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Wednesday, March 26, 2003 at 1:00am

ESP article needs better research


I read The City Paper March 24 article about ESP and the writers' disdain for it and disbelief in it ("Take a scientific look behind myth of ESP," p. 27). I find it interesting that being medically trained the writers, Drs. Steve Olivas and Shawn Stewart, did not choose to do any actual research on this topic by visiting with local psychics to test and prove, or disprove, their theory. That disappoints me, considering the field they are in. To come to conclusions without appropriate research and findings? Shame on them.

Yes, there are the TV psychics like Ms. Cleo who give this entire subject a bad name. However, had the writers truly done in-depth study into the gift of ESP and psychic ability, they would find that this ability dates back to days far beyond the Bible.

In Greek history, prophets - or psychics, as we call them today - were very highly respected on the social ladder, and many political leaders would not make any decisions as to the future of their nations without first consulting with their readers for advice and guidance. The Greek Bible speaks clearly on the subject of prophecy and how those who are granted this gift from God are to share it with others - of course, not at $3.95 a minute on television.

There are many gifted prophets around today, even right here in Nashville. Olivas and Stewart talk about these individuals making claims that any educated reader of events could predict. I choose to argue with them. I have several local, and very gifted, readers who do not put out signs, do not advertise, and truly possess this gift. They have no need to control anyone's life. They choose to share their gifts in order to help with insight and spiritual healing.

How could anyone explain a psychic warning me of my son's impending danger in an upside down black car and warning me to keep him out of it? Three weeks later his friend turned his black Mustang upside down, and both kids were killed. How would you explain specific predictions such as exact job locations with names and dates specifically associated with them? I could go on for days.

I want to say shame on those writers for not doing their research on this topic, scientific or otherwise. I challenge them to contact a few of the most gifted psychics right here in Nashville. An honest and open visit with any one of them would truly change their minds.



More high school scores, please


I really have enjoyed reading The City Paper during the past year. I find your paper to be full of interesting information. I love the letters to the editor and the sports pages the most (and Pickles in the comic section). However, I wish you would include high school football and basketball scores in more than AAA and Division II.

There are a lot of us transplants in Nashville who keep up with our old high school teams. Mine has gone to the state in both class AAA (football) and AA (basketball), but I couldn't find the scores in your paper. That's ridiculous. It would certainly help to include those scores, and it couldn't take up that much space. I'm not asking for articles, just the scores!

Thanks, and keep up the good work.



Antiwar opinion still unchanged


If you were against someone doing something he has threatened to do, why would your mind be changed when that someone actually does what he threatened? That is ludicrous! This is what I think about President Bush and his war: I was against this president and his reasons for war before, and I am even more so now.

As for our troops, they are innocent. Our soldiers have no idea as to the atrocities this president is willing to commit in order to have Iraq in his back pocket pumping in oil. Yes, I still believe that is the reason for this war.

Let us not forget it has never been proven that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. It has never been proven Iraq was involved with Sept. 11, 2001. Why didn't this president and his administration ever let our Government Accounting Office (GAO), the legal arm of our Congress, see the energy policy this administration has? Because it has everything to do with this war, and this administration does not want the American people to know this.

The only nations that are behind our president are nations that have been threatened by our president. I have great respect for the office of president, but not the man who currently holds that office. There is a difference. He got that office under "fuzzy" events and threatened with economic blackmail.

One last thought: Natalie Maines and the rest of the Dixie Chicks should stick by their convictions and not be swayed by the dollar.



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