Letters To The Editor

Monday, April 14, 2003 at 1:00am

Protesters defend U.S. conscience


The April 3 headline, "Protesters who continue during war hate America," for your publication of Joseph Perkins' syndicated commentary is absolutely wrong and deeply offensive, not to mention disloyal to loyal Americans who are against this dishonorable war in Iraq.

The war in Iraq is dishonorable because we have sent our young men and women into battle against innocent people who have not attacked us. Those of us who point this out do so because we love the United States and do not want to see her do wrong - not only to the Iraqi people but also not to our own people who will have this on their conscience for the rest of their lives.

A better headline would be "Misinformed columnist gets it wrong." Try again.



Dispute war, but support our troops


Maybe the people misunderstand war protesters because the antiwar people can't show a clear support for our troops.

How about this as a new rule: If a war is left as our only option in this country, people should contact their political leaders, march, etc., but then close it down and pray for our defenders once they start to defend all of our confused freedoms. Back our troops now and forever when they are involved in the protection of American lives and freedoms.

Do people mistakenly believe the opponent of current President Bush could have done a better job? President Bush is from Texas and was slighted in the beginning of his term, although he has performed admirably in the honored tradition of this office. Maybe the election had too much attention.

Women in the military deserve the right to express their freedom, and we have no right to take this from them. Women can be Americans also, despite family choices.



Truth is found in the middle


I listen to the left, and I listen to the right about the war in Iraq. Somewhere in the middle is the truth. I watch the pictures and I imagine. I believe in the bottom of my heart none of this is clearly black and white. I believe after all this time and after all the negative propaganda, we should understand at the very least there would be mixed emotions regarding the intentions of the United States.

We make it easy sometimes to be targets. We show a devout nation that our people believe strangers from television can marry two individuals in holy matrimony - or at least it is things like that they are allowed to glimpse of us.

I see a people who seem genuinely grateful not to be under some thug's thumb. I hear stories of two sons who competed over who could be meaner. I read of the atrocities told by those who survived the torture.

War is an ugly invention of humankind, as is racism, poverty, rape and brutality. The list goes on and on. There is suffering on this planet.

I pray for those people, those women and men who tuck their kids in at night trying to make sense of this. They try to protect and comfort their children just like I do. I am just like them. They are just like me. There, but for the grace of God

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