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Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 1:00am

Don't give Harding too big of a voice


As chair of the Conservation Committee in the Belle Meade Links, I feel compelled to write and clear up a few things.

First, this committee has been working on an overlay since early 2002, about 14 months.

Second, all 144 property owners have been contacted, and over 70 percent support the overlay.

Third, the process for developing support and the application for a conservation overlay does not rest on Harding Academy's actions. We support a conservation overlay - Harding, no Harding; park, no park; fields, no fields.

Fourth, if Harding is successful in convincing the court and Metro's Board of Zoning Appeals that it should be able to bulldoze those homes, conservation overlay becomes more important, not less. Every resident wants to be assured that what may be built on that land in the future is consistent with the character and architecture of the subdivision. I think even those folks writing you from Belle Meade would agree with that goal.

Harding Academy owns a mere 7 percent of the property in this neighborhood. Let's not afford them a voice any louder than that just because they have a high-priced lawyer, an expensive public relations firm, and a group of wealthy parents.



Harding Academy has been upfront


It is sad that a school that has done so much for a neighborhood and a community over the course of the last three decades is being slandered and damaged by a small band of neighbors and elected officials.

For over a decade Harding Academy has made its intentions known regarding land purchases in its neighborhood. Any reference otherwise is false and misleading.

Neighborhood opposition to the proposed park is by no means unanimous; although by reading media reports one would think this is the case.

If there had been open and honest negotiations from the beginning, Harding students and non-Harding students alike would already be enjoying the park.



Belmont resident tired of vandals


I live in the 2400 block of Belmont Boulevard, and we have been displaying our support for our troops and our president through a yard sign, as many different points of view have been displayed over the past few months. I am sorry to report that we have had nothing but problems since we put our sign out.

Every couple of days we have to hunt the sign down because it has been thrown into the bushes. On several occasions the sign has been bent in half and thrown back on the lawn. This is often accompanied by a large pile of what I presume to be dog feces.

This is very disappointing. I am proud of the fact that we live in a neighborhood with varying points of view, and I sincerely hope that those with an opposing view to my own are not experiencing the same vandalism. I am happy to report that our sign is rather durable, so we have been able to continue to display our support.

I am hopeful that as a neighborhood we can condemn such acts and respect each other's right to express our views.



Clearing same name confusion


I have been told there is some confusion regarding the candidates for the upcoming Metro election. I would agree with some of the readers who commented saying The City Paper does not give a complete list of the mayoral candidates, and this would seem to give incumbent Mayor Bill Purcell an even greater advantage than he already has.

I am running for mayor. My uncle, Larry Schmittou is running for Metro Council at large. I love my uncle and his family and support my uncle's candidacy because I know he is very dedicated to Nashville. Larry and I are two individuals who make decisions for ourselves, and we will each have our own platform. I have not discussed my platform with Larry.

My campaign is based on very serious issues that I have with corruption in our local and state government. I must do everything possible to have several politicians removed from office because I believe people's lives are being destroyed due to the improper relationship many legislators have with lobbyists. I believe I must fight this battle until it is won.

I hope my efforts will not affect my uncle's campaign in any way because we are two individuals who make our own decisions, and I believe Larry has worked hard to be a positive contributor to Nashville.



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