Letters To The Editor

Monday, April 7, 2003 at 1:00am

Elephant defense is evolutionary


To those who think it is folly and perhaps even un-American to prohibit elephants from performing in circuses, I would remind people that there was a time when it was considered appropriate and proper to put humans as well as animals in gladiator rings and enjoy the bloodshed that inevitably followed. It was also acceptable and appropriate to enslave certain races and classes of human beings.

Thankfully, we have evolved in the last few centuries to condemn these practices as cruel and heartless. Perhaps we should consider that dominion over animals may mean that we should treat them with kindness and respect rather than exploit and use them for our own selfish entertainment. Check out www.circuses.com and witness firsthand the brutality animals must endure.



Participants need info in democracy


Your recent editorial stating the war was going pretty much on track invites a response (April 2, "War effort generally going according to plan"). I'm concerned your editorial staff might have been injured tripping over themselves trying to paint the Iraqi people as terrorists and brainwashers. Are you OK? Have you sustained a head injury that has disabled your cognitive faculties?

The embedded reporting you so quickly dismiss was set in place to provide good press to a bad war, to facilitate psychological warfare on Iraq and the other members of the axis of evil, and to demonstrate America's uncontested military superiority. Now that resistance is appearing on all fronts, now that the realities of war are at hand, you ask Americans to turn off the TV now and then.

Shame on you. If there is to be a democracy, participants need information, whether we like it or not. Your paper's lack of coverage of the war and the general bias of patriotism over honesty greatly threatens that democracy as well as your credibility. So, if you want to be a local paper, fine. Please be consistent and don't taunt me with half-baked, ill-conceived clich

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