Whitehouse: Give ’em the boot

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 10:05pm

The campaigns to become or remain mayor of Nashville, or to retain or gain a seat on the Metro Council, are now fully underway.

Every day, invitations to attend a fund-raiser for any number of candidates are arriving in the mail or by email all across the city. The need for the campaign cash has one major purpose: to pay for advertising.

The money pays for more than commercial time, a mail piece or an advertisement in this publication. It pays for the people who write and produce the ad.

As a gesture of goodwill to all of the candidates throwing their hat in the ring this year, I thought I’d save you some campaign cash and write an ad for you to use free.

Here is your script. You’ll have to find your own babies to kiss. If the concept looks like it was stolen from a gubernatorial campaign ad that ran last year, well you get the picture.

There are two ways to run a government: the “Capitol Hill way” and the “Nashville way.”

The Capitol Hill way means intruding upon the rights of a local people while waving the flag of “state’s rights,” printing money that can’t even be used at Chuck E. Cheese and telling individuals that they are terrorists or members of a cult because you don’t subscribe to their religion.

It means crying about not having an elected attorney general like 43 states do, while curiously remaining silent that the way a lieutenant governor is selected in this state is even more at odds with the way 43 other states choose theirs.

The Capitol Hill way is to claim that a bill that imposes a mandate against the will of a local government is about jobs and has nothing to do with discrimination, but then admit to being a little bit afraid of what is between the undergarments and in the mind of the person standing next in line in the bathroom.

The Nashville way is different. It is about telling people they have value in the workforce and as a person no matter who they choose to hold hands with. It is not waiting for a handout and giving a helping hand when natural disaster strikes.

It is the Nashville way to respond to proposed laws that limit the languages of our diverse people with a vote for every voice to be heard, regardless of what language that voice speaks.

“I’m (insert candidate name here). If you’ll hang tough with me, we’ll keep running our city the Nashville way. If those guys on Capitol Hill don’t like it…well, we will just give them the boot.”


Contact the writer at kwhitehouse@nashvillepost.com. 

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By: Captain Nemo on 4/20/11 at 11:14

If you get stoned it all makes senses.

I was waiting for a certain someone to say something, but I have got to get some sleep. Been out most of the night driving 356 miles mostly in the rain.

Maybe I will check in after I have had a nap.

By: BenDover on 4/20/11 at 11:44

Rest well, Nemo.

By: slacker on 4/20/11 at 12:10

Ben, you will probably quadruple your investment, after the C. center is complete.
I wish I had been as wise. I almost bought at the Viridian, but backed out. Well done.

By: BenDover on 4/20/11 at 12:29

I hope it works out well, slack. I just needed a bigger hedge against what I fear will be a very large jump in inflation so I took some equity out of my other house refinanced at a really low (and tax deductible) rate and got the $6500 credit they were offering at the time to boot. Hey... they make the rules... we just do our best to play by them.

I haven't checked craigslist lately but there's still probably some deals out there and interest rates are still really low. Unless you go really high-end I don't see the market down-town going tanking any time soon.

If they throw out the mortgage interest deduction it could really suck and we'll adjust some but it's still not the end of the world since the properties we have are not the most expensive for the market. The high-end properties is where things will really fall apart if they kill the mortgage interest deduction, I suspect.

My homeless family is supposed to move out of the La Vergne house the first week of May so I think I'm going to throw in $3K - $4K to remodel and then cash out of it... and then we're going to start looking for something with a pool in Williamson Co.

By: slacker on 4/20/11 at 1:06

Ben, I've noticed many of the downtown condo owners, who were upside down after the crash. Have stopped trying to sell, and are renting the units out, waiting for the market to recover. Unless you are in love with it, I would flip it later, and take the profit.
The Encore values should soar. The killer down there will be upcoming property taxes IMO. I hope the whole thing works out as planned by the Mayor, as it will affect everybody.

By: Loner on 4/20/11 at 2:23

Hpuse nailed the 4:20 Award, on 4-20-2011.

By: Loner on 4/20/11 at 2:29

Ooops! I leaked the prediction..... from my crystal balls....but the Award will be shared...according to the spheres of clairvoyance.

4:20 here has just passed....NY is passing it over to TN...enjoy! (Cough...cough!)

By: slacker on 4/20/11 at 2:53

15 miles on the Erie Canal Loner.

By: BenDover on 4/20/11 at 3:17

Dialing in...

By: house_of_pain on 4/20/11 at 3:20

Seriously, Loner...


By: BenDover on 4/20/11 at 3:20

Smoke 'em if you got 'em friends...

By: house_of_pain on 4/20/11 at 3:20

*hands off to Ben

By: Loner on 4/20/11 at 3:21

Funny that you should mention the Erie Canal, Slack, they just started today to refill the big ditch for the new season. It's a sign of Spring...just as the annual draining is the foreshadowing of the long, cold Winter...they leave just enough water in the canal to keep the trapped fish alive over the winter and enough to snowmobile on, if one is daring and if it is cold enough....they allow a certain amount of snowmobiling on the towpath; but on the ice is verboten....too many soft spots.

When she is full, it's a grand thing to behold....I live on a turning basin, or what we call a widewaters. These are fairly large "lakes" that dot the canal and are directly attached to the waterway...they were built as a place for big barges to turn around in.

Happy 4-20 @ 4:20.

By: BenDover on 4/20/11 at 3:21


By: Loner on 4/20/11 at 3:24

The spheres of clairvoyance were spot on...House shares the 4:20 Award with Ben Dover! Congratulations to you both...now, I'll go to the smokey links provided by our winners....this should be good.

By: BenDover on 4/20/11 at 3:33


By: slacker on 4/20/11 at 3:37

Don't Step On The Grass, Sam

By: Loner on 4/20/11 at 4:04

Thank you House..loved that Family Guy episode.

Ben, I was so moved by that "Marijuana Odor" story, from Boston, in the link that you provided that I left a comment on their board. Here's what I posted:

Perfect timing for the court's decision.

The DA's stooped to using "the children" in their dubious argument against decriminalization. Who do they think they are fooling? Their true motive was and remains maintaining business as usual for their buddies in the criminal justice system... professional folks who are making a living off of Cannabis prohibition.

The DA's are thinking "job security" for the lawyers, the judges, the jailers, the drug-testing and the re-hab industries...not the welfare of "the children".

It is good to see that Massachusetts is the home of the reasonable, the free & the brave.

Question: Will Obama send in the AG, to snuff out the fires of reason in Massachusetts?

President Obama sent in the Cannabis-hatin' AG before, to lobby against the recent California voter proposition that would have "legalized" Cannabis. The tactic worked, the measure was defeated. Obama is no "flaming liberal", he's beholden to his sponsors - the special interests - not the people's interests.

It's 4-20...party on.