Bulluck not necessarily expecting new deal from Titans

Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 2:47pm

Asked if the Titans had made any overtures to his agent Gary Wichard about a new deal, Bulluck replied, “Not that I know of, and I think that would be something I would know about. I know this team, this organization’s track record, so I’m not really expecting them to do anything.”

And he doesn’t take it personally at all, he says.

“It’s nothing personal at all. It’s a business and at the end of the day, I know the Tennessee Titans are going to do what’s best for the Tennessee Titans as an organization, and not Keith Bulluck,” Bulluck said. “It’s not personal; it’s just the business standpoint. That’s why I have the mentality that I have and I’ve had it for a couple of years. It doesn’t bother me.”

Bulluck, the Titans’ first-round pick in 2000, and a fixture on defense since 2002, has made 112 consecutive regular-season starts on defense for the Titans, but indicated that he has seen players he considers bigger parts to the puzzle than himself leave. The Titans elected not to pursue Albert Haynesworth this past off-season, while in the past, players like Eddie George and Steve McNair finished their careers elsewhere as well.

“I’ve seen them let some guys walk away that I don’t even put myself in the same category as those players,” Bulluck said. “In this league, everyone is expendable. No one owes you anything. I learned that at an early age, by seeing those things, and now that my time has come, it’s here. I’m auditioning for the NFL this year, and I’m going to have a great year, and I think that anyone is a Titan fan or has been a Keith Bulluck fan, they can look forward to a great and exciting year.”

Bulluck, who has been out of OTAs recently taking care of personal matters, said he believes his market value will still be high, even as he just turned 32 years old in April.

“To me, it’s nothing to think about. I know I’m in the last year of my deal. My play hasn’t gone down at all. I’m working to have one of the best seasons of my career,” Bulluck said. “If Tennessee doesn’t want me, there are 31 other teams I know that would love to have me.

“The work that I’ve put together for the last nine years, going on 10, speaks for itself. I’m not concerned. All I need to do is come in here, go to work and everything will take care of itself. That’s my approach.”

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