At the Combine: Rutgers' McCourty hopes to follow in twin's footsteps

Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 3:28pm

INDIANAPOLIS — Devin McCourty of Rutgers knows the drill of preparing for the NFL Draft.

After all, he watched his identical twin brother Jason go through the process last year, eventually being selected by the Tennessee Titans as a sixth-round pick in 2009.

“I think it was very beneficial just talking to him throughout the year about football and about life in the NFL and telling me what he does in his free time and how to manage his time. I think it helped me a lot,” said Devin, who like Jason, is a cornerback by trade.

Devin, who is a whole 27 minutes older than Jason, is taking all the advice from his “younger” brother, from the simplest football notions to even things like selecting an agent.

“He just told me to just be who I am and be smart and keep doing what I’m doing,” Devin said.

And while Devin smiled and answered for himself when asked which McCourty brother was the better player, he said Jason was there for him to help analyze his games with Rutgers this past season.

“We talk all the time, and a lot of times, he watched the games, and he would just give me feedback and just talking about different plays and stuff like that,” Devin said.

Devin got to see one of Jason’s games this year – when the Titans lost to the San Diego Chargers on Christmas night.

Devin also said the McCourty brothers are often confused for each other, even though he is was in New Jersey in college and Jason was in Nashville as an NFL rookie.

“People confuse us all the time. A few weeks ago, he was back at Rutgers working out and three different times, some of the coaches thought he was me and said something like, ‘I didn’t know you were back already,’” Devin said.

Titans chat with Vols' Rogan

Tennessee Vols defensive back Dennis Rogan is among the players the Titans have interviewed here at the Combine.

Rogan isn’t big (5-9, 185), but said expects to run a 4.4 time in the 40-yard dash. Also his versatility is intriguing as well, perhaps making him a decent potential mid to late-round pick.

“I can run in any direction you ask me to and do anything you ask me to do,” said Rogan, who split time at cornerback, safety for the Volunteers last season.

As an added bonus, Rogan brings something else to the table the Titans desperately need besides defensive backfield depth. He can handle punt and kickoff returns, areas the Titans struggled greatly in in 2009.

“You have to have good vision and be able to read where your blocks are, and you have to be able to make the cuts,” Rogan said. “I did punts and kickoffs. I like kickoff returns a lot better, but either way I get the ball.”

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