Letters To The Editor

Wednesday, June 18, 2003 at 1:00am

Nashville's paper covers institution


Filling Vanderbilt Stadium seats, answering the question "why are TPAC renovations taking so long?" keeping the politicians in the news, finding a home for a gentle pup, and according to my husband, the best sports coverage in America are only a few of the reasons The City Paper is truly "Nashville's Newspaper," and any Nashvillian not reading it is missing out.

The recent Swan Ball insert in The City Paper will no doubt be devoured by readers. Like it or not, the Swan Ball is a Nashville institution, and the storybook insert covering each chapter from start to finish proves The City Paper staff is a well-oiled machine. Its readers reap the benefits of realizing what a determined and talented group of Cheekwood supporters can accomplish. The white-tie evening lasts a few hours for a chosen few; the gardens, the new dinosaur exhibit, the classrooms and such are for all those who choose to be enriched and enlightened all year long.



Illegal aliens' birthrates soar


I read with much interest your article on the exploding student population in Antioch schools (June 16, "Growth outpacing schools," p. 1). I felt the need after reading the article to comment on a glaring omission.

Although reporter Nicole Troutman mentions the new homebuyers and apartment dwellers flooding into the area, she fails to mention the fact that a huge number of these people (mostly apartment dwellers) are illegal aliens and their children. The latest population projections for the United States suggest that Americans' birthrates are steady and healthy, while the birthrates of illegal and legal residents is skyrocketing.

Does anyone else see the problem facing us regarding unchecked illegal immigrants? Allow me to explain: Overpopulation is bad; steady population is good.



'Body beautiful' article helpful


I just want to thank you and Susan Passi-Klaus for publishing her story "The body beautiful: Try to wear it well" (June 16, p. 22). I am a young woman who is just getting used to my new body. I am developing curves, although they are more than I desired! I have been struggling with body image issues that have come from various sources such as media, pop culture, and yes, even my new mother-in-law's perception of perfection. I think this article was very uplifting and made me rethink what my body is becoming.

I hope to one day have children, and I am growing the hips to make that possible. I too have battle scars, although they are small, which remind me of things I have survived. I have been looking for explanations as to why I should accept these changes, as I know I cannot stop them. With Passi-Klaus' insight, I think I have a better idea of the many things to look forward to as my body goes through a natural progression of life.

I, too, have thought about changing certain physical characteristics of mine, but now I see that would truly change who I am and who I am supposed to be. Again, thank you for the uplifting article. It was the answer I needed in my search for self. Now I can look forward to those laugh lines and gray hair in a way that I never thought possible.


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