Letters To The Editor

Thursday, April 3, 2003 at 1:00am

How can Congress live with itself?


We have a Congress that was duly elected, sworn to uphold the Constitution and properly represent the people. We have a president who was not elected. He was appointed to office by a slim margin of a partisan Supreme Court.

A majority of our Congress members have opted to bury their heads in an unsanitary place and let an Attention Deficit Disorder president start a war without proper authority or U.N. approval.

All the blood spilled in this massacre is going to be on the hands of the people in Congress. I hope they can live with that fact. By letting this president, his advisors and Cabinet perpetrate this hoax, Congress has done irreparable harm to the United States' prestige throughout the world.

With many billions of dollars squandered and many lives needlessly lost, I wonder if Congress members can look at each other and say what manner of people they are.



Antiwar protesters aided communists


During the Vietnam War it was the antiwar demonstrators and the so-called peace groups that helped deliver South Vietnam to the communists. Similar groups are now aiding and abetting Saddam Hussein and the terrorists.



Give private-based education a chance


I am disturbed by the actions that our public school system is taking regarding Jordan, the autistic fourth-grader (April 1, "Mom fights for autistic son," p. 1).

The fact that Granbery Elementary is willing to disregard the instructions of Jordan's psychologist makes me question this school's professional competency. I also question whether or not today's public school system is prepared to meet the educational needs of society.

Perhaps if the government were willing to give a more private-based educational system a chance, then we wouldn't have the kind of petty political disputes in our schools that ultimately put students like Jordan at risk of educational bankruptcy.



Iraq invasion is mass murder


Before we completely overdose on talk-show fairy dust, let's at least have the honesty to call the tragedy in Iraq what it is: mass murder. We have invaded a country that never fired a single shot to provoke us, and we are killing its citizens by the hundreds. We're blowing them apart and burning them alive. And many of them are women and children who are guilty of nothing.

There are few of us who wouldn't take up arms to defend our own country against invaders, but when the Iraqis do it, we try to make it seem like they're the aggressors and we're the good guys. So let's just kill them all. How dare they swarm us like gnats and slow us down when the road to Baghdad is long and there are so many more we must slaughter?

Does Saddam Hussein have weapons of mass destruction in his country? Yes. They are we.



Quit Bush-bashing; election is over


I was wondering if Joe Montgomery Jr. and his leftist liberal cohorts ever considered that the president he bashed in the April 1 letter to the editor ("No comparing Clinton, Bush") is leading the fight for the perpetuation of freedom - the very freedom that allows Montgomery and other ignorant souls to say such ignorant things in a public forum.

It pains me to know that I share American soil with such jealous and angry people who stoop to Bush-bashing because Al Gore's pathetic presidential campaign couldn't even gather the electoral votes in his own great state of Tennessee. The election is over. Get over it. Support our leader, and cast your vote in 2004.

Support our troops, and quit griping about the state of the world. Be proud to be an American. Be proud that you can voice your opinion without being tortured. The irony obviously escapes you.



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