Agent: Charges should be dropped on Titans draft pick

Monday, April 28, 2008 at 7:24pm

Three charges pending against Tennessee Titans fourth-round draft choice Stanford Keglar are expected to be dropped, according to the player’s agent.

The Titans say they were aware of the charges and are at peace with the explanation given by Keglar during a pre-draft visit with the Purdue linebacker.

Keglar is currently facing three charges stemming from a March 30, 2007 bar fight. He is charged with assault, false informing and disorderly conduct in a matter at Nick’s Nightclub in West Lafayette, Ind., in which Purdue receiver Selwyn Lyman was stabbed in the chest in the parking lot. Those charges, however, could eventually be dropped by prosecutors, Keglar’s agent said.

The case was supposed to be headed to court on April 17 in Tippecanoe County, Ind., but had to be pushed back because of a scheduling conflict involving the judge in the matter.

“We had him in for a visit, and talked with him about it and had no real issues,” Titans director of media relations Robbie Bohren said.

An attorney in the case sent a letter to NFL teams interested in Keglar, informing them of the status of the matter.

“There was a letter sent by the attorney handling the case, and he said he fully anticipates everything will be dismissed,” said Jeffrey Chilcoat, the linebacker’s agent.

Keglar was selected by the Titans in the fourth round Sunday with the 134th pick overall in the 2008 NFL Draft, and is expected to contribute on special teams for Tennessee this season.

“There is a charge for assault,” Chilcoat said. “The other charges, I think are misleading. We fully anticipate that everything will be dismissed, and I’m upset with some of the blogs painting him as a Pacman Jones. This is a great kid.”

The Titans finally washed their hands of Jones during draft weekend, dealing him to Dallas for a fourth-round pick and other considerations. Jones is currently suspended for a number off-field issues that includes six arrests and 12 incidents where police were called.”

According to Chilcoat, Keglar’s Purdue teammate Dustin Keller, a first-round pick of the New York Jets on Saturday, was involved initially in the fight with a man in the bar, and Keglar tried to intervene as he felt Keller was losing the fight.

“Stanford doesn’t drink and wasn’t drinking. Dustin was losing the fight, and he jumped in to fight the guy,” Chilcoat said.

The man in the fight with Keller identified as Lawrence Simpson. An account of the incident in the Lafayette Journal and Courier said several men were hitting and kicking Simpson, whom the report said poured beer on Keller.

Later, another fight broke out in the parking lot and that is where Lyman was stabbed.

Lyman, who pled guilty to three misdemeanor charges in the matter, and was sentenced to 90 days house arrest and 15 months of probation. Lyman was later charged with driving under the influence on Nov. 18, 2007 and was subsequently dismissed from the Boilermaker football team after that incident.

Another Purdue player, defensive back Jonte Beasley, was also charged in the bar fight.

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By: idgaf on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Do we need another packman?

By: jwk6179 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

After the Pacman Jones debacle, I thought character was PRIORITY 1 for the Titans. Apparently, it was JUST LIP SERVICE from Jeff Fisher and the Titans.

By: TITAN1 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

You two complain about everything. One indident in his past and charges will probably be dismissed and you want to turn him into adam jones, good grief. jw, you don't like anything about the Titans, so why does it matter to you anyway?

By: idgaf on 12/31/69 at 6:00

It started with one incident with pacman too and the charges were dropped.Here a guy even got stabbed.We had our turn give him to another city or make him live with you. Have any daughters he can slap around or does he have to use your wife?

By: TITAN1 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

id, you are sick.

By: idgaf on 12/31/69 at 6:00

ahhhhhhhh you can dish it out but can't take it eh?Did not your packman that you constantly defended do that?Look at me as your savior trying to save you from yourself.

By: TITAN1 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

So, one incident, that he may only be guilty of helping his buddy out, = 10 or 12 that adam jones. Why don't you see how this unfolds before crucifying the guy. You think Fisher would take a chance on him if he thought there was a character issue after the adam jones mess? If he is guilty of something worse, Fisher and Mike will drop him like a hot potato.

By: TITAN1 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

I'm beginning to think idgaf is also someone else on this board, what a shame if that is true.

By: nashbeck on 12/31/69 at 6:00

idgaf, I understand your concern since we just had our pacman issues, but the Purdue coaches and teammates stated he had the best attitude and was the hardest worker on the team. His friend was jumped in the parking lot and was STABBED in the chest. This guy should have been charged if he hadn't helped out his friend!!! Welcome to the Titans Stanford, let's get some wins.