment in social engineering and population transfer (ethnic cleansing), is not working out as advertised. What Helen said may have been offensive to some, but the truth can never be "reprehensible", as the Obama Administration is claiming.

Helen is right, the Jews who have "settled" the illegally occupied territories are primarily armed Ashkenazi, or European Jews. UN Resolution 242 clearly states that the Israelis are to withdraw from the WB, Gaza and parts of Lebanon. The bigoted Israelis have ignored that and dozens of other UN Resolutions. Israel is a nuclear-armed outlaw state with a police state mentality.

If sympathy for the native Americans who lost their lands to European invaders does not automatically indicate bigotry, hate or prejudice; why then is sympathy for the displaced, stateless Arabs of Palestine automatically considered hateful bigotry? Helen's sympathy for the Arabs does not classify her as an "anti-Semite", as the Jewish cabal is now screaming. Helen was advocating for Arab human rights.

Is support for the human rights of Arabs now considered bigotry? If so, the Jewish-owned media and propaganda machinery has done its job well.

Helen Thomas was deliberately stalked and set up by a politically active Jewish Rabbi who targeted this grand old lady of journalism. It was a very cheap shot, from a man who does not want American Jews to assimilate into the general population, as Helen Thomas did. The stalking Rabbi is a de facto Israeli agent, who is shilling for Jews to leave the USA and make Aliyah to the Jewish State. The Rabbi is an ingrate, a misfit and a borderline traitor, in my book. He should be deported to Israel ASAP.

Long live Helen Thomas!!

By: dargent7 on 6/10/10 at 6:40

...." an ingrate, a misfit and a borderline traitor".....kinda harsh. House hasn't even logged in yet.

By: vechester on 6/10/10 at 6:40

Helen Thomas has a long known history of being anti-Semitic. Many reporters have confessed that she has spoken this way privately on many occasions. Unfortunately she is representative of most of the left and their contempt for Israel. The fact that she was allowed to sit on the front row at WH press conferences shows another more troubling problem in DC.

The deterioration of the comments above on the subject shows that people on the left have no defense of factual evidence of bigotry and hatred on the left. Say what you want to defend her, but she merely reflects the sentiments of the administration and many others on the left.

By: Kosh III on 6/10/10 at 6:45

How can she be antiSemitic? Her parents were immigrants from Lebanon.

She sat on the front row because of senority.

By: house_of_pain on 6/10/10 at 6:54

Helen Thomas walks into a Bar Mitzvah...

By: dargent7 on 6/10/10 at 6:56

Real women walk into Bat Mitzvah's.

By: govskeptic on 6/10/10 at 7:02

Ms. Thomas should have retired several yrs ago. She's been a grouchy
ole bitty for many yrs now. There would have been the same reaction
if her statement had been anti-Islamic, maybe worse. Only anti-christian
statements are politically and socially acceptable in today's enviroment.

By: Loner on 6/10/10 at 7:09

Vechester sez, "Unfortunately she is representative of most of the left and their contempt for Israel."

Oy! Vechester, 37 of the 38 Jewish members of the US Congress are liberal Democrats, Eric Cantor is the lone Republican Jew. You don't know what you are talking about, sir.

Let me inform you, support for Israel is absolutely bipartisan in Washington. Why is that? That's because AIPAC, COPOMAJO and the ADL constantly monitor the actions of Congress and the WH, checking to make sure that the millions in Jewish campaign donations translate into an "Israel first" mentality for each and every American lawmaker on their "payroll". Nobody gets elected to a national office if any of those three Jewish organizations has any objections to their candidacy. Examples abound.

The US media is almost completely owned by Zionist Jews with a dual allegiance problem. This is why most Americans have condemned Helen Thomas...the media has excoriated the woman and the American people are mainly followers and believers. If CNN or FOX says Helen is a bigot, that's all they need to hear.

Folks don't normally think for themselves these days, they just go to their favorite media outlet and get programmed. Then, they regurgitate the talking points, and act as if they are knowledgeable.

By: Captain Nemo on 6/10/10 at 7:13


There is no bashing of “Real Christianity” only the travesty that the rightwing fringe calls a religion.

By: Loner on 6/10/10 at 7:27

Here is a link to a relevant story that should alarm any American patriot. This appeared on the Jewish Telegraph Agency's website, just yesterday. It seems that (US) Rep. Gary Ackerman, D -NY, is also the head of an international "club" of Jewish Parliamentarians and as such, he is calling for all US Jewish lawmakers to convene a meeting in Jerusalem, Israel. Apparently, it's a Jews Only affair; and you can bet that it won't be highly publicized.

I think that if all the black US Congressmen were to convene a meeting in Africa, the Southern white crackers would go ballistic.

If all the Catholic US lawmakers convened a special meeting in Rome, the US evangelicals would scream bloody murder.

If all the Irish-American US lawmakers convened such a meeting in Belfast, all kinds of accusations would be flying.

But, when these dual allegiance AIPAC stooges want some privacy to discuss the undiscussable, nobody has the caljones to ask reasonable questions. Such is the fear of the Jewish lobby.

Here's the link to the JTA article entitled "Ackerman calls on Jewish lawmakers to meet in Jerusalem" (June 9, 2010).


By: Captain Nemo on 6/10/10 at 7:30

That is a very good point Loner.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/10/10 at 7:37

gov, i can guarantee you that anti-Christian sentiments are not "acceptible" in our society.

By: govskeptic on 6/10/10 at 7:37

Capt: Apparently there is a rightwing and leftwing Christianity
that I'm not aware of. If you proclaim it then you are Right wing,
if you feel it has some validity but not worth mentioning in public it's left wing! Am I right about that? Doesn't change the fact that Ms. Thomas should have retired long ago as to the point.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/10/10 at 7:38

btw....go Blackhawks!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 6/10/10 at 7:38

gov, there is a religious left.

By: budlight on 6/10/10 at 7:41

I'm sort of offended at the "old" people jokes and nasty digs on this site. All of you who are anti-geriatric are racist or would that geriatric-ist? Anyway, you're all getting older by the nano-second. Be care what you say about seniors, it will haunt your tired old aching butts some day.

Joe Biden said "this is "f**king great" and to me the world heard a VP with a foul mouth. Wish he'd been fired as fast as Helen. And Obama has a litany of "mis-speaks". So why is he still around?

Helen misspoke! Give it a rest. Oh, and I never liked her as a t.v. person. So I"m not defending her religious view or anything like that. Don't go off on a tangent, D7.

By: Loner on 6/10/10 at 7:43

Thanks, Captain Nemo, I thought it was all relevant to the topic of the day.

It's hard to read that JTA piece without wondering wha's up with American Jewry. Since Obama's popularity in the Jewish State is the lowest ever, for any US President and since many Israelis consider him to be an existential threat to Israel, it is reasonable to conclude that the Israeli leadership has a contingency plan for removing Mr. Obama and replacing him with the @ss-licking Joe Biden.

Is this plan on the secret agenda for the J'lem meeting? Or, do you all think, they'll be talking about matza ball recipes?

Wake up, America, our President is on thin Kosher ice.

By: budlight on 6/10/10 at 7:45

Loner, maybe you should warn them. I mean, what can we do?

By: budlight on 6/10/10 at 7:51

Can someone tell me what the following quote means?

"For purposes of this contract, "Illegal Immigrant" shall be defined as any person who is not either a United States citizen, a lawful permanent resident, or a person whose physical presence in the United States is authorized or allowed by the department of homeland security and who, under federal immigration laws and/or regulations, is authorized to be employed in the U.S. or is otherwise authorized to provide services under the contract. "

Does this mean "illegal" immigrants are not legally eligible for hire?

By: slacker on 6/10/10 at 7:53

Clouse, I agree with you. Helen apologized, and that should have been the end of it.
I suspect she might have had an alcoholic beverage, and was spouting off.
Its the politically correct genre, thats polarizing the country.

By: house_of_pain on 6/10/10 at 7:54

d7, our summer student attends Wayne College in Detroit, and he's originally from Orange County...we could use your help as a translator.

By: budlight on 6/10/10 at 7:54

I am in a posting state of mind. I want to post, post, post. Too bad I've got to get to wrok.

To those who love me, see ya later. To those who don't, well, I can't say much to you or for you.

Remember the North won! The WAR is over. Let's stop the battles before we have another war.

For every racist on the plantet, I'm sure there are 10 or more liberals to balance out the universe. Racism is out of date. So racists are just blaise' and not important enough to talk about.

Hug a person who's different than you today!

By: Funditto on 6/10/10 at 7:54

Everybody knows IDGAF was spawned. Which explains his contempt for anyone whose descendants were immigrants. Where was the outrage when (fill in the FOX News person) spewed a hateful comment? Helen was a legend and will be missed.

By: dargent7 on 6/10/10 at 7:55

People don't "miss speak". They say what they believe, then the backlash and fallout, then the firing. Or in Helen's case, "retirement".
Happened to "Jimmy the Greek" when he said blacks have larger thighs than whites, Dan Rather who screwed up the GW Bush NG service story, and Don Imus who said "nappy headed hoes", ending 30 years in radio. (for a while).
Now, they're piling on McCartney for saying Bush "doesn't know what a library is".
The psychos in Nashville (Republicans) want his concert cancelled.
It's not how or what you say, it's to whom and about whom you say it.

By: Funditto on 6/10/10 at 7:57

cyber hug, sid!

By: budlight on 6/10/10 at 7:57

oh House, I'm jealous. For 4 years we've had students from all over the world stay here. You're lucky! It's a joy to share the American culture with them and a joy to share the life of any student from America or otherwise.

Have a good day.

(not mean-jealous!)

By: dargent7 on 6/10/10 at 7:58

House: Anyone leaving Orange County (I assume you mean CA, not FL) for the shores of Wayne State will certainly get an education.
Not of the scholastic kind, but of the armed robbery, breaking and entering, GTA, and have to watch and root for the Detroit Lions this season.
Put the lad on suicide watch.

By: BenDover on 6/10/10 at 7:58

She and Mel Gibson should get together for a few drinks.

By: Loner on 6/10/10 at 7:59

Warn them? And get the Helen Thomas pummeling? Nobody would believe me, if I tried.

I post on newspaper forums and on my blog, that's about all I can do at this point.

The Israelis routinely dispatch government-paid assassination units, or hit squads. Boundaries do not matter, the Mossad killed a suspect in Dubai a while back and the USA remained silent. Arabs are routinely murdered by the state or by "settlers" in Israel and the OT.

With a country as open as ours and with trust for Israelis a given, knocking off Obama will be a piece of cake. Of course, some Arab or Persian or a "nutjob" will squeeze the trigger....but, the gunman will be an unwitting dupe of the Mossad. You heard it hear first.

Of course, there may be a plan B. Israeli agents often use the "honeypot" trap to snare their victims. If Obama is exposed as a cheating womanizer, who must resign, then you can safely bet that the Israelis were behind the scandal...that's the Israeli Modus Operandi.

By: dnewton on 6/10/10 at 7:59

The only thing Helen Thomas did wrong is to be, for a twinkling of the eye, Helen Thomas. I think the reason she was fired because she came out of the closet just long enough for a large group of people to see what was really there. Our President has that effect on his radical followers. They are getting comfortable now. The Left needs to hide their agenda and their deepest emotions to keep the majority from knowing where hate really resides in this country which is on the Left. They hate salt, fat, big oil, the rich and anyone who disagrees with them.

Ironically, disrespect for the Constitution leads to an environment that does not value free speech. What is also weird is that Helen Thomas, as a loonie Leftist, should be supporting Israel since it was their wonderful UN that mandated the state of Israel by a majority vote. The UN made a mistake? Maybe ,Helen thinks the UN should be de-funded until it gets Utopia right?

I would like to hear her over and over again explain exactly how she would send the Jews back to wherever they come from. Who would pay compensation for the homes and businesses lost or would, as a normal Leftist thinks, stealing be the operational policy of the new perfect state of Palestine?

Keep talking Helen and please name names.