Viewpoints: Having Gordon for tea

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 11:45pm


President Obama wants his health care plan to be passed before March 18. That means we must act now and "Blue Dog Democrat" Bart Gordon [District 6 Congressman] is our target. [Join the Tennessee Tea Party at noon Wednesday at his office, 305 W. Maple St., in Murfreesboro.]

Gordon voted for the bill in the Energy & Commerce Committee before opposing it on the floor. On Thursday Gordon released a statement suggesting the cost-containment measures that President Obama proposed earlier this week to appeal to Republicans had steered the bill into more favorable territory.

He said, "I voted against the House bill in November because it expanded coverage but did not do enough to bring down costs. I'm pleased to see the discussion moving into a more fiscally responsible direction now."

With Gordon retiring, many fear he'll feel he "has nothing to lose" by voting for this monstrosity of a bill. He must remind him that he does in fact have a lot to lose if this bill passes, indeed we all do.

Stacie Burke, Nashville


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By: slacker on 3/10/10 at 4:26

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By: house_of_pain on 3/10/10 at 4:29

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It's natural, MamaG...redheads look good in Cheerios.

By: MamaG on 3/10/10 at 4:41

Well that's me house! LOL
Have a good evening everyone!

By: slacker on 3/10/10 at 4:43

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house_of_pain said

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By: pswindle on 3/10/10 at 6:25

I'm sure Gordon could care less what anyone thinks. He is going to vote right to help the Ameican people.
You can't tell me everyone is happy with their healthcare. I'm sure yours is like mine, you pay moe and get less.

By: sidneyames on 3/10/10 at 9:46

By: MamaG on 3/10/10 at 4:14
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