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Monday, April 18, 2011 at 10:05pm

There is currently no prohibition against serving in the Metro Council and the state legislature at the same time, so I have a problem with criticizing [Jim] Gotto for doing something that is perfectly legal at this time. That said, I do think there is a conflict of interest and this issue needs to be addressed in the future. For those who don't have cable but do have Internet access and want to see Metro Council meetings, here is the link to watch Metro3 live on streaming media. You can also watch archived meetings as well:

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By: govskeptic on 4/19/11 at 4:21

Apparently the only way to serve in both positions are for you to pledge your
loyalty to Metro, and the Nashville Press Corp, over any state interest that may
arise or be in conflict with! It's apparently also works better if you always join
the liberal wing of the council in voting on their long list of agenda items!

By: dargent7 on 4/19/11 at 5:15

I prefer to watch US Congress on C-Span.
I like the part when all the Republicans ask for Obama's birth cert., saying he wasn't born in the US. Hawai'i either.

By: Loner on 4/19/11 at 5:39

Good mornng, Nashville!

When we are talking about elected politics, a conflict of interests is usually considered a confluence of interests, for those who stand to benefit from the insider deals. Human beings have an unlimited capacity to rationalize's the old "the ends justify the means" argument.

By: treehugger7 on 4/19/11 at 5:57

Thanks for the link, breath. I love C-Span too, Dargent. There is no better comedy on tv ....

By: serr8d on 4/19/11 at 6:03

Got 401(k)? Grab yer ankles...

"If we have a crisis, it will occur suddenly as markets reach a tipping point, taking people by surprise."

"To me, the important thing to keep in mind is that some people's expectations for their future retirement will have to be disappointed. Government obligations, including worker pensions, Social Security, and Medicare, are underfunded. Government may renege on its promises. If instead it tries to keep its promises, it will probably have to confiscate the wealth of those who are trying to provide for their own retirement. One of those unpleasant scenarios, or a combination of the two, is fairly certain to occur."

"The decisions over how to distribute the pain are likely to involve intense political conflict. The longer we avoid making the hard decisions, the worse the ultimate conflict is likely to be. If you think that the tough choices will only be made under crisis conditions, then you might actually root for a crisis to occur sooner rather than later."

And you're worried about a minor freakshow involving a local politician who is, and always will be, a nobody?


By: gdiafante on 4/19/11 at 6:06

The sky is falling...the sky is falling...

Oh, wait, no it's just rain.

By: gdiafante on 4/19/11 at 6:07

You actually watch that, darge? Are you a sadist?

By: dargent7 on 4/19/11 at 6:11

gD: Hardly.

By: budlight on 4/19/11 at 7:21

dargent7 on 4/19/11 at 6:15
I prefer to watch US Congress on C-Span.
I like the part when all the Republicans ask for Obama's birth cert., saying he wasn't born in the US. Hawai'i either.

D7, if he had nothing to hide, please just give me a simple answer: Why did he spend so much money to block the court filings of asking for his birth certificate? Why not just simply produce one in court? Me thinks he doth protest too much.

After all, there is no legal name change of record when he changed from Barry Sorento (?) to Barack Hussain Obama. Can one just change their name without a legal court filing? NOT!

By: Captain Nemo on 4/19/11 at 7:22

Good morning

By: Captain Nemo on 4/19/11 at 7:23

This use to be a common occurring procedure in council, however this is the first case in sometime. Most that served in both city and state government did so until their time in council ran out. I believe that Tim Garrett made a full time job out of both at one time. That was before term limits was enacted.

Gotto’s time in council is running out, but you can take to the bank that his mischief making will only get worst.

By: gdiafante on 4/19/11 at 7:26

"Me thinks he doth protest too much."

What exactly is he protesting? He's produced what was legally necessary.

It's not his fault birthers are too stupid to see what's right in front of them.

By: Captain Nemo on 4/19/11 at 7:41

People can call themselves any name they want. However for legal matters it has to be done through the courts.

Now back to Gotto. He is a man the will wreak havoc in Tennessee if not stopped. He will cause more damage to the states sanity than, yogi.

By: Loner on 4/19/11 at 7:59

Serr8d, you never expressed your love of fiscal responsibility when Bush & Cheney cut taxes for the rich and the corporations and then started two elective, expensive Holy Wars, to make the world safe for Zionism in Palestine.

As I recall, you actually blamed Barack Hussein Obama for the Sept. 15, 2008 financial crash, even though he was yet to be elected and four months away from taking the Oath of Office.

Your new-found zeal for fiscal responsibility is based on some sort of an epiphany, or what?

By: Captain Nemo on 4/19/11 at 8:09

Loner I guess we will have to look on the Brightside when we dealing with logical disable right-wing fringe. They are not saying that it is all Bill Clintons fault. lol

By: revo-lou on 4/19/11 at 8:09

No loner, it is his "sharp" intellect.

By: BenDover on 4/19/11 at 8:17

The anticipation of Obama unchecked by a left led House and Senate did contribute to the financial collapse before he was inaugurated. Rich people aren't stupid and they started hedging while Obama was destroying the economy in promise... well before he started destroying it in practice.

By: Captain Nemo on 4/19/11 at 8:24

I knew you would say that Ben. That is standard wacko Bend Over for Bush talk. lol

By: yogiman on 4/19/11 at 8:26

I must disagree, gdiafante.

It is too stupid for those of you who haven't read the Constitution. Even if Obama was born in Hawaii, how could he be considered a natural born citizen with a Kenyan father with a 19 year old American mother under the laws of 1961.

The document he "produced" was simply a "Certification of Live Birth". Many people after him have provided actual long form birth certificates.

There has been shown the birth certificates of a woman who gave birth to twins on August 5 in the same hospital in consecutive order. Yet, the number shown on Obama's certificate is a larger number than the twins numbers.

Can you explain why his number is shown as after theirs?

By: BenDover on 4/19/11 at 8:35

Well nemo... my scenario has held up to the history. Time, as the arbiter, is judging my earlier opinions well.

By: revo-lou on 4/19/11 at 8:36

You know, the scary thing is, is that if you ignore the morons, they are still out there spreading their “disease”.

By: gdiafante on 4/19/11 at 8:49

I've already explained it to you, yogi, with sources. What have you done?

And no, sitting there being stupid is really not an action.

Ben, like yogi, can't understand simple concepts. When the crash occurred, Obama was not leading the polls. How would there be an expectation of victory if he wasn't ahead in the polls?

By: yogiman on 4/19/11 at 9:06


I'm sure, being the expert, as you seem to think you are, you have an expert explanation as to why Obama has placed our nation deeper into debt that all combined president before him, with a democratic controlled congress. Shall we say; trillions? And wants to go deeper into the debt hole?

Have you any explanation why?

By: BenDover on 4/19/11 at 9:18

Look at the trendlines gd. Using a fragment to discredit the whole is beneath your typical level of reason.

By: yogiman on 4/19/11 at 9:31


Are you aware the FEC has placed Obama under investigation about his 750 million campaign money? That is the most money over any candidate before him, and when basically, no one really knew him them (but they've learned a lot about him since then).

Did you know he "picked up" 150 million in September of that year? And by his own admission, more than half of his donors gave less than $200? And, unlike McCain, he will not release the names of those donors? There was over 4 million donors to him? And he received many donation over the $4600 limit? And that many donations? (37,000) were from foreigners? And his staff has never contacted any of the "over the legal limit" donors to refund that excess to them?

Now the major question comes: Where in the hell did he get all of that money? And from whom?

By: Captain Nemo on 4/19/11 at 9:34

The trend lines began 8yrs before Obama was elected and that would make it under George W. Bush.
$5 trillion added to national debt under Bush

By: Captain Nemo on 4/19/11 at 9:40

Obama is abetter natural born American that yogi.

B/T/W The only point you got yogi is your head.

By: yogiman on 4/19/11 at 9:59

I agree with you, dumba..,

Obama is more of a natural born citizen than I... in Kenya.

By: BenDover on 4/19/11 at 10:26

Nemo... Bush left a $700,000,000,000 receivable that Obama cashed in and re-spent. So... let's take your $5 trillion at face value... knock off the $700Billion in TARP repayments we get to $4.3 Trillion over 8 years. This including the .com bubble bust... the Enron / WorldCom debacles, 9/11 and prosecuting two wars entered upon with a 90% consensus of congress and the public opinion.

If you add in Obama respending all the TARP money with no viable offsetting receivable He's outspent the whole 8 years of Bush in just a little over 2 years with $1,500,000,000,000 deficits, year over year, for all the foreseeable future.

Dude... I long for the days of deficits in the hundreds of billions spent mostly on the one-time cost of prosecuting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

By: yogiman on 4/19/11 at 10:39


I cannot remember any war that was not for one of two reasons; political power and religion.

How many wars has the United States been in since our founding? Can you concede we will eventually become a peaceful world? Only when all of the egotistical "leaders" of both, the religions and nations are dead and gone.

But, again, how can that ever happen? If they were all killed today, some one would take their place.

By: BenDover on 4/19/11 at 11:51

Yogi... there is a distinction between good and evil. For the good to stop combating evil is when there will be an end to war and the continuation and furthering of wide-spread boot-heal oppression of the weak by the strong.

By: dargent7 on 4/19/11 at 12:49

Bud & You think Obama, wants to be the 1st president to be compelled to show his B.C.? He wants to set that precedent? Being the 1st African American was enough of a hurdle. According to you nut-cases, he needs two precedents?
Now, all the idiots running in 2012 in the Tea Party and GOP are furnishing their B.C.'s as a statement of honor. In the old days it was military service. Now it's the place of birth, outside one's controll?
It's absurd.

By: yogiman on 4/19/11 at 1:24

Absurd only to you, dargent7.

First, race has nothing to do with this issue. How can he be considered the first black person to set in the Oval Office. With his racial mixture, why isn't he considered the 44th white president to sit in that office? I understand he is more Caucasian than Negro. Why did that lesser number of racial mix make him more qualified as black?

Actually, with his race mixture, he is only the first Mulatto person to sit in that office. Do a little research, dargent7. If he hadn't received as many white votes as he did, he could not have possibly won the race. And many votes have been questioned.

If you aren't concerned about him taking this nation into communism, so be it. If you see him as Constitutionally eligible for that office, you apparently didn't read the same one I read.

Give this man credit on this issue. He has woke the people up.

Isn't it odd? Congress, at state and national levels, have placed requirements to hold an office, but you have never had to prove you were, in fact, eligible? Well, we're placing the new set of rules of the game into effect now.

By: Loner on 4/19/11 at 4:12

Yogi does not understand that any child born on American soil, regardless of their parent's citizenship, is a natural born US citizen. If Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii on the date claimed, then he is a natural born US citizen, because Hawaii was a state within our union of American states at that time.

If Mr. Obama was born outside the USA, the birther's argument might have a modicum of legitimacy.

A few die-hard birthers will always cling to the "born in a mud-hut in Kenya" narrative.
I suspect that Yogi is a die-hard birther, nothing will sway him from his firm beliefs.

By: yogiman on 4/19/11 at 6:28


I usually agree with you on all issues brought forth on this site, and I appreciate your attempt to 'give me a hand' on some advice on using my computer, but this one, I can't.

You post any one born on US soil is a natural born citizen. Does that mean that child born this afternoon from this mother who entered the country illegally this morning will be legally eligible to run for the President's office in 2046? Does he have to stay in the USA for those 35 years or can he go just back home with his mother to her native land until he is old enough to make that run?

A child born on the US soil can be a native born citizen with foreign parents, but not a natural born citizen unless its parents are American citizens. And think about it; that child of foreign parents is not a citizen at birth unless its parents allows it to be so. They may wish the child to be a citizen only of their native country. Can the US government tell them; No it is a natural born American citizen?

If your argument on this issue is correct, then our Constitution is no better than a roll of toilet paper.

By: Loner on 4/20/11 at 5:16

That's it, I quit...I tried, really, I tried. Yogi is simply busting my balls....trolling. I won't waste any more time on him....he's just effin' with us.

By: yogiman on 4/20/11 at 5:53

Sorry to read that, Loner. But may I offer one more suggestion?

Why in the hell doesn't Barack Hussein Obama simply show his actual long form birth certificate to prove his in in that office legally to shut all of us questioners up?

My thoughts? He simply doesn't have one. And I can only imagine you will truly be disappointed when all evidence comes forth.

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