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Tuesday, April 15, 2003 at 1:00am

You think cleaning fluids are unsafe?


I was interested in your April 9 front-page story on cleanup required after 50-plus years of laundry cleaning fluids leaking into Edgehill soil ("White Way soil needs cleaning").

In my Hartsville neighborhood a foreign company would like to make nuclear fuel and store its toxic waste on our soil. If a cleaning fluid can have disastrous effect on residents, can you imagine what casks of leaking uranium hexafluoride could do?

Actually, companies using cleaning fluids are assessed a tax to help remediate cases like Edgehill's. A bill moving through the legislature now would bring a privilege tax on nuclear material up to a level relative to its well-known toxicity.

Uranium in my neighborhood may have numbered days, or so we hope, but Oak Ridge residents could surely benefit as time comes and goes to clean up their nuclear mess if Rep. Rob Briley's legislation passes. I hope readers alert their legislators to support this critical piece of set-the-matter-straight legislation. We need it to pass!



Latest book review was on a favorite


I just read your April 10 article, "Grisham talks class," about Jon Grisham's A Painted House (p. 28). Your article caught my attention because that book has become my all-time favorite of Grisham's - and I have read a lot of his books.

But this one in particular draws me in, and I just cannot put it down. I did notice in your article that you referred to Ricky as Luke's older brother when, in fact, he is Luke's uncle. Ricky is the 19-year-old brother of Luke's dad. Luke was an only child until the end when his mother told him that she was pregnant.

I thought I would write to clarify that misprint. As far as Luke's age, I would have to agree that the character he portrayed was far wiser and acted much older than the 7 years he was supposed to be.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to reading more wonderful articles about some good books.



Show other side of Mideast coin


In the hope of getting all that "fair and balanced reporting" in this paper, I would suggest that when reporting on events in Israel you use different sources than the ones currently used.

You deliver papers to the Gordon Jewish Community Center, and it seems impossible for me to read the rest of your well-written paper after finding inflammatory headlines about Israel killing Palestinians (rarely the reverse).

Remember, some of your readers are Jewish and support Israel. Show the other side of the coin. It will only serve to make you a better paper. Better yet, go to HonestReporting.com and see how it hurts newspapers when they don't print accurate information for that part of the world. Thank you!



Dream: U.S. wins but Bush loses war


I have a dream. In it America has won the war, but President Bush has lost the war. No future president or prime minister will ever go to war without the consent and support of the rest of the world, and no nation that does not have an elected government will have a seat in the United Nations. I don't care if the government is liberal, conservative, socialist or communist, just so it is elected.

Sept. 11, 2001, was not the event that changed the world; it just woke up the free world. The FBI, CIA and the baggage inspectors did not fail us; they did the best job they could with the instructions we gave them. The best the terrorists could do with all the money and effort they spent was sneak a few small carton knives on a few planes. Had we told our people who check entry papers and the airline pilots who flew the planes to act with a little more discretion, as we are now doing, the outcome would have been different.

If the over-reactions by a conservative president, the creation of the largest bureaucracy in our history, and the loss of the respect and good will that we have paid so dearly for does not call for a "regime change" in November 2004, then Sen. John Kerry is a traitor.

I feel so much safer now that Ollie North is embedded in Baghdad. Had he been in charge Sept. 11, we would not be in this mess. OK, so I would not sleep much at night, big deal.

People who ask, "Is Iraq ready for democracy?" prove only that they have been asleep for the last 20 years. With the fall of the Soviet Union, it is no longer necessary to remake the world in our image. By encouraging a free-market economy, which is much more cost-effective than to force a government on them, we can be sure they will behave.

China is not a democracy, but its leader knows that a free-market economy is a lot less messy and much more profitable for his nation. The age of the free-lance tyrant is over. Long live the age of the CEO. Three cheers for Enron!



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