Bruce Matthews returns to Titans as offensive line coach

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 5:12pm

Mike Munchak hired one of the few people with comparable — if not superior — credentials to replace him as Tennessee Titans offensive line coach.

Bruce Matthews, the Hall of Fame offensive lineman and the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans all-time leader in games played — not to mention one of Munchak’s best friends — agreed to a two-year contract Wednesday to become the Titans’ offensive line coach.

“I am very excited that we were able to work out something with Bruce,” Munchak said. “He is a great friend, but he also is a great coach. It should be an easy transition for him and our players. The system is one that Bruce is familiar with, and he will be able to pick up where I left off and make the group his own.”

“I also believe the group could benefit from a new voice in the room. He has paid his dues as an assistant coach and is ready for this opportunity.”

Matthews spent the last two years as an offensive assistant with the Houston Texans. He recently agreed to a two-year contract for 2011 and 2012 with that organization but had yet to sign that deal, which made it possible for the Titans to negotiate with him.

Matthews spent 19 seasons with the Oilers/Titans and played 296 games, including 232 straight at one point. He never missed a game because of injury and appeared in 14 Pro Bowls.

He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2007.

Munchak played 12 seasons and 159 games for the franchise. He earned nine Pro Bowl invitations and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2001.

Matthews' son Kevin made the Titans’ roster last season as an undrafted rookie. He spent the majority of the season on the practice squad but was promoted to the active roster with three games remaining and played extensively in the final regular-season contest, at Indianapolis.

“For me this is an opportunity of a lifetime,” Matthews said. “It is such a unique opportunity to work with Mike because I think he will do a great job. It is just one of those things I couldn’t pass up.

“Anyone who knows me knows how much I like spending time in Houston. For me to leave there and take this job, it shows you how much this means to me. I also will have the opportunity to coach my son, which is very special.”

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By: TITAN1 on 2/9/11 at 4:33

Welcome to Nashville, Bruce! I think we are seeing the beginning of a very good staff!

By: tim4wsp on 2/9/11 at 7:27


By: dangerlover on 2/9/11 at 7:42

Welcome home Bruce.

By: serr8d on 2/9/11 at 10:43

Brings a smile to my stone face.

By: Vandyville16 on 2/10/11 at 8:20

Welcome back Bruce,we've missed you and good luck in your in defers!

By: fdanshep on 2/10/11 at 9:52

Obviously this shows the deep personal relationship that Matthews has w/ Munchak. Once he left Nashville I would have bet money he would not have returned other than special occasions. I still can't keep from wondering that if the transition of Fisher to Munchak had happened earlier if Washburn would have stayed(or Munchak would have retained him.) Its hard to believe that he would not have wanted to keep him. That is the only change in assistants that really bothers me.

By: wayneCaluger on 2/10/11 at 3:24

Like most I hated to loose Jim Washburn, but it appears his leaving set the wheels in motion for all the changes that has since happened. In my opinion we not only need to wish him well but thank him for taking a bullet for the team that put wheels in motion for the positive changes that has occurred since. Washburn stated he had planned to remain here until he retired and now plans to move back once he retires.

After meeting with Titan Officials they offered Washburn a contract equal to or better than the Eagles. January 17th Washburn announced he had accepted the Eagles offer.

January 20th Fisher fires Chuck Cecil. On this same day Frank Gray, now in Mike Munchak sights as the Titans next Defensive Coordinator accepts an Assistant coach position with the University of Texas. From all indications Mike Munchak was going to be Fishers replacement.

On January 25th the Houston Texans offered Bruce Matthews a two year contract extension that he never signed indicating to me he knew ahead of time Mike Munchak had either been promised the job. Why else would an assistant coach who loved living in Houston not sign a two year contract extension? The Texans had already cleaned their house firing their Defensive Coordinator Frank Bush (former Oiler/Titian player and coach now rumored being consideration for the Titans next Line Backer Coach now held by Dave McGinnis) and two assistants.

February 7th Mike Munchak is named head coach and two days later Bruce Matthews accepts the Titans Defensive Line coach offer leaving his unsigned January 25th Houston Texans contact laying on the table.

Again, thanks Coach Washburn for your years of service and for getting the wheels of change rolling.

PS: It appears Dave McGinnis the last Fisher coach is on standby: If Frank Gray decides to stay at UTX for half the money the Titans are offering he might move up to DC unless Frank Bush gets the DC job. If both Frank’s are hired (DC and LB coach) that leaves the DL coach position for McGinnis.

By: courier37027 on 2/10/11 at 7:49

As Darren McFraland once said, Bruce Matthews has that lunchpail attitude. Brilliant analysis said it all.