Managing mid-life in a ML55

Thursday, August 2, 2001 at 1:00am

I was walking through the room. Love interest was watching either Oprah or Rosie. Could have been Sally Jessie but the guests were all supermodels. One of them, Rachel or Cindy, could have been Heidi, said she'd taken a year off to "find out who I am."

Without breaking stride on my way to the kitchen, I casually comment, "Couldn't she just look at her driver's license?"

Hang onto that driver's license thought.

Not long ago, you might recall, males everywhere were hitting the big Midlife Crisis and running away from their jobs, wives and children. First thing they did was cash in their 401(k), buy a sports car, dress funny and regress to hitting on women in bars.

Now there is this Next New Trend. Just when today's Practical Wife looks up and sees she finally Has It All

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