Who needs proof? Bush is already off to Baghdad

Wednesday, February 5, 2003 at 1:00am

After last week's report by Hans Blix to the Security Council, we know two things: U.N. inspectors are doing a good job, and U.N. inspectors need more time.

After President Bush's State of the Union address, we know one thing: The United States doesn't give a damn. It's clear that the United States only agreed to resume inspections for one reason: to buy time to mobilize U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf.

Since we still need more troops, President Bush and his lapdog Tony Blair may agree to give inspectors another couple of weeks. But it's all a charade. Forget the spin about President Bush not yet having made up his mind. He's already decided. Once sufficient armed forces are in place, he's going to war. And nobody can stop him.

Last Oct. 11, Congress ceded its constitutional authority and gave the president alone the power to decide if and when to go to war. Even Democrats reluctantly went along, on the absurd pre-election theory that, by surrendering to Bush on the war, they could change the subject to the economy. What fools! Bush crushed them in the midterm elections. Now he's recklessly spending their blank check.

Nobody is organizing the Saddam Hussein fan club. He is a ruthless dictator. He has gassed his own people. He is lying about possessing no weapons of mass destruction.

Getting rid of Saddam would be a cause most Americans would eagerly support

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