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Tuesday, June 10, 2003 at 1:00am

Carey's book can still be located


Saralee begins the June 5 Book Club column asserting that Bill Carey's Fortunes, Fiddles and Fried Chicken: A Business History of Nashville is "almost impossible to find," an inaccuracy perhaps proffered in the forgivable cause of affable boosterism.

This title is perhaps out of print, but for those who wish to buy a copy it must be noted that the little hole-in-the-wall online bookseller Amazon.com still lists it for $34.95 including shipping.

Should one not wish to wait eight to 14 days for shipping, as Amazon's Web site suggests, one can also visit Elliston Place bookseller Elders, which is advertising the same book for $45 over the Internet at http://dogbert.abebooks.com/abe/BookDetails?bi=197681334 and would probably offer it for the same price in person. Elders has doubtless salted away a crate or two of these books, as is its custom with new books relating to Nashville, and is a fine source for books of local interest.

A person probably won't find the October 2000 publication piled on the tables at our Rivergate Sam's Club ever again, but it is by no means "almost impossible to find."



Paper's coverage is astronomical


I am a daily reader of The City Paper and would like to express my appreciation for you placing an astronomy photograph on the front page of your June 6 issue! What a refreshing change from the horrific headlines involving Iraq, corporate scandals, etc.

As an avid amateur astronomer, I feel that such photos and articles are very educational and represent a very positive alternative to the material that most newspapers report on a daily basis.

Again, thanks so much!



Has LES changed with new leaders?


Will the real LES please stand up? Now that George Dials, Nan Kilkeary and George Byers are gone, has anything really changed concerning this proposed LES uranium enrichment plant?

These new guys are likeable folks that are at least from Tennessee, but has that changed any part of the equation associated with the plant locating in Trousdale County? LES still plans on storing thousands and thousands of tons of deadly chemical and radioactive waste on the banks of our water supply. They still plan on releasing radioactive and dangerous chemicals into the river. They still plan on routinely releasing radioactive material into the air.

So let me ask a few simple questions: Who will be breathing these radioactive materials that will be released? Who will be drinking the water that has had radioactive materials dumped into it? Who will be affected by having a nuclear/chemical dump right on the banks of the Cumberland River? Who will be affected if there were ever a serious natural disaster, such as a tornado, flood or earthquake? Who will be affected if some terrorist decided to launch a rocket across the river into the plant or its hazardous waste storage area? The answer to all of these questions is obvious and remains the same: our families, friends and neighbors.

Please keep in mind that these new guys are being paid enormous salaries to tell us it's safe and that we need this plant. It's time, once and for all, to tell LES we don't want it. A piece of rhubarb pie is a piece of rhubarb pie no matter who serves it to you.



Support Gore for president


I have recently learned www.ElectGore04.com is sponsoring an Al Gore support rally in Nashville June 14. The purpose of the rally is to say thank you to Gore for all he has done for this country and encourage all Democrats to support our effort to draft him as the Democratic nominee for president at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

Gore has said he has the ambition, drive and energy to make another campaign, and I think this is a great idea. Our country is in desperate need of a president who understands the economy and needs of the average family - a president who would know how to make the United States a safer place for all.

I am a proud supporter of Gore, a man who has lived his life in a way that has set the standard for others to follow. Gore is a great leader who will return our country to the days when there were jobs for all, the economy was growing, and peace around the world was a reality.



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